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Teixeira Talk Heating Up

UPDATE: Jon Heyman of SI.com has a nice rundown of the Teixeira suitors.  His sources seem to indicate that the chances of a trade are now better than Rosenthal's 50/50.  Good point raised by Heyman and many commenters - even if the Braves wanted to trade Escobar, the Rangers don't really have a need for a middle infielder.

UPDATE 2: Jim Molony of MLB.com says the Red Sox are the frontrunner.  The Rangers have scouted all of their major pitching prospects.

Ken Rosenthal has the latest on Mark Teixeira, who is now 50/50 to be dealt according to one source of his.

Rosenthal describes the scene as the Braves and Angels at the forefront, with the Yankees, Red Sox, and Giants lingering.  Evan Grant adds the Dodgers to the mix.  He also suggests the Rangers package Joaquin Benoit with Teixeira to get the best possible player.  Interestingly, the Yanks might be after Adam Dunn as another first base option.  They may have to focus on Dunn, because Jon Daniels is demanding Joba Chamberlain for Teixeira.

The Braves were really trying to shake things up; they would've done the Jon Garland for Edgar Renteria deal in tandem with a Teixeira acquisition.  The Garland proposal has been rejected, but Teixeira is very much alive.  Rosenthal describes the Braves as unwilling to trade Yunel Escobar and reluctant to trade Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  In my opinion, Salty is the more valuable player.  To me, Escobar for Teixeira is the right move.

I recently talked to ESPN's Keith Law about Escobar.  He told me the glove is there to play shortstop, but he worries about the bat.  Based on observation, Law could see Escobar developing into a .300 hitter with little power.


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it seems like the braves and Angels are intent on getting a blockbuster done

Why is Escobar the right move for the Rangers???

I completely agree with you there, but if the braves are going to get a deal done, it needs to be for a young starter, as with Andruw heating up, I really think our offense is good enough to compete in the playoffs already, we just need the pitching behind hudson and smoltz to get it done, and while garland would have done it, i really think that we establish a market for escobar in stead of renteria, as he is our most consistient average hitter and is very clutch, and again, if i costs us salty, I would just prefer and have salty at first instead of trading for tex

But hey, if we happen to get tex, then by all means I will have no objection to it

Escobar might be better for the Braves, but not for the Rangers. They already have Young, Blalock and Kinsler. Where would Escobar play?

Can you see J.Jennings in a Braves uni??

Salty/LOW level prospect

Seems reasonable considering the asking price for Salty. Houston DESPERATELY needs a decent hitting C.

JJ is one of the best available SP's, Lamb is a powerful corner IF, and Qualls is a helluva grounball releiver.

Escobar is right move on the braves part because he has the lower ceiling between him and salty, not necessarly the right move for the braves

The rangers already have young and kinsler entrenched up the middle, and salty could play first or take over at catcher for the rangers, so he definitely makes more sense on their part

As far as salty on the braves part, it still awes me as to why we are not starting him at first, I guess it is because we want him to keep as high a trade value as a catcher, so if we are not going to start him at first, and if their is not a worthy pitching bounty for him ( a young impact starter by the likes of snell or gorzelanny), then Tex would probably be the most worthy bounty to trade him for, so if are just bound to get a blockbuster done, then i guess this is the route to go

Eh, that scenerio has actually surfaced before, but it is just not likely

Jennings is not really that young, 29 i think, and he more than likely would be a rental, plus while qualls is a good reliever, we already have plenty of corner infield options even if we traded salty, so lamb really would have no value,

There have been many debates about how salty could go to the astros over the past month or so, and each time it just does not seem there is a good match between the two teams, because the braves are not going to give up salty for a SP rental and a reliever, just does not make too much sense on the braves part

and i meant no necessiarly the right move for the rangers

So Daniels is demanding a prospect like Joba from the yankees, but is willing to settle for Yunel instead of Salty from the Braves? That doesn't really make sense.

If anything i would think their a few teams that could put together a package with more talent then that.

i think escobar is becoming a little overhyped. he's a real good shortstop prospect, but would the braves seriously rather deal salty over him at this point? even if the deal renteria and escobar, they still have lillibridge waiting in the wings, and andrus in low A ball.

props to jon daniels too for asking for chamberlain. the kid is learning to make firm proposals, good thing for the rangers too

And one last thing, since soriano is struggling, I think that evan grant makes a lot of sense to put benoit into the mix, for the simple fact that that would be the perfect bounty for the braves to include salty in the deal, that idea makes a ton of sense for the braves, especially since soriano is struggling mightily at the moment

If I'm the Red Sox, I'm trying to sell high on Jon Lester, right now. I would develop some package around him for Tex. Public ralations nitemare, maybe, but a fifth batter like Tek would make the off and on offense the Red Sox have, much more consistent. Tex actually is what the Sox thought JD Drew was.

I think that Salty for Tex and a reliever would be a good move for the Braves, but there's one drawback: it leaves the Braves with very little to trade for a #3 starter, which is really their more pressing need. I've been hearing rumors that the price for Tex was starting to come down some, which makes me hope against hope that maybe the Braves can piece together several players/prospects and maybe some cash in order to get Tex, while holding onto Salty to trade for an impact starter (hopefully Snell but Garland would work too).

