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Latest On Jermaine Dye

Jermaine Dye stands to be one of the bigger names dealt within the next seven days.  He's been hitting well since the All-Star break, but it's only been 48 ABs.  Here's the latest on the 33 year-old right fielder.

  • Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times names the Mets, Padres, Dodgers, and Mariners as the top suitors for Dye.  In case you were wondering, Dye has not played more than one game in left field in a seasons since 1996.  A position switch could be necessary, depending on where he ends up.
  • Bill Madden of the New York Daily News thinks Dye could be had in August.  I don't agree - Dye has only $2.6MM left on his contract this year and Kenny Williams would be better served trading him in July.  Plan B would be to just let him leave via free agency and take some good draft picks.
  • MetsBlog's Matthew Cerrone believes that Dye would cost a leadoff hitting center fielder or a zero-to-three reliever.  The Mets might be able to offer up the CF, but is Dye worth it?
  • Plenty of speculation around Chicago that the Cubs could pursue Dye.  However, I haven't seen any reason to think this is more than just speculation.  He does seem like a fine fit on the North Side.  Paul Sullivan believes Cliff Floyd's fragility may force the Cubs to acquire an outfielder.  Will Carroll thinks the Cubs are the best fit for Dye as they can offer the White Sox a prospect and a reliever.
  • Something that could heighten the Cubs' interest: the Brewers are said to be kicking the tires on Dye.
  • I don't see why the Mariners would pursue Dye; there is good reason to believe top prospect Adam Jones would outproduce him.


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I'd hardly consider the Padres as a top suitor for Dye. We've supposedly already rejected one deal for him and with Milton Bradley playing as hot as he is, there's no room for him anyway. With that said, I'd consider the Padres to be the top suitor in the off-season when Cameron leaves. It's a perfect fit to have his right-handed bat complement Gonzalez. Hopefully they bring Bradley back as well and use him in CF.

Brian Giles
Milton Bradley
Jermaine Dye
Adrian Gonzalez
Khalil Greene
Michael Barrett
Kevin Kouzmanoff
Matt Antonelli

I'd love that lineup in '08.

Dont forget Michael Barrett is a free agent as well

What about the Brewers? I thought they were going to try for Dye.

Yeah I don't see anyway how Dye fits with the Dodgers at all. Even if you trade one of their young outfielders, then your benching the other one for Dye? Don't think so.

What is all this all hype over Dye? He's been awful this year, and his resurgence is still just an .813 OPS for the month of July. I think delusion will have to be in the works to figure that Dye is the legitimate offensive threat to save any team.

Yeah I was gonna include the Brewers link so I'll add that. Thanks.

Dye is a power hitting RF, and thats what teams want. Therefore, his value is high. Tim, Will seems to think Jermaine is coming North!

Dye's value isn't high. If he can fetch an organization's top 5 prospect, I'd be shocked. He makes a ton of sense for the Cubs though as he has still hit lefties well this year.

I would not mind Dye on the North Side if A) he's healthy and B) none of the Cubs' five best young players are used.

can someone explain to me what a zero-to-three reliever is?

I think Dye's going to the cubs seriously.

Kenny's asking for Carlos Marmol and a prospect.

The cubs know that Wood is coming back to the pen and they can afford to give him up.

Ok, Juan Pierre for Jermaine Dye. Then it makes sense for LA. Go for it. I'd even throw Hu in if necessary considering you're getting the draft picks as well. Then LA is free to go after Andruw or whoever they want for CF. Ok, this will never happen, but it would be awesome if it did.



Seriously if the cubs are thinking Wood is anything more than a bonus then they are stupid and it is just hilarious to me.

I sort of doubt that they would be that dumb to say ok we will trade Marmol because Wood is coming back........LOL no way.

Ok, are these guys just making things up at this point?

SD has said they have already gotten their OF bat when they pulled in Bradley. If Dye was to come over, where does he play? The OF of Bradley/Cameron/Giles/Cruz is set…

LA has switched gears completely and no longer need the bat but wants pitching. They have Loney/Ethier/Kemp playing better than Dye in the place he would have fit…

SEA has too many OF/1B/DH types already. Who would they sit just to bring in yet another?

MIL has no room for him, he’s no better than any of their current OFers…

So that leaves just the Mets and possibly the Cubs… Is he really that much of an improvement for either though? Not one worth giving up much for, that’s for sure…

An .813 OPS in July as his hot streak hardly qualifies him as that "power hitting right fielder" that's going to be an impact player.

It looks like a horrendous move waiting to happen, but at least we're away from the Billingsley for Dye rumors that were floating on here back when Dye was sporting a .660 OPS.

Billingsly for Dye would never have happend GM Ned will load up with pitching like he did last year he has a decent lineup already which did VERY BAD early but under new interim hitting coach Bill Mueller they are doing well enough to get to the Post season and mabe to the series evryone is wating for under Lowe,(a healthy Wolf
)Billingsley(7-0 3.38 ERA)Penny(12-1 2.48)and one more starter like Kennedy of the A`S or Jennings of the Stros that should be enough.

Mabe a bullpen guy on top of Saito,Broxton,and Beimel possibly Dotel or Procter I think yhe linup will do fine.

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