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Mets Hunting For Reliever, Second Baseman

Pretty much the same old story with the Mets, though Joel Sherman and Mark Hale of the New York Post do have some new tidbits.

  • The authors name Chad Cordero, Jon Rauch, Octavio Dotel, and Eric Gagne as relievers on the radar.  However it seems the asking price is too high for Gagne and the Indians have become the frontrunner for Dotel (they may have passed the Dodgers).  Shawn Chacon doesn't catch the Mets' eye, and they don't want Chad Bradford's three-year commitment.  They had that option with Bradford this winter.  I think that logic is silly - Bradford's pitched well this year, and acquiring him now would be akin to a two-year contract.  Sometimes it seems GMs pass over certain players because they simply want to add a fresh name.
  • You can add Al Reyes to the mix for the Mets, according to the St. Petersburg Times.
  • The Mets think many of the available starting pitchers could be traded in August - Jose Contreras, Kyle Lohse, and Steve Trachsel for example.  I don't agree on Lohse - he'll be traded today or tomorrow.  But Contreras's contract would probably get through waivers without a claim.
  • The Post reports no substantive talks to the Royals about Mark Grudzielanek.  An inquiry has been made on Mark Loretta
  • Meanwhile, Newsday says the Twins are open to trading Luis Castillo but don't want any of the current Major League Mets.  Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger seems to disagree, citing a Twins scout at Shea yesterday.  Graziano does not believe Castillo would get through waivers unclaimed.  He believes the Twins want Double A starter Kevin Mulvey and then some (perhaps Ruben Gotay).
  • Graziano says a deal for Castillo could be expanded to include 28 year-old righty reliever Juan Rincon.  Rincon had been consistently solid for three years (perhaps aided by steroids) but has seen his strikeout rate and overall performance plummet in 2007.  Rincon is under control next year and will make at least $2MM again.
  • Graziano notes that the Mets have talked to the A's about Joe Blanton, but Billy Beane wants Lastings Milledge.  The Mets can't do that without damaging the current team.  The Mets could actually add an outfielder in Jay Payton; the Cubs' interest has waned.  The Sammy Sosa rumor also has some legs, as the Mets could bring him in to platoon with Shawn Green if they decide they can tolerate the sideshow.


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Mulvey and then some for Castillo? PASS

I'll take Gotay + Mulvey any day.

what could the astros possibly pry away from the mets for the likes of loretta? maybe the could package loretta along with someone in order to get a better prospect?

Seeing as 2B is far from a pressing need (hopefully Omar realizes that), I can't see them giving up a significant prospect.

Now if you want to talk about Mr. Qualls.... which I'm sure you don't, seeing as Wheeler was already dealt...

They probably could have gotten a nice spect or two for Qualls and Loretta.

Shawn Green should never, ever play against a lefty. The fact that the Mets don't have a platoon partner for him, especially considering that he's possibly the worst defensive outfielder in baseball, is apalling.

Man, just ready that Beltran could be headed to the DL. Can you say "worst OF in baseball"?

I've read a lot of these rumors. And most likely it'll come down to a bullpen guy. The Mets last year had a strong bullpen and they need one now. Next would be an outfield guy, maybe Dye if he's cheap, otherwise we're fine everywhere else.

If we could get Dye without giving up Milledge, Pelfrey, or Gomez, then I might consider it, if only for the draft picks.


I don't see a lot of room for Dye. He's been hot in limited action since the AS break, but I'm not so quick to believe he's broken out of his first half funk.

It all depends on Beltran's diagnosis/recovery and when Endy can play again. Otherwise then Dye won't be necessary.

Hey Met fans...
You're talking about Dye, when there's a rumor saying that we are preparing to deal Gotay!!!


No way Omar.. Why can't Omar see that Gotay is the future of the team at 2nd.. We don't need a 2nd baseman, with leg problems..

Forget about Dye unless you wanna get stolen by Williams.

geee.. i just don't want milledge, gomez and martinez traded.

What? You wanted Milledge for Zito and now Milledge for Blanton.. Go *** u'self Billy

I think the Astros missed a huge opportunity to deal with the Mets. Probably could have gotten pretty decent return for Loretta + Wheeler or Loretta + Qualls. Would have filled 2 needs for the Mets. The Astros could have done much better for their 2008 (and beyond) prospects by talking to the Mets instead of the D-Rays.

