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Mark Teixeira Update; Halos After Konerko?

Here's the latest on Texas first baseman Mark Teixeira as well as a new one involving Paul Konerko.

  • Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News expects Teixeira to be traded.  He seems to think that Jon Daniels can convince John Schuerholz to give up Jarrod Saltalamacchia and a pitching prospect for Teixeira.  Meanwhile, Mark Bowman of MLB.com confirms discussions are in progress and believes Salty is pretty much a necessity in the deal.  Buster Olney considers the Braves and Yankees as the only real serious suitors for Tex.  Olney's sources make a Teixeira trade seem quite likely. 
  • Will Carroll doesn't think the Rangers would be getting enough for Teixeira in Salty, Elvis Andrus, and a pitching prospect.
  • Grant sees the Dodgers as less likely due to the fine play of James Loney.
  • Interestingly, the Angels may have switched gears to Paul Konerko.  There's that big, fresh name I was hoping to see.  The Angels tried hard to sign Konerko after the 2005 season.  He had been viewed as Chicago's most stable position player entering 2008.  He has a limited no-trade clause, but Peter Yoon and Mike DiGiovanna think he would waive it to come to L.A.  The market has changed since November of 2005, and $12MM annually for Konerko seems like a bargain.  He's locked in through 2010, and his salary would not top Vlad's (said to be a concern of Arte Moreno when considering A-Rod).  No doubt it would take at least two of the Angels' best young players - Casey Kotchman and Nick Adenhart?
  • A couple of ESPN baseball guys have differing viewpoints on Konerko's availability - Buster Olney thinks he can be had, while Jayson Stark would be shocked to see him traded.  Will Carroll sides with Stark on the issue.
  • Tyler Kepner of the New York Times states something many of us have already deduced: the Yankees can't acquire Teixeira if they insist on keeping both Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain.  And keeping that pair seems to be the plan.
  • The Boston Globe says the Red Sox are one of five or six teams in on Teixeira.  Amalie Benjamin doesn't offer any further information though.   


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salty is worth tex straight up. there is no reason why the braves should have to give another prospect for him. i do hope that we can trade a pitching prospect with salty to texas for teixeira, and get some lefty bullpen help in addition. last night's game for the braves showed us one thing: the bullpen is tired and very vulnerable right now. right now, i yearn for a change. i hope it comes soon. tick..tock..tick..tock


That scenario is exactly what several people in the know have been saying JS is pushing for.

And JS should be. The fact Salty is incredibly rare, switch hitting young catcher who is available, and the fact most teams would love to have him has to count for a lot.

Salty at 1B could give the Braves 80% of Teixeira. Good luck to the Rangers finding a catcher who could do 80% of what Salty can.

Braves bullpen may be tired, but last night's game is on Bob Wickman being bad.

Saltalamacchia for Teixera straight up is not a fair deal for the Rangers. Based on precedence, Teixera is worth more than just one blue chip prospect. They should get another pitching prospect as well.

good grief. salty is a great prospect...but the key word there is prospect. teixeira is a gold glove caliber slugger at first base. he has proven that. the braves aren't entitled to land teixeira, and if they want him they will probably have to outbid teams to get him. and i wouldn't say the rangers primary need is a catcher on top of that; if the yankees agree to dangle hughes or chamberlain in a deal then the braves will be hard pressed to match

"if the yankees agree to dangle hughes or chamberlain in a deal then the braves will be hard pressed to match"

What? Hard pressed to match?? did you not hear them mention his name??? Super-uber-prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia! Salty!! Any GM that wouldn't give up atleast their top 3 players for him is stupid!!!

(Seriously, these boards are getting unreadable. An announcement that the Mets traded for Mark Loretta would be met with 5 people talking about how "Salty" is better than Loretta.)

Basically, that site right there says that many around baseball have made the braves the favorites to and TEX, and that the Braves would almost defintiely have to include Salty to get him.

There was also talk that the braves may include Jo-Jo Reyes and Elvis Andrus in the deal as well.

