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Padres Failed Trade Talks: Dye, Pie

Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune has a couple of blurbs about inquires trade inquiries made by Padres GM Kevin Towers.

The first says that Kenny Williams's asking price for Jermaine Dye a few weeks ago was Khalil Greene and Scott Linebrink.  I'm surprised the White Sox would focus on Greene, as him game isn't terribly different from Juan Uribe's.  But the Padres don't have anyone else to turn to at shortstop.  Greene doesn't reach free agency until after the 2009 season.  Anyway, the Padres chose to go with Milton Bradley instead of Dye.

Additionally, the Padres asked the Cubs about Felix Pie.  Jim Hendry informed Towers that he's untouchable.  Maybe no one is truly "untouchable," but what could the Padres realistically offer?  Jake Peavy or Chris Young seems silly, leaving the most valuable young Padres as Adrian Gonzalez, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Chase Headley, and maybe Cla Meredith.  There doesn't seem to be a fit for the Cubs.  Maybe Towers was just inquiring to see if Hendry would sacrifice the future for a useful 2007 piece. 


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Trade Proposal:

Braves should get: Jake Peavy

Padres get: Reyes, Yunel, and Prado or prospect

I know the Padres are looking for more hitting; but if the Dodgers are looking at Buehrle they need to consider making a run at him as well. With the recent acquisition of Bradley the odd man Terrmel Sledge was placed on the DL today with a thumb "injury". Since the White Sox will have a need for outfielders in 08 the Padres could package him along with starter Justin Germano and maybe Rule 5 Pick Kevin Cameron or another young pitching prospect and get Buehrle as a rental. A rotation of Peavey, Buehrle, Young, Maddux and Wells would all but lock up the NL West.

That is if the Padres can get more than 3 hits a game and Wells can stay healthy or not get ejected. But the Padres also still have Clay Hensley waiting to come back up from AAA if they need another starter

The Padres will never trade Peavy who is arguably the best pitcher in the NL. He is relatively cheap (08-$6M, 09-$8M club option) and cannot be replaced by Hensley or whoever else is in their farm system.

Trade Proposal:

Red Sox should get: Jake Peavy

San Diego should get: A bunch of crap back.

Chipper, you are nuts.

I'm happy we didn't trade away liney/greene for an oft year/injured rental of dye. I would much rather have milty (not as good as dye) for a AAA relief pitcher that doesn't know what location means. I understand Pie is untouchtable, but what about Matt Murton?

Both those players are awesome, and while that would not be enough to get it done, it was just a proposal.

Peavy still hasn't learned how to "pitch". His delivery is too violent and his composure on the mound is shaky. This may smooth out in the long run, granted he doesn't hurt himself, but going to Chicago or Boston would not be good for him. The Padres need to make a big push for Ichiro. He is the kind of hitter they need at Petco, plus he brings a competitive attitude. A signing like that would let everyone know the Padres are serious about winning.

I dont see the Padres trading Peavy if they are winning games

How does Cla Meredith not fit with the cubs when they are looking for relief help?

The Cubs pen has actually been a lot better lately. meredith is ok....but nowhere close to being worth Pie....maybe Murton, although now the Cubs are supposedly looking for a right handed bat. They have Murton and Cedeno, who is tearing up the minors right now....so who knows what Hendry has up his sleeves. I just hope is something rational. He usually is a good trade deadline guy though....

Over at Chicago's Daily Herald, it mentions that the deal included Juan Uribe as well.


Braves should try to get an electric young arm like Chipper was saying. Would need more than he proposed. I wonder what it would take for the Giants to trade Lincecum.

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