My real question for 2008 is this - which mediocre hitting, mediocre fielding 3rd baseman are we going to trade the D-Rays for next year?!? Maybe they'll sign Mike Lamb as a free agent, then trade him back to us for Qualls next year!

Wait... why would Gotay be traded for a guy who is hitting less then him... wtf?

pedro - AMEN! Gotay needs to stay. Don't create another hole and plug it with a 2/3 month rental.

bobo - Alou, Milledge, Green... certainly not a pretty OF defensively, but "the worst OF in baseball"? that's definitely a stretch. Offensively they are above average. Alou looks to be hitting the ball well since his DL return, and Milledge is the best hitter on the team since the break. Green brings them down, sure, but Alou and Milledge are far from being poor OFers.

I don't think Gotay for Dye was discussed. I'm sure Gotay was discussed in a deal for Loretta or Castillo.

I still say PASS.

I was talking about Gotay being traded for Castillo who is hitting less then him.

It would be a dumb move if that happened.

Castillo for Gotay and Mulvey, with Rincon involved. I also pass. We're better off ading salary.
From the Astros i like Luke Scott, he's being wasted by Phil Garner and his lefty / righty platoons.

Scott is overrated, he's a platoon, 4th Outfield guy at the most. He's liable to get streaky and have a good week or two but he's not a good long term solution.

He has yet to have that one good season(an Astros staple i.e. Richard Hidalgo, Adam Everett, Jason Lane, Morgan Ensberg, etc.) he will have in the majors. Now or soon would be a good time to get him before he has that season.

I know Dave Littlefield would never do it, but would Freddy Sanchez and a reliever be enough for Milledge?

JerseyMetFan: I apologize, I didn't even realize Alou was back. I looked quickly at the Yahoo depth chart and he's not on it. With Alou, that's a bit better. Not good, but obviously better.

I guess ideally you have Beltran in CF, Alou in left, and Milledge in right. When Green plays (never ever ever against a lefty), Milledge can give Alou some rest.

But Beltran's injury throws a wrench into all of this. It almost makes it worth it to pick up almost ANY right-handed hitter who can play RF (or CF, and put Milledge in right). Trying to think who would come cheap - Jeff Baker? Dustan Mohr? You need someone that you could sit the bench or get released when the rest of the OF is healthy.

I really hope that's a joke about Sammy Sosa.

Joe Smith was and continues to be the reason that the Mets aren't interested in having Chad Bradford around through 2009. It makes little sense to keep them on the same roster, and while Chad's next two years should be pretty good, its easy to see Smiths next five being better and not costing the Mets 3+ million a season, even if that is chump change to a big market team. The only way the Mets reacquire Bradford is if they get a tasty offer on Smith that they can't refuse, and pull the trigger on that.

I'm still not sure how to classify Gotay. He's obviously more than the 4A player I thought he was coming out of the spring, but I'm not sure he's a regular either. He's always been able to hit lefty, but his defense is below average in just about every way. Its not awful, but its below average.

Its easy as a Mets fan to fawn over Gotay right now, he gave some much needed life to a team that was breaking down, but I'm not so sure the best move is to annoint him the future at 2B. I still think he's got stuff to prove, and if I had to judge now, I'd say he deserves a role like Endy Chavez had, except with more bat and less glove and for the infield.

I wouldnt even trade Gotaystraight up for Castillo. The guy is a shell of himself. Depleting speed, depleting range, no power whatsoever, just not worth it to me. I dont think Gotay is the answer either. He cant be trusted in the field in a big game. HE has already singlehandedly lost the mets 2 games because of horrible errors on routine plays.

I wouldnt be upset to trade Joe Smith either. Much rather trade him then Heilman. I dont think smith is very good, just fooled people with his delivery for a month or so. People say that he is expected to get righties and lefties out, but i doubt it. He looks like a roogy to me, and a decent one. If other teams have high interest in him then sell high.

Johnny damon wishes he could field like shawn green can. Atleast green aint scared of the wall. Her cant hit, but he isnt nearly as bad of a fielder as u make him out to be. His range isnt what it once was, why would it be. He catches what he gets to, and has an average arm. There are plenty of players who are worse then green in the field.

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