Now, if you read the article, it will make it appear as if these three prospects will all be included in the deal for Tex. However, I just do not think that JS will trade away our best prospects, both hitting and pitching, and our best lower level prospect away just for one hitter who we will have in a year and a half, especially when our biggest need is pitching. I really am thinking that there are two different paths to this deal being done, one that possibly includes matt harrison and salty going to the rangers, and the other that involves andrus and reyes going to the rangers. I am excited that we may get texieria, but trading away salty, andrus, and reyes for him would just be giving up way to much value for a year and two months of TEX.

Nice find on the MLB.com article, I added it to the post.

A-Rod situation will keep Teixiera from being traded.
Just my feeling, but with the potential for A-Rods salary to come off the books should he choose to Opt out, it puts the Rangers in a far different situation financially next offseason. Rangers would be foolish to trade Teixeira before the offseason for anything less than several top players because they could find themselves with a lot of extra money to play with to sign another top name free agent should A-Rod opt out. For all the speculation, its crazy this hasn't been brought up.

I hope "Salty" gets traded to Japan and never heard from again.

The perception of Saltalamacchia's talent and value I think is probably tripled with fans just because he's a switch hitter.

I think another reason why is because Salty is a trading chip that could allow the braves to trade for an elite slugger/young pitcher, a blockbuster trade that the braves have not pulled off in a while. Another reason that he is overvalued is because he is a supreme talent at a position that 25 teams would consider him as an upgrade at that position.

But again, concerning the TEX trade, what does everyone else think. I mean, I can undertand Daniels demanding this bounty, and I could understand it if the braves had a farm system like the angels or dodgers, but considering the we are giving up our top pitching and hitting prospect, plus our best lower level prospect, is Elvis Andrus, Saltalamachhia, and Jo-Jo Reyes just to much to give up for tex?

Reyes, Andrus, and Salty for Tex? I just do not think JS would do that.

that seems about right, but i'm not sure if js would pull the trigger either. i can see daniels maybe throwing in benoit or fransisco, or a lesser prospect into the deal for good measure. that sounds like a pretty even trade though, unless someone like chamberlain or andrew miller is made available. or nick adenhart

btw, i wouldn't have a problem with the braves working a deal AROUND salty. i think he'll be a good player, but there's no way he's worth tex straight up

I hear Heathcliff Slocumb can be had if the Braves add Joey Devine to Salty.

Devine/Salty = Slocumb.

Heh heh heh heh.

Exactly, no way a prospect is worth a guy who is 27 and already has three seasons of 33 homerun and 110 rbi production.

Benoit would be a nice addition, but I just do not want to trade away such big parts of our future, not to mention of our present. Reyes is our fifth starter, and Salty is our best option at first. I still am hoping the reason we are not trading salty is just because we want to keep his trade value as high as possible as a catcher. I just do not want to trade away such a big part of our future for just the next two years. I mean trading away Colon, Miner, Wainwright, and marquis for a year of JD Drew and two Months of Farnsworth is what caused us to have such a lack of young pitching depth now, I just do not think the braves are going to deplete the farm system, especially considering how important JS has considered production from the minors to be since he has been our GM.

i meant playing, not trading

Baxter made a decent point earlier, but that point is only relevant if the Rangers are intent on RESIGNING Teixeira after 08. Simply having A-Rod's money off the books in 08 isn't reason enough to pass on a multiple-prospects-for-Teix trade unless they think they can compete in 08 or keep him past 08. I don't think either is likely, so I say ship him off and move on with this terribly intimidating corp of hitters like Travis Metcalf, Marlon Byrd and Ramon Vazquez.

good catchers are few and far between. strong armed catchers are few and far between. power hitting catchers are few and far between. switch hitting catchers are few and far between. salty is all of this. point being: salty will be a cheap option behind the plate for texas for years to come. tex is already making above 10 million. i know tex is a PROVEN mlb 1st baseman. you can bitch and moan about this board being unreadable all you want. i can express my opinion if i like, and if you like, you dont have to read it. i know salty is going to be an all star caliber catcher for years to come, and i wish there was a place for him in the braves lineup, however, he's exactly that: a catcher, not a 1st baseman. we already have a catcher, and thus salty's value for the braves organization, is trade bait. and i still stand by my opinion, and say salty for tex is a fair deal.

