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Stark's Latest:

Jayson Stark has a new column over at ESPN.com.  Some highlights:

  • Octavio Dotel is almost a lock to be traded, and Chin-Lung Hu remains a possibility.  Stark adds that Dodgers GM Ned Colletti scouted reliever John Malone, which I think means Jonathan Meloan.  The 23 year-old Meloan throws in the low 90s with a hard slider; he commands his fastball well but carries some health concerns.
  • Regarding Jon Garland, we've already heard that the Mariners, Braves, and Yankees are interested.  Stark adds the Dodgers, Mets, and Phillies to that list.  However, he thinks Kenny Williams really just wants to trade Jose Contreras.
  • The Astros, surprisingly, have yet to open shop on their relievers. 
  • Michael Bourn is the Phillies' top trading chip.  Some possible targets: Kameron Loe, Scott Olsen, Ervin Santana, Noah Lowry, and Dontrelle Willis.


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I think if KW can get anything at all for Contreras he must be considered far and away the best GM in all of baseball, maybe ever. That said, I'm guessing Williams' main target for Garland would be Adam Jones, Jeff Clement, Yunel Escobar and another prospect(could do better), and the many Dodgers prospects. Dare I say Joba of the Yankees? Surely not, but I would like to see what KW realistically thinks he can get.

Why would Colletti scout his own player? Hu & Meloan for Dotel is nuts. That's way too much to give.

Colletti went to LV to see if he should bring him up, probably. He's done this in the past with other players.

"""The Astros, surprisingly, have yet to open shop on their relievers."""

The offers have probably been garbage b/c of their inept GM. Look how they got fleeced in the Colorado deal. On the same token, maybe it's the Houston FO that's botching any possibility of a trade. Whatever it is, they DEFINITELY need to do something.

whatever the astros do, they need to make sure they get some quality young players in return. that being said, unless they get a great offer for j.jennings it might be in their best interest to keep him and get the draft picks when he signs elsewhere this off-season.

Meloan is already better than Dotel, so I see no reason for that trade.

If the Dodgers want bullpen help, they need to just f'ing call up Meloan.

That would qualify as one of the dumbest trades in recent memory.

If Noah Lowry really is available, last nite should have made JS get on the phone with Sabean and try his hardest for a Lowry/Yunel Swap, but I imagine it would take more. I really would not be see the Braves and Giants to do a Yunel Escobar and Brent Lillibridge for Noah Lowry and Steve Kline tried. A young solid shortstop and a speedy middle infielder who could switch to teh outfield for the young pitcher the braves want and the lefty specialist we need. Heck, Lillibridge and Escobar could be the future 1-2 guys in the Giants lineup, of course that is being very optimistic. seems to be a purty even trade for both teams, but we would probably have to include a young pitcher as well

Meloan didn't actually pitch in that game though. Houlton was starting, so maybe he was scouting him to see if he could make it in the rotation. I don't know. Maybe Meloan was supposed to pitch and just didn't get in. None of Hu, Laroche, or Abreu, played either.

Meloan has pitched four (4) innings above AA ball.

Dodgers fans are high if they think that translates in any way shape or form to proven production at the ML level.

Well according to Stark he was there last night, in which Meloan did pitch, and Houlton was pitching in the majors last night in Houston, so that's incorrect. Yeah he might not be mlb ready but you should see who they've been running out of their BP lately. At least he has talent.

I don't doubt that...but there are a lot of LAD fans who think they can avoid trading a prospect for Dotel or another arm by bringing up Meloan.

That's a decision that could easily, easily cost them the chance to go to the playoffs or lose a WS.

Sorry, I was looking at the wrong game. Laroche and Meloan both played. Meloan pitched 2 innings, 2 hits, no runs, no walks.

I think they may trade for a starter now and let Meloan have a chance instead of trading for Dotel. Then they could move Hendrickson or Tomko back to the bullpen. Not that that helps much.

Olsen has publicly stated he "hates the phillies." doesn't sound like a good match

If a kid is being enough of a jackass that you feel the need to trade him from your team, why wouldnt you send him to a place he would be miserable?

David Wells and his "I want to be the one to push the button to demolish Fenway Park" pitched in Boston.

The Dodgers have enough to go for a quality starter, I still fell Willis is in their scope.

Willis, hmmm, a quality starter? I just would be happy to have him give one quality start.

This just in, Wily Mo Pena can hit a fastball.

This also just in, the Cleveland Indians have never heard of scouting reports.

Maybe the Sox should package Garland and Contreras in a deal just as a salary dump. The 20+ million they'd save next year would be well worth it.

If someone wakes up Pat Gillick and he is able to swap Bourn for Lowry, I'd jump for that in a heart-beat.

Michael Bourn's peak value is Juan Pierre while Noah Lowry's peak value is Erik Bedard.

iguchi to the phillies, they need a 2B for a month

Article in the KC Star -- Dotel wants to stay and wants to work out an extension.

Noah Lowry's peak value (you say value, but maybe you mean potential?) is Erik Bedard?

Noah Lowry could be Erik Bedard?

*blinks again*
*blinks a third time, falls over dead.*

ESPN Insider sux... I feel like such an OUTSIDER. (insert BOO here)

"Noah Lowry's peak value (you say value, but maybe you mean potential?) is Erik Bedard?

Noah Lowry could be Erik Bedard?

*blinks again*
*blinks a third time, falls over dead.*"

ROFL. Yeah, and Brian Bannisters peak value is Nolan Ryan.

hey no need to bash Bannister he is a solid pitcher but Lowry will never be like Bedard they are 2 different types of pitchers.

"Olsen has publicly stated he "hates the phillies." doesn't sound like a good match"

They could just give Ryan Howard a taser to keep him under control.

lmao at eric bedard, good grief give me a break, nr max is right, noah lowry does not throw hard stuff at all, he is more like a mark buehrle than an eric bedard, lets stick to football trojans

I like comparing him to Buehrle thats a good one(not sarcastic) He is a soft tossing sinker, cutter slider type pitcher like Buehrle or Glavine not a nasty semi hard throwing lefty with nasty slider and curve like Bedard

Utley broke his hand last night, so if Gillick has the framework for a deal in place he might need to reconsider it.

Utley to Abraham Nunez - biggest VORP drop-off ever?

Drop dead and look at his comparables then we'll talk. Okay? Thanks

Dude, I do not need to look at comparables. I can see with my own too eyes the kind of arsenal he has, and he has stuff much more like buerhle than bedard. Get a clue, go look at the stats, he relies more on balls hit in play than k's.

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