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Rosenthal's Latest Videos: Teixeira, Dye, Garland

Ken Rosenthal has a couple of recent videos up at FOXSports.  Check 'em out.  Some highlights:

  • The Mark Teixeira talks are at a standstill; the Braves and Angels are reluctant to improve their offers.  The Dodgers are said to be out of the picture.  Daniels, Schuerholz, Stoneman - which one blinks first?  I'll say Daniels; he'll go with Atlanta's best offer.
  • Jermaine Dye is Plan B for the Angels, but as you know the Red Sox still have interest.
  • Jon Garland can be had, but Kenny Williams' price is sky-high.  The Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Mets, and Braves all have interest.  The Braves had offered not only Edgar Renteria but a top pitching prospect, and still were rejected.  Rosenthal expects Garland to stay put because as the asking price is not met.
  • The Dodgers are still the leaders on Octavio Dotel, but the Tribe could jump in if they part with Ben Francisco.  Would Francisco really be missed?
  • The Cubs are looking at role players like Jay Payton and Jeff Conine.  Many Cubs fans have written me looking for some good rumors - anything I would hear would go on the site.  My gut feeling is that they do nothing major.
  • The Orioles asked about Kei Igawa, but were told he's not available.
  • Rosenthal can see Adam Dunn and Eric Gagne staying put at the deadline.  The need to deal Gagne is a bit more pressing, in my opinion.


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I don't think Jay Payton or Jeff Conine is any better than what the Cubs have now. It would be a waste of prospects.

i agree. when jay payton got signed by the orioles, i was like 'well at least he found work'..

conine is like 55 now isn't he?

on the Dotel trade, being a Royals fan..i REALLY hope Cleveland is not in on him...i am COLD on Fransisco and luke-warmish on Guiterrez

Why wouldn't Igawa be available?

If I were the Braves I'd offer less to or ask for more from the Rangers by the day.

yeah..this holdup for Tex is really killing the trades..teams are waiting for this deal to happen before they start trading i think..

The Tribe would not miss BenFran if he was dealt (Kenny has taken his 07 spot and the 08 team still has a healthy Choo and Crow from Buffalo), they really don't want to deal FrankieG though as he is living up to the hype he had as a prospect. 08 will see DavidD healthy to again split time with Michaels in LF, and of course Sizemore in CF leaving RF as our only real need ~ not a pos BenFran is suited for.

If all it takes it Francisco to get Dotel, then I think the deal should be considered as good as done. Tonight showed our need for another setup man to go to, and Shaps said on testerdays broadcast he WILL be getting another BP arm.

The Tribe would not miss BenFran if he was dealt (Kenny has taken his 07 spot and the 08 team still has a healthy Choo and Crow from Buffalo), they really don't want to deal FrankieG though as he is living up to the hype he had as a prospect. 08 will see DavidD healthy to again split time with Michaels in LF, and of course Sizemore in CF leaving RF as our only real need ~ not a pos BenFran is suited for.

If all it takes it Francisco to get Dotel, then I think the deal should be considered as good as done. Tonight showed our need for another setup man to go to, and Shaps said on testerdays broadcast he WILL be getting another BP arm.

Guys like Daniels and Friedman with the Rays really frustrate me. They are so reluctant to make deals that make sense. If anything it would be the Braves who are getting screwed. I can guarantee that Stoneman won't make a better offer.

If I'm JS, I call the Devil Rays and make the same offer to them for Carl Crawford. The Rays might not bite, but that would be awfully tempting.

JS dont blink man, dont blink!!! If we dont get Tex then fine with me. He aint worth what the asking price is already. JS you should trade Salty, Harrison, and Thorman Straight up for Tex!!! And if the Rangers wanted more add Devine to the deal!!! And IF they dont wont that then forget them!!! Then trade Prado, and Larew(I know he had Tommy John Surgery, but he can still be traded, and he is probably a future bullpen pitcher) to the Royals for Dotel, and Odalis Perez, and the Royals will pay Most of the remaining salary for Perez this year!!! Perfect deal for everyone!!! Prado and Tony Pena Jr. in the infield will be pretty good defensively!!! Yes I know Pena Jr. is struggling defensively this year, but he is very good!!! And I know Prado struggled at 2nd base defense when he got called up this year, BUT he is also very good defensively!!!