Just like to point out that Salty hit .230 while slugging .380 last year in AA.

It's tough to say whether Teixiera could have put up those numbers...

IMO, Salty will flame out just like former top Braves prospect Andy Marte. How do these guys get so hyped anyways?

Nice stats bcampy,

Lets us also point out that he had an injured wrist, go check his stats after he came back from the dl when his wrist was healthy

Rosenthal was just on for his weekly visit on WEEI in Boston. Of course the topic was mostly about the Red Sox but still had some interesting things said.

1.He said that the Red Sox,in his opinion, are not the favorite to get Texiera but wouldn't be surprised if they did land him. He did not mention a favorite for Tex

2.He said that a deal that would have sent Edgar Renteria and a pitching prospect to the White Sox and Jon Garland to the Braves was very close last week but fell apart because the White Sox backed out

3.When asked a question between 1-10(10 being the highest odds) that the Red Sox make a huge impact trade he answered with a 5

4.When asked a question between 1-10(10 being the highest odds) that the Red Sox make a trade he answered with a 10

5. He said the trade market is starting to heat up.

6.He suspects that the Angels will have a tough time getting Mark Texiera and suspects them to turn there attention toward Adam Dunn. Maybe the Angels would turn to starting pitching after Santana being sent down and Colon injury

7.Red Sox are interested in Mark Loretta, as are many teams but doesn't see how he would fit

8.Griifey most likely wont be traded but the Reds are taking offers.

9. Todd Helton will not be traded the samecan be said about Miguel Cabrera

If you would like to listen for yourself:http://www.weei.com/pages/268228.php

The Red Sox are definitely primed for a playoff and maybe WS run, but I still don't see them trading away any of the untouchables (Buchholz, Ellsbury) to get Teixiera. They might be willing to deal:

Pena (sell low)
Crisp (sell somewhat high)
Hansen (sell low)
Bowden (blue chip prospect)

I can see Bowden + 1-2 of these guys demanded by Daniels but this would still be selling Tex a little short in his mind. IMO, he won't settle for any less than Buchholz/Ellsbury and one of the players listed. However, since he won't get either of them, my guess is he looks elsewhere.

As for the Konerko to Anaheim speculation:

1. Konerko has a no-trade clause, so he'd need to approve a deal.

2. The White Sox have him locked up slightly below market for 4 more years. He's a top AL slugger and an underrated defensive 1B-man. The Sox have no reason to deal him.

3. If Kenny Williams even would entertain an offer for Konerko from the Angels, it would have to be an un-refusable offer - maybe start with Ervin Santana and Brandon Wood.

Casey Kotchman and Nick Adenhart is way too low a return for a player of Konerko's caliber and worth to the White Sox.

a lot of times when JS makes a trade its way off from what everyone is thinking it is going to be. Don't rule out davies being sent packing. Yeah, he has not performed as well as many had hoped but a lot of scouts have very good things to say about his potential. I think this side has been overlooked because of the starved rotation, but he's back in the minors now, so who knows. Also, Thorman was a first round pick in his draft and some teams may see more in him than a lot of braves fans do. A scenary change can do wonders. I have a feeling a big trade will not happen, but i don't put it past the upper management to make some creative moves before the deadline, no matter how small.

i know that someone on here (i believe it was darkstar) posted salty's splits as a 1B vs. him as a DH/PH/C. It was quite remarkable, and it showed that Thorman was the better option at 1st because Salty was learning a new position. So, the assertion that Salty can give better production than Thorman at 1B is not backed up by any reasonable statistical metric. Granted, small sample sizes, but they will be small as salty has only played in the majors this year.

reyes, andrus, and salty for tex sounds just about right. besides, reyes will implode in texas and andrus may never make it.

