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Nationals Looking To Deal

MLB.com's Bill Ladson has the lowdown on the Washington Nationals.  They've got several pieces they're looking to move.

Chad Cordero and Jon Rauch remain popular names on the market, but it still seems like Jim Bowden is holding out for something amazing.  Ladson says Bowden is asking the Mets for Lastings Milledge and Mike Pelfrey in a deal.  It is known that the Mets would move Pelfrey in a major trade (per Jayston Stark).  Pelfrey would be a great guy for the Nats to acquire; they really need some MLB-ready pitching depth.  Another name on the Nats' radar is Double A righty Kevin Mulvey of the Mets - they were openly scouting him on Thursday.

Cordero is aware of the rumors, and will move into a setup role for another team graciously.  He hopes to stay in Washington though.

Ladson also says Ryan Church is being offered up; contenders would use him as a fourth outfielder. Church has been connected to the Cubs in the past, but I don't think they'd go for him now.  He's at .262/.342/.420 this year, good fourth outfielder numbers.  He's capable of knocking 3-4 homers a month.

Finally, Ladson mentions that the Nationals recently scouting the Tigers' Double A Erie affiliate.  The SeaWolves' more interesting prospects include Jair Jurrjens, Dallas Trahern, and Jeff LarishIt is known that the Nats were watching Jurrjens' last start.     


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Wily Mo Pena for Jon Rauch just seems like the perfect deal to me, and would really help out both clubs..

Done deal - how can you and I work out the details?

Haha I wish. WMP has really soiled over in Boston, and a change of scenery could really benefit him. He could finally put up the 40 + homer numbers everyone knows he can. I really hope something can be worked out

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