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Ricciardi Criticizes Burnett

Why would a general manager publicly criticize one of his own players?  Perhaps to fire him up, though that strategy is questionable at best.  Most likely such public criticism is simply frustration boiling over into the media, frustration better kept private.

Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi took a few shots at pitcher A.J. Burnett today, essentially saying he regrets the signing and questioning Burnett's willingness to pitch through pain.  How is that strategically a good move for the baseball team?  It's not.  It's emotion spilling over.

The comments seem even more foolish when you consider that the Jays might want to trade Burnett.  Burnett didn't get along with Florida's front office, and now he's going to have problems with Ricciardi and company.  It's no way to build up trade value.  Why doesn't Ricciardi point the finger at himself?  Burnett was a known health risk at the time of the signing. 

In the long run, Ricciardi will prove a worse investment for the Blue Jay franchise.  I don't have a bone to pick with him; I just think he's done a poor job since his hiring in 2001.   


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Why doesn't Ricciardi point the finger at himself?

This is why he is going after A.J, to deflect the voices questioning the move to begin with, his comments are all what is wrong with A.J, nothing he could do about it.

Regretting the signing? You would have to think Burnett uses that opt out clause now if he can pitch a bit in the second half to hold his value.

The ship be sinking. I'm sure the abusively high pitch counts had nothing to do with it.

Hey Tim...this sounds like a good time for a GM Profile...mm-hmm...

Nevermind...Just found it! Sorry!!

Ricciardi has made his share of bad moves since coming on board in '01, but this is right up there at the top, primarily for the terrible timing. Then again, maybe it's a signal that the Jays aren't planning on moving Burnett. (Otherwise, it was really, really stupid to point a finger at A.J.)

Maybe he should have taken his mentor's (Beane) approach: don't say anything.

It is plainly idiotic. Basically: 1) hurts trave value, 2) annoys a known moody player who has had issues with front offices before, 3) is hypocritical because he made the signing, because he overworked him, and because he shouldn't be saying this in the media also.

I really hope we find a new GM soon. I actually like Burnett, I hope he doesn't leave before JP does.

Riccardi doesn't strike me as one of your better GMs. He sort of reminds in a way of Jim Hendry, a guy who definite, stubborn ideas about things and sticks to them no matter what. I mean, wow, nobody knew Burnett was a health risk and maybe not a great character guy before he was signed, that's brilliant. Did Riccardi ever say "I shouldn't have traded Chad Gaudin for nothing just to make room on the roster for some guy not even there any more?" And he seems to have misunderstood the Moneyball philosophy of drafting to mean you take low ceiling college guys who are good bets to reach the majors. At least for quite some time that's how he worked. Aaron Hill is the epitome of that. A decent 2b who can hold his own offensively and is nice defensively, but come on, is this the guy you turn cartwheels over having before free agency? No. And when it goes bad you end up with Russ Adams.

Give me a break any GM in JP's situation with Gaudin would of did the same thing and it happeneds all the time. Gaudin wasn't mlb ready and was out of options, its just bad luck that he's really come on strong.

Not going to say JP is the best GM but he's a lot better then some. Everyone seems to love Miniya I mean he's delt away Scott Kazmir Curtis Granderson and Cliff Lee. the Worsed you can really say about JP is he wouldn't pay Carpenter to sit on the DL.


Minaya didn't trade Kazmir. That was Duquette.

Curtis Granderson was drafted by the Detroit Tigers.

And Cliff Lee was traded because the Expos had no definitive future set in place and prospects would have been worthless had they been contracted.

You could even argue that Minaya helped the Washington franchise's continued existence by making them a contender and building up interest in the ballclub.

Bah sorry I ment sizemore, not that that makes it alot better.

"Give me a break any GM in JP's situation with Gaudin would of did the same thing and it happeneds all the time."

Roto, are you keeping track of the worst sentences written on this board?

Yeah, Ricciardi has noone to blame but himself. Burnett was known to have a plethora of issues before he was ever signed. First off, he was coming off of a career year with the Marlins. He was one of those bright, young pitchers that had never lived up to the potential that everyone thought he had. In large part, that was because he couldn't stay on the mound. But, you know, he had that one great season in Florida -call it that "free agent phenomenon"- and, all of a sudden, Ricciardi thinks that he's worth 5/$55 (which, if everyone remembers, was a very large contract then). I'm sorry, that's just foolish and downright bad general managing.

My guess is that if Ricciardi wanted to trade him, the Jays would have to eat a ton of Burnett's salary. And, A.J. can't opt out until after the 2008 season. So, Ricciardi needs to take some Immodium for his mouth. His comments did nothing to help the situation. Even if he was trying to fire Burnett up, it should have been done behind closed doors -not through the media.

On the bright side, there are a couple of pretty dumb GM's out there that might swing a deal. Brian Sabean...? (Just kidding. The Giants have no need for Burnett.)

"On the bright side, there are a couple of pretty dumb GM's out there that might swing a deal. Brian Sabean...? (Just kidding. The Giants have no need for Burnett.)"

... Ahh, but the Reds, Nats and maybe M's could probably use him, and their GMs are...well...let's just be nice and just say "no Beanes"...

As far as JP, the money he spent on guys like AJ, Ryan, Glaus, etc was pretty out of wack and it was questionable doing so just to compete in a division while Bos and NY were in full power mode. He's kind of middle of the pact as far as GMs, Tor could do worse but atleast he hasn't made them a laughing stock...

loose lips sink ships

How old was Gaudin when he was traded for nothing? 22? I don't know that a lot of teams trade 22 year old pitchers to make room for Pete Walker on the roster.

J.P. is a smuck. Why doesn't he point the finger at Gibbons for leaving Burnett in there three starts in a row well over 100 pitches? Yes, he's fragile, but you knew that when you signed him for 55 million. He has no one to blame but himself for the horrible signings of Frank Thomas, Troy Glaus, and AJ Burnett. Plus on top of that, lieing about BJ Ryans injury was a piece of work all in itself. I can't see JP ever being a GM after he gets canned for that one.

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