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Pie For Laird and Mahay?

Phil Rogers has a rumor up on the Tribune blog today, where he indicated that the Cubs are thinking short-term and may be willing to give up Felix Pie in a deal.  According to Rogers, Pie for Gerald Laird and Ron Mahay is a possibility.

It seems that Mahay has since gone to Atlanta, so perhaps Rogers' post went up before then.  Even if it was C.J. Wilson instead of Mahay I'd consider it a horrible deal for the Cubs.  Pie is a five-tool center fielder and he's raking at Triple A.  Trading him for Laird would be absurd even if Laird threw out 100% of baserunners.   

Now if Torii Hunter is in play, the Cubs should at least listen.  Not sure if I'd make that move, but at least Hunter would net the Cubs a few extra wins this year.


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Is this the same source as last time that linked Laird and Pie? I hope so...because if the Cubs are considering this I will be noxious....

That's the problem with a lame duck ownership. If the Cubs want a minor upgrade at catcher (that's all Laird would be), then they should just cut Kendall and play Soto with Hill until Blanco comes back. That's still below average, but it doesn't cost a top prospect.

Pie should only be moved in a package for talent--not for spare parts.

This is ridiculous. I dont know why the cubs are even considering moving pie, even for a pieces of a playoff push. After this season he would be our centerfielder for many many years. And Laird? We dont need any more catchers, let alone one who is only average at best. This trade should definitely be dumped and either the cubs just sit on their hands because the team is doing awesome right now, or do something for griffey, like murton and jones and gallagher or something. But NOT Pie.

Not happening because Mahay is going to Atlanta.

I can see Pie and cedeno to Balt for Roberts and a prospect. Or Pie/Marshall/Dempster for Hunter and Nathan but both of those trades are way too one sided for them to be realistic

They are awefully onesided. You would have to give a lot more to Baltimore because the GM up there has a man crush on Roberts. He insisted they sign him to his extension when they did because he refused to take a chance at losing him.
THe second trade would be possible if yoou swapped out Dempster for a younger, more dependable arm and the Twins fell out of contention just a little more. But with Hunter a pending FA and Nathan only a year off I believe, it doesnt seem like a smart trade for the Chubbies.

The Cubs wouldn't be able to do much for Roberts. They have like 84 2B prospects as it is. Patterson, Fontenot, Theriot (maybe a SS), Cedeno...all guys who play some 2nd. Why would they give up all of that for another one?

I don't understand why in the world the Cubs would give up Marshall? He is a young, cheap, 6'7" lefty who is pitching OUTSTANDING with less than a year service time. If he can't bring back someone amazing by himself....don't give him up.

They need to be giving up guys that they have a surplus of....like Cendeno, Murton, maybe even Patterson....or trade high on Fontenot, although I wouldn't want to ruin the chemistry. Anyway, they can trade good prospects and not hurt the future too much because they are blocked anyway...Marshall and Pie have WAY too big of an upside to risk...and Marshall has been VERY, VERY valuable RIGHT NOW.

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