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Teams Looking At Ty Wigginton

UPDATE: You can toss the Cubs into the mix for Wigginton.

One role player drawing a lot of interest is Tampa Bay's Ty Wigginton.  He plays hard, he's versatile, he delivered his own baby, and he's at .274/.325/452 in 372 ABs. 

Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times says the Dodgers, Twins, Red Sox, and Yankees are in on Wigginton.  Wiggy might have a starting role for the former two teams.  Andrew Friedman may be compelled to find a deal before the deadline, because at $4MM plus Wigginton is a nontender candidate for the D-Rays next year.

Names like Scott Proctor and Scott Baker have surfaced as possible returns for Wigginton, but the general impression seems to be that the Devil Rays would need to improve their offer to get one of them.


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How about Wiggy and Elijah Dukes to Minny for Baker and another prospect?

I would love to see Wiggy back in a Met uniform. He'd definitely be a candidate for 2B, as well as backup for Wright and Delgado.

Obviously guys like Milledge, Gomez, and Pelfrey are too much for Wiggy, so what's the price?

Humber for Wiggington.

Eh I don't know if I do that. Humber hasn't exactly been lights out at AAA, but I think he's still got potential. I think the loss of Humber hurts more than the addition of Wiggy helps.

Tough call.

I'm guessing Humber would be a good starting point for Wiggy or Grudz.

Humber is a future mid/back of the rotation guy that is still in the minors at 24 years old.

Humber is too much for Wiggy and way too much for Grudz. Remember though, he's only this old because he missed a season due to TJ Surgery. So theoretically, you can consider him at a 23 year old level which isnt too bad.

I'm a diehard Sox fan and I think Wily Mo for Wigginton and a reliever would be good. Wily Mo could play every day like Carlos Pena and Wiggy would back up everyone.

Red Sox fans really need to stop this Wily Mo stuff. No one wants him, and especially not for a 2bman who is going to hit 25 homers.

I could play every day like Carlos Pena... doesn't mean I'm any good...

The rays wouldn't even want Willy Mo, we got 4 great outfielders in Upton, CC, Rocco, and Delmon. Pitching, pitching, and more pitching is what the Rays need to get for Wiggy. Anybody want Greg Norton with Wiggy too? Switch hitter has got to be worth something..

"Red Sox fans really need to stop this Wily Mo stuff. "

They need to stop it when they suggest trading him to a team with 5 of, and a couple of DH's.

Though he has embarassed us all when he claims he would actually want a Devil Rays reliever on the Red Sox. They are beyond atrocious.

seeing that wiggy is not worth a whole lot by himself in a trade, any chance d-rays package him with al reyes for 1 premium pitching prospect?

Teixiera cant get 1 premium pitching prospect.

Why do you say that? If he goes to Boston(which I doub highly) I take my role as a GM and ask for no less than Buchholz and Ellsbury. Theo would likely back off and drive up the price.

If he goes to boston which you doubt, they ask for Red Sox top two prospects, theo says no, and that drives up the price?

That is one screwed up line of logic.

I didn't word that well. My bad...

What I meant was shoot for something like that. If it doesn't happen, which is likely, other teams will know where you stand.

There is no way that Theo makes a trade for Wiggy that involves anything more than a 30-50th overall AA guy. Just not worth it. I'd prefer Hinske and our entire farm system to anything but Crawford from the Rays.


Do the Phillies jump in now that Utley is out 406 weeks? Makes a lot of sense. They can shift him to 3rd when Utley is back.

It is funny how it is impossible for just the red sox or just the yankees to be rumored to be interested in a player. Someone inevitably leaks something to try and drive the price up. That is what I think happened here. Yankees interested in wiggington ... few days later red sox are now "in on it."

There are some dumb comments here. The Rays certainly do not need more pitching prospects. The only chance I see them going for one is if they can give up a top 100 prospect plus Wiggy for a top 20 prospect (for instance Jason Hammel or JP Howell plus Wiggy for Buchholz). The D-Rays have four of the top 15 pitching prospects in baseball. It makes zero sense for them to go after anyone who can't hang with Price, Niemann, McGee and Davis (not to mention Kazmir and Shields or Sonnanstine).

...perhaps McGee or Davis plus Wigginton for Joba Chamberlain?

Relief pitching. I agree, the Rays have some great starters coming up soon, but no one wants to depend on Shawn Camp or Casey Fossum out of the pen, and the rays have had bad results when converting starters to relievers (McClung, Jackson, Fossum). Catching is probably the next glaring need for the Rays, good defense, call a good game, hit above .180; nothing remarkable. Since the Cubs are involved can we talk Govany Soto or Koyie Hill? Better chance on Hill I suppose..

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