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Latest Mark Teixeira Trade Rumors

Mark Teixeira is the biggest name likely to be dealt for the 2007 deadline, so you're going to see millions of rumors until he's physically wearing a different uniform.  Here's the latest.


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It seems like the Rangers want the Dodgers to send Clayton Kershaw(a Dallas native) along with James Loney and Andre Ethier in any deal for Texeira. With Lowe, Penny, and Wolf's health in question, and Tomko and Hendricksons inconsistencies, the Dodgers should be focusing on starting and relief pitching. Texas doesnt seem like a good trading partner for L.A.

how does any deal sneding tex to the d-backs not revolve around justin upton? if the d-backs want him... its going to take conor jackson along with upton.

co-jack and Upton is worth more then Tex I'm sorry to say. In fact I'd say thats easily a better offer then both the Braves and Angels Current.

I read a while back that the D-backs are doubtful about Jackson's future but I don't think thats enough motivation to pull this trade. I doubt the d-backs are seriously interested. This seems like its all but done for the Braves.

I completely agree Dev0

I don't know what it is, but I think co-jacks long term value is sketchy as long as he's a first basemen. Gone are the times of a John Olerud type first basemen. In todays game teams want prototypical first basemen ala Tex. There will be of coarse exceptions to this, but in the long run when 90% of the league likes one type of 1st basemen and your the other, your going to have a low value.

Youkilis is a prime example, Great player and they even have a pretty good 3rd bagger. However there is constant rumors about adding a 1st basemen so they can move Youk to 3rd.

While Jackson and Upton may be too much for Tex (In your opinions, not so much mine), Texas has insisted they want some pitching in any deal for him. So unless Arizona some how puts a pitcher into this package, it won't get done.

The Braves are probably going to get it done, but only if Daniel's acts soon. Schuerholz is the type of guy that gets impatient and moves on. If Daniel's doesnt pull the trigger soon, JS will move on and try to improve somewhere else.

Upton for 1 1/3 years of Teixeira at arbitration dollars? That would never happen unless Bavasi took over the DBacks. Why on earth would the DBacks give up 6 years of control of a guy with a higher upside than Teixeira for a rental on him at near-market money?

The DBacks are in uload mode on their corner infielders not build mode.

This has to be GM misinformation to make the trade more interesting to those really involved.

Tmar is right on... AZ wont be mortgaging future for a marginal upgrade (after $ considered) from CJ to Tex...

AZ is probably just in it to raise price for others like LA.

UPton traded??? cmon...


New Article from Rosenthal, saying that the Dbacks have made an offer for Tex, with conor jackson involved. Rotoworld said that others members could be pitching prospects, like micah owens or brooks brown. Despite this, Rosenthal says that the Dbacks offer is not on the leverl of the angels or braves offers. Also, Justin Upton and Tony Pena are not going anywhere. There is some other stuff involved as well.

I hope whatever deal the rangers make is not a bust this time around.

It seems everyone always says a team is giving up prospect x,y and z for only a certain amount of time of the player they are getting. It def is not that cut and dry because especially with a player like teixeira even if they are doomed to lose him they will likely get two comparable albeit less major league ready prospects back. So is one above average prospect worth 1 1/3 years of a top notch 1b? I think a lot of teams would think so.

Trade Tex. and get some pitching.

Milwood is old
Tejada is terrible

They need to start playing Kam. Loe, and CJ Wilson and give them more Major League experience

Am I the only one who has noticed how bad McCarthy is doing and how well John Danks is doing

Remember him and Diamond were the rangers top prospects

How'd that work out

I've got a brief summary of the latest Tex updates over at http://mvn.com/mlb-rangers/2007/07/29/latest-news-on-teixeira-trade-talk/

Teixiera makes too much sense for Arizona but, as stated above, there's no way Upton is part of that package. Not sure what they would offer beyond Jackson, perhaps one of the OFs plus an arm, but his lefty bat would completely alter the makeup of that lineup. I'd love to see Byrnes find a way to get this one done.

what if the deal was straight up for upton? i doubt the rangers would do it just b/c they need pitching...but i'm curious to see what some arizona fans would say about it?

I'm not so sure he makes sense for AZ. He would be replacing CJ, one of the few hitters this season on the team who has had OK offensive production, so the upgrade wouldn't be as great as it would were he replacing another of the underperforming positions.

That and if we kept him next year he would eat up every bit of free budget we have available, leaving us with a few pitching holes.

"""what if the deal was straight up for upton? i doubt the rangers would do it just b/c they need pitching...but i'm curious to see what some arizona fans would say about it?"""


The sound you hear when uptons name gets mentioned in a trade request.

Straight up for Upton? No way in hell.

We'd be paying more for the remaining 1/3 of this year than Upton will cost us for his first 3 years. My guess is that in 2 of those 3 years he'll be outperforming Teixeira offensively while occupying a more valuable defensive role well.

i was just curious. it wouldn't happen anyway b/c the rangers need pitching help. even for upton i think a lot of fans here would get pissed that they got more hitters instead of pitchers.

The DBacks are short on pitching as well. We've go RJ out for the year and questionable for next.

As we sit there could be 1 - 3 starting pitcher openings the DBacks need to fill with about 12 Mill in budget money next year.

if that's the case then idk if there would be much of a match there. i think daniels would probably demand that scherzer be involved. despite his struggles in AA i'd think he would be in the dbacks rotation sooner rather than later. maybe they could for a package around jackson/gonzalez/quentin though

Scherzer was just signed, I believe there's a mandatory waiting time before he can be in a trade.

Truly I think this is just the DBack jacking the price up for the Dodgers if they end up getting him.

So i mean, the braves won 14-0, but salty did not make an appearance. Peter Moylan pinch-hit in the top of hte 8th after we had used all our position players. While I say something has been done, i did see salty talking to tim hudson in the top of the 7th, so i do not know.

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