They said something on ESPN's Baseball Tonight about Arizona jumping in on Teixeira. At first base, Conor Jackson's .802 OPS serviceable, but obviously upgradeable. Its still far superior to Carlos Quentin's .637 if he could manage Right Field, but I have no idea if thats possible. And of course, its possible Daniels would want Jackson as part of the deal.

aahhh Carl Crawford what I would pay to have that guy. How about Mike Pelfrey, Phil Humber, Kevin Mulvey, Carlos Gomez,Fernando Martinez, Mike Carp and someone else for Carl Crawford, Elijah Dukes, Scott Kazmir and Edwin Jackson.

Never gonna happen but a boy can dream can't he

I'm sorry, what's so great about Dotel? He hasn't looked that great this year. I wouldn't give up a top prospect for him, that's for sure.

Speaking of Crawford, he's been a disappointment this year. Every year he had gotten better, this year it clearly hasn't happened. He's not close to elite this year - more like Shane Victorino without the arm.


that last post was funny man!!! Scott Kazmir, didn't yall used to have him? Ohhhhh thats right yall traded him for Zambrano!!! That was such a bad trade I dont even remember that dudes first name!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!! Now yall got another idiot in Omar running your franchise!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotta love it!!! The ONLY reason Omar is NOT the worst GM in baseball, is because of all the money yall have!!! Must be nice to be a Met fan!!! Yeah yall are in First place in the East!!! WOW!!! Ohhhh yeah has Beltran taken that bat off his shoulders yet? Now that was classic!!!

Andrew Friedman frustrates you? he's made 3 trades in 24 hours!

seriously though he did the Braves a big favor by not trading them Rocco Baldelli (if indeed that rumor was true).

Crawford has been pretty ho-hum outside of May. And his play on defense is not what it used to be either.

DentalPlan..whew. luckily you are not a GM..and don't see how thin the market is for quality relievers right now.

Gagne #1. Dotel #2...and some GMs have that reversed believe it or not.

and with Wheeler getting a Wiggington in a trade and Linebrink getting 3 prospects (Inman being VERY good)..imagine the bounty Gagne and Dotel will bring.

Yeah, I remember watching a BBTN in June where Crawford had a good game or something, and Eduardo Perez was all "This guy just keeps getting better every year, every week, every day." And I'm like "Uhhh, no he isn't, not this year."

Excuses to the old Communist regimes but I thought this would be the year of Crawford's "Great Leap Forward" - it sounds stupid now but I thought he'd get around 26 home runs, hit .310, take more walks, and have an OPS around .870. Whoops.

Its possible that Crawford's "okay" play is because he is tired of losing. It has got to be frustrating. The Rays were supposed to be better this year and they are worse. It would be a dream come true if the Braves could get him. I would rather JS make the offer he made to the Rangers to the Rays for Crawford. Of course, Friedman would probably hedge and say no. I wonder how stupid he feels right now for not making that deal for Baldelli. Right now he would have Escobar and Salty and a promising pitcher in Davies. The Braves would have a CF who can't stay healthy more than 15 minutes. Sometimes the best trades are those that are never made I guess.

Guys like Daniels, Friedman, and Stoneman just don't seem to understand that the trigger has to be pulled.

I think JS has a backup plan if the Texiera thing doesn't work out. I have to say that I think that rumor about the Yanks calling the Braves about Damon could have some legs and could be JS' ace in the hole.

Let's play "Identify these two players"....ready?

Player A: .283/.348/.429, 68 R, 20 2B, 11 HR, 42 RBI, 31 SB
Player B: .287/.338/.437, 56 R, 25 2B, 6 HR, 54 RBI, 32 SB

That doesn't mean any of those trades are smart. Linebrink and Wheeler also didn't have a grossly inflated WHIP like Dotel. A premiere bullpen arm doesn't allow more than one and a half baserunners an inning.

Just because teams need relief help doesn't mean wishing for a guy to be good and giving up a package ordained for good pitchers makes them good.

The Cincinnati Reds learned that lesson the hard way last season.

Wait, I don't see how Johnny Damon saves the Braves' season.

yea we did have him and it was Victor Zambrano a bum... Omar isn't the worst GM he has brought over 3 almost top prospects from other countries(Guerra, Gomez and Martinez) brought in Beltran and when healthy can carry a team and be an MVP player, locked up Reyes and Wright for a while for pretty cheap, stole Oliver Perez and John Maine for nothing that is pretty good to me.

who are those 2 players?