Yeah, the problem with Konerko is that he has Buerhle-like status among the fan base. PR disaster. The deal would have to be absurd: Kotchman, Wood, Adenhart, Santana. Not happening.

In my opinion the Red sox should sell high on Jacoby Ellsbury!! What is this guy anyway? Juan Pierre that can walk? big deal! Not knoking on Ellsbury but Crisp is look like Indians Crisp and is signed for what 3 more years and is still young! the Red Sox desperatly need a number 5 hitter. drew isnt it.Now people say were would he play Lowell has benn good and Youk has been Great but look at what Mike Lowell does on the Road. he is hitting under .230! Thats bad! I want a guy who is going to be great any were they play not just at fenway

I agree. Sell on Ellsbury. The CF market is looking nice. Crisp is playing well. Tex brings us the 5 hole bat that turns the offense into WS caliber. Not to mention Lowell could then be dealt for a righthanded bullpen arm. Tex + bullpen arm is a HUGE improvement to the current squad.

Ellsbury is a nice player, but just like salty he is a prospect. Now with that said, Buchholz is also just a prospect, but theres no way I could stand seeing him go.

And I also agree there should be some kind of rule. No braves fans should be allowed to post for a week, or at the very least stop bring up salty and how good he is. It is so damn annoying.

Salty for Tex is NOT a fair deal. It also will not happen.

Tossing in a low level junk prospect no one is interested in will also NOT make the deal more enticing.

Someone said it earlier. Braves fans seem to feel entitled to whoever they are trading for.

BoSox, of course Salty plus a "junk" prospect wouldn't be enough to get Tex. But that's not the deal on the table. The Braves are looking at giving up the most coveted prospect in the National League, a good pitching prospect who's currently the Braves #5 starter, and an 18 yo kid whose already being touted as a future all-star. I think that's enough, if not too much, to get a year and a half rental out of Tex.

From what I could gather, while scrolling through these posts, it seems some of you think salty for tex straight up is fair. Some of you seem to think salty already is this offensive monster of a catcher with a rocket for an arm.

He's not


There are tons of PROSPECTS being touted as future all-stars. That's meaningless.

"The Braves are looking at giving up the most coveted prospect in the National League"

Really? Higher than Braun? Or Pence? Or Bailey? Or Bruce? Or Upton? Or Gallardo? Or Kershaw?

Come on, dude, the guy was ranked 51st preseason by Baseball Prospectus, 33rd by Rotoworld. A .750 OPS in the majors doesn't turn that around.

Why would the Sox trade Konerko? Well, it depends on if they are playing for today or tomorrow…

Cheaper production from 1t can be found much easier than the prospects he could bring in return. His contract might be a bargain, but trading him for the return plus just signing someone comparable at a harder position to fill could be a smart idea for a team with absolutely no depth for the next couple years…

As far as Salty ~ no reason to trade him means you only trade him if it’s a good deal… If Texas thinks they can get a harder to find piece than a good def, great switch-hitting C than by all means they should take the deal… Will they though?

Sure, maybe the Braves throw in a prospect on top of it, but it shouldn’t be that big of one because, honestly, its just easier to find a 1B with good numbers without having to spend a couple of their TopProspects AND pay his high salary…

(I can't believe I forgot Lincecum on that list. I'm slipping.)

No Teixeira until the A-Rod situation is fully known. Rangers won't look to re-sign Teixeira, but they would be in a position to land another big name if A-Rod did opt out as it frees a ton of money.
Of course, on the other end, Ellsbury being "untouchable" is a great way to inflate his value even more. I'm a Sox fan, and happy as a clam with Coco for 3 more years. I have no interest in Wily Taveras....sorry, Ellsbury over the 27 yr old switch hitting Crisp. If Ellsbury can be the main chip to Teixeira, then godspeed Ellsbury.

Bill Shanks reported this afternoon on his radio show that the Salty for Tex trade is very close to going through. It is believed to be Salty + Davies/Reyes + Andrus for Tex + Gagne/Wilson/Benoit. Some of the complimentary pieces may change, but the basis of the trade is Salty for Tex.

I believe - this is purely my own speculation - that another trade involving Renteria or Escobar for a SP will also go through AND some deal will be made for a lefty RP.

The feeling is that JS is going to go for one more WS ring before leaving and the best chance to do it will be this year and maybe next. Got to admit that the following lineup is pretty strong:

LF Harris
SS Renteria/Escobar
3B Chipper
CF Andruw
1B Teixeira
C McCann
RF Franceour
2B Johnson

But it is only around for one more year, then we lose andruw, and then after next year we probably will lose tex. I think it is great and all that we want to win now and can make these moves. But i still will be very puzzled if we give up our best major league ready prospects, plus andrus just to get players to help us win now. I just do not think JS would disregard the future for right now, and worsen the braves situation after he he and cox have retired. It just does not make very much sense at all.

And one more thing concerning Bill Skanks, he likes to make sure he is the first one who reports anything. And while he was right on the soriano trade, he also said that the braves were close to signing Glavine, when many other sources said an offer was never made.

I understand, but you can't always play for the future. We've done that for 15 years and only have one ring. I don't believe JS is going to completely gut the farm system to win now, but we have a reasonable chance to win now.

Also, think about this. We already have catcher locked up for the next six years and Escobar will likely be the SS for the next five years if we're trading Renteria and Adrus. It's not like we're giving guys away and will have no one left. We're dealing from positions of depth.

This is pretty simple. Atlanta MUST trade Salty. His bat is wasted at 1B. If not him, then McCann, and you know that's not happening with his new contract.

In Tex, you've got a guy that will help considerably for the stretch run, and give you a very good bat, albeit at a near-market price for 2008. Everyone talking about how he's such a great value because he's not a FA after this year clearly understands nothing about baseball economics. He'll be making somewhere around $14M next year in arbitration or otherwise, which is below market value, but nothing amazing.

BP has him worth around $20M per season, so you're looking at a profit of $6M - again, somewhat valuable, sure, but nothing to sell the farm for.

Salty, on the other hand, is projected to be worth about $12M per year for the next 5. Note that this number fully encompasses his risk of failure. They assume about 19 HR per season and an OPS a bit over .800 - again, for everyone complaining that he's unproven, etc. - this is a weighted average. He could easily be worth significantly more than $12M per season. Considering his low salary for the next few years, he's a massive bargain - much more so than Teixiera is.

Catchers with his kind of offensive potential come around once every few years. He is virtually GUARANTEED to turn more of a profit than Teixiera.

Tex's value comes mostly in the help he'll provide to a team this year, fighting for a playoff berth and a WS title. What that's worth is obviously difficult to quantify, but given all the above, Salty for Tex is a very fair trade for the Rangers.

I agree. I would love nothing more than to keep Salty and wait for him to develop, but our window is closing so we don't have time to wait.

Basically, this article is comfirming that the dodgers, braves and angels are very much in on tex

The deals would be

Tex and Gagne/Wilson/Mahey/Benoit

For Atlanta:

for Salty, Davies/Harrison/Andrus

Jo-Jo Reyes most likely aint avaliable

For the Dodgers:

James Loney, Andre Either, and pitcher

The Rangers love Kershaw, but he is not going any where

For the Angels: Casey Kotchman and nathan Haynes or Terry Evans

Adenhart probably is not going anywhere

So basically, the dodgers seem to have the most talent in the package in the rangers would get, but I think that Braves are more likely to give the value the Rangers would want. The Dodgers probably are not going to give up loney and either for TEX. So there you are, those are the bountys being discussed, lets see if you all think that TEX is getting overvalued.

May want to jump to the new post on this.

My apologies Tim, I guess we posted at the same time.

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