I saw the blurb about the DBacks being interested in Teixeira and at first it didn't make sense, but if you assume they'll use him until the end of the year and trade him in the off season, it makes some sense.

Either way it's not going to happen. Texas likely wants pitching and AZ has none to spare of the quality that would bring in Teixeira.

are they Crawford and Victorino


Victor that was his name!!! I really could not remember!!! Well ACTUALLY the SCOUTS brought over those prospects!!! Omar had nothing to do with that!!! Except MAYBE hiring them, he might not have even done that!!! The scouts that found them might have already been in the Mets system!!! Wow he brought in Beltran by offering the MOST money for him!!! They had the money and they spent it!!! Beltran had a hard time deciding didn't he!!! LOL!!! Now I give you the Oliver Perez deal!!! But if it was not for Peterson the Pitching coach, then Perez would still be struggling!!! Yall have a GREAT pitching coach!!! How did the Mets acquire Maine? Was it a trade, free agent, what?

But my point about Omar is he wont be the worst GM as long as he can spend plenty of money!!! But givin a Oakland payroll like Billy Beane has he would be the Worst!!! Look what he did to the Expos franchise!!! That Colon deal was the Best!!!LOL!!! Billy Beane is SOOOOOO Much better than Omar that it is not a even funny!!!

A = Victorino
B = Crawford

And those lines didn't incorporate Victorino's gold glove defense. Yet, no one really talks about Shane, and Crawford is a budding superstar. Weird, eh?

Maine was acquired along with Jorge Julio for Kris Benson look how that turned out. He brought in Feliciano who is a top reliever who came out of no where. He trade Jae Seo who is now in the minors for the D-Rays for Duanner Sanchez and Jose Valentin. Last year Sanchez was our best reliever and Valetin was an awesome addition. He dumped a washed out 2nd baseman in Jeff Keppinger for Ruben Gotay our starter.

They scouts might have found them but Omar helped too. He also brought in Pedro which helped the franchise bring in other players. Also he has done a much better job with the draft then previous players.

He has made mistakes with some players like Green hasn't been great but good. Alou was a risk that didn't work. David Newhan but nothing major has he done wrong for the Mets.

I think that Colon trade has made him protective with his prospects and might make him want to keep ours. But back then Montreal needed a savior and Colon was an ace back than so I mean it didn't work out but o well.

JS makes mistakes to trading for Hampton terrible deal, Craig Wilson terrible, Adam LaRoache was a bad deal. Every GM makes mistakes and Omar is nowhere near the worst.

It would also be a mistake to trade Salty and more for Tex


You're crazy. The Hampton trade wasn't terrible. The Braves got him for Tim Spooneybarger who pitched 1 year for the Marlins and has been outta baseball since. Hampton was great in the 3 years he has played for the Braves. So that was a steal of a trade.

Yeah the Craig Wilson signing didn't work out but hey it didn't hardly cost us anything and it was a gamble that was worth taking considering he hit 30 homeruns or so a few years ago.

And the how in the hell is the Adam LaRoche trade bad? LaRoche has been awful this year for the Pirates and Mike Gonzalez had a 1.59 ERA in 17 innings this year before getting hurt. You can't predict a player getting hurt. Another reason it was a great trade is because Gonzalez can't leave the Braves until after 2009.

So please you stick to your Mets and I'll stick to my Braves and there will be peace on earth come October.

According to the KC Star, Seattle has moved into the lead for Dotel and its quite possible the Royals could land Wladimir Balentien for him. Hopefully it happens..Waiting stinks.

No mention if ski-masks are being used in trade negotiations.

gotta love how everyone keeps bringing up Kazmir.. you know, we all know hated that trade and we're over it. Especially since Kaz hasnt done much at the major league level like Peterson said he wouldnt. He said he'd be a great reliever, but wasnt durable enough to start. His stats this year... REC 7-7 | SV 0 | ERA 4.02 | WHIP 1.51... deffinately not the best. With that offense behind him, he should have atleast 10 wins.

And a correction to 'TheWrightStuff', we got Sanchez and Steve Schmoll for Seo and Hammaluk. Feliciano first appeared with the Mets in '03 and played for a couple years with us. He then went to play a year in Japan and then signed back with us December 2005.

However, all trades aside, Omar has been great and JS is probally the best GM in baseball. But, Omar isnt far behind him. Also, you cant bring up much about what Omar did with Montreal, he wasnt allowed to do much of anything there, so good trades or bad are irrelivant for that organization. And, on top of all of that, Omar has a very good eye as a former scout himself. So yes, he has watched some of these kids and it led to them signing with the Mets. Such as F-Mart, and Guerra and so on.

ok, enough rambling, everyone can go play nice now. :)

Tim- in that Hampton deal you are also forgetting that the Braves paid only 1/3 of that enormous contract (FLA and COL picked up the rest), which means Hampton was essentially free to ATL for 2.5 years.


By a "great GM" (referrnig to Omar) don't you really mean "throws lots of money at free agents?"

oh yea, and Hampton... While Bobsacamano is correct, they didnt pay much for him at all the first couple of years. He had a decent first year with Atlanta. He had 14 wins and a 3.84 era in 31 games. the following season, he had 13 wins in 29 games with a 4.28 era. Then, his 3rd year (2005) he pitched in 12 games and got 5 wins with a 3.51 era. Since then.. he's been on the DL. So yes, it was a good trade for a few years, but Spooneybarger was agood reliever for the Braves. Too bad he only played 33 games in Florida before he had tommy john surgery and hasnt pitched much since.

Rosenthal is off his rocker on the Dotel talks.

I would be absolutely shocked if KC wants Ben Francisco, a 25 year old 4th OF, as bad as he implies that they do. It's Gutierrez or nothing to trade within the division, IMO.

Also, don't rule out Seattle - Dotel and Putz could form a dynamic combo, and Bavasi is itching to make a deal.


No. Not at all. Omar has made some trades that have been very good and he does what a good GM does. Its not all about signing players... anyone can do that if they open their wallet.

Omar tore the Expos into!!! 3 Prospects for Colon, AND two of them their best ones, and the other a very good prospect!!! Come on now!!! He knew MLB owned the team, and knew they may not have him long!!! At least you would think they could have gotten something for him when they traded him, instead they got Rocky Freakin Biddle!!! It was a three way trade involving the White Sox and Yankees, and the Damn Yankees got a BETTER reliever in Ozuna!!! I think that was his name!!! How the Heck can that possibly happen? Then in the same year he traded away Carl Pavano for Cliff Floyd!!! What the heck is that about!!! My MAIN point is he is NOT the worst GM in baseball as long as he has PLENTY of money to spend!!! If he had a low budget team then he WOULD be the worst!!! I think pretty much all of US on this Web Site can run a Low Budget team than he can!!!

okay well Hamulack sucks so either way it was complete robbery. You also made it sound like I said we got Feliciano in the deal which I didn't

Ah braves#1 you are too funny!!! First, in another post, you said that the only reason the Mets are in first is because Cox makes dumb mistakes!!! Right off the bat you show your ignorance and homer-ness!!! (And your annoying obsession with exclamation points)

Now Omar is one of the worst GMs in the game? Give me a break. Yeah, he was able to sign Pedro, Beltran, and Wagner because the Mets have the luxury of a sizable payroll. Can't blame Omar for that.

However, he's the one that brought in Perez and Hernandez for Nady. Perez has been awesome this year, and we got draft picks for Hernadez when he left last year.

He also snagged Maine and Julio for Benson. Maine is having a breakout season (biggest All-Star snub), and Julio turned into El Duque.

So, let's break this down...

Omar dealt Nady and Benson, and ended up with:

Maine: 11-5, 3.04 ERA, 1.17 WHIP
Ollie: 9-7, 2.84 ERA, 1.18 WHIP
El Duque: 7-4, 3.02 ERA, 1.09 WHIP

But hey, have fun dissing him for trades he made 5 friggin years ago.

I heard this from The Reds Brodcaster today,
there has been talks that have been heating up between The Washington Nationals and The Cincinnati Reds (you would have thought that the reds learned there lesson from the Lopez/Kearns trade eh?)

This is the trade proposal I heard on the reds station from the brodcaster today

Reds would Trade
LF Adam Dunn and a player to be named later with Cas


Relievers: Chad Cordero and Jon Rauch.

My Verdict: Reds Better do it.

Sorry TheWrightStuff, didnt mean to make it sound like that. I just wanted to clarify that Omar didnt 'discover' him like the post implied. (or could have been interpretited)

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