Well, If we got tex and benoit for a package that included salty, I think that we could still go get a starter like livan or morris without also having to give up escobar, because we really are ok in at the top of the rotation, because chuck james has been doing very well recently, and I think that he is a pretty decent number 3 starter when you stack his stats up against other teams number 3's

What I am saying is that since james is showing that he could be a good number 3, we may can get a starter without giving up as much as we first thought for an elite starter, just a veteran innings eater type guy who can take us further into games than chucky can, i.e. LIVAN, so my suggestion is go get tex, if we just have too, and benoit in a package centered around salty, then go and see what type of deal could be done to get livan from arizona, who could probably be had for a lower level prospect, I also would throw Kyle Loshe's name in there, but he is on the reds, who will ask for way to much in return

Good point about James. Your scenario is probably a little more realistic b/c I doubt the Braves can get Tex and a marque #3 in this trading market. So Salty for Tex+reliever and then whatever we can cobble together for a decent #4 is probably the best move. How seriously have the Braves been considering Livan though?

Last I read about the situation, is that the diamondbacks were calling teams about livan, which means that they are really intent on trading him, and that the mets, mariners, and braves are interested

I have no idea who the favorite would be, but i do figure that the braves will at least make an offer, but definitely not overpay for him,

And again, besides james, I am not at all saying the braves staff is fine where it is, we could definitely use an upgrade, but carlyle has been performing very well over the past month and a half, and is a very good 4th option at the moment, of course that may not last much longer, and reyes looked very good inhis last start, so maybe an elite starter is not as much of a need as we first thought, but a back of the rotation veteran pitcher should would be a nice addition

I've been pretty adamant about the Braves holding on to Salty. However, the more I think about dealing him to Texas for Tex; the more I think it makes sense. The Braves have a great shot at the post season this year. With Tex and another SP, they would probably be the favorites and have a great shot at another WS. Face it, Andruw's gone, Chipper and Smoltz aren't getting any younger, and the pay-roll isn't getting any deeper. Seems more and more like it's becoming a win now scenario for the Braves. Would I love to have Tex and Salty, HECK YES! But if dealing Salty for Tex is the difference between play-offs or no play-offs or World Series or no World Series, then have fun in Arlington, Jarrod!


do you guys really think you can get tex AND a reliever for salty? jeez i don't think i would trade him straight up for salty. granted tex would probably be a brave for a year and a half, but he's a proven major league slugger; salty isn't. the rangers already have a young catcher too in gerald laird (he's not great, but he's sufficient). even if his price has dropped, you would still have to include more than salty for him, maybe davies or reyes. maybe a little more for a reliever too. honeslty i would put the angels ahead of the braves at this point just b/c they have more starting pitching and sluggers to offer than the braves do. i would think something like kotchman and saunders would be more intriguing than salty straight up

I completely agree about the need to win NOW. The Braves heyday is gone and the team's core players are nearing retirement. While we've got some great young pieces to craft a new team around, the Braves won't be championship caliber with them for several years. Plus the NL is really very soft this year, so a trade-enhanced Braves team could really make a push at seizing the pennant. I like Salty too, but he's never going to be the Braves catcher and I'm not sure it's worth it to pass up Tex this year so Salty can be the first baseman 2 or 3 years down the road.

boomshwa12, I agree that a Salty for Tex+reliever deal would probably require another decent Braves prospect. Thorman or Davies would be fine with me but the Braves probably won't part with Reyes.


I do not know about the other guys, but I stated that it would be a package centered around salty, obviously salty alone aint close to being worth tex straight up

And no, thorman nor davis with salty would get that deal done, I imagine the deal would have to be Salty, Andrus, and probably Matt Harrison or Dan Smith if the braves want to get the deal done, and I also very much agree that the angels have the better chance, they just have more elite major league ready prospects to offer than the braves do

I have thought a lot about how the Astros might be able to acquire Salty. The only thing that might work is if the Braves are interested in Wandy Rodriguez. Wandy is cheap (unlike Garland/ Contreras/ Vazquez), has made true progress this year, is a lefty, and is locked up for a few more years. He's not really more then a #3 or #4 starter, but his low salary and the fact that he is under control for a few more years gives him pretty decent value.

His ERA kind of masks the fact that he has had a very good season because he (like Bush, Vazquez, etc.) is one of those guys that is susceptible to the occasional horrible game, which really skews his ERA. He has given up 2 or fewer ER in 8 of 19 starts (all Astros wins), but 5+ ER in 5 starts.

Problems: (1) I don't know that Wandy would be enough by himself, though Lamb could be thrown in to play 1st against righties (and rake); (2) The Astros need pitching more then hitting (though selling high on Wandy would be smart); (3) Wandy has frightening home/road splits for a team thinking of acquiring him - we're talking Ervin Santana territory!; (4) While Wandy would help the Braves make the playoffs, I don't know that he's a guy I would really want starting in the playoffs.

I highly doubt it will happen, but its hard to say what the Braves think of Wandy and whether the Astros would trade him. The Braves might like that Wandy dominated the Mets in a complete-game shutout a few weeks ago, but then he has had 2 stinkers since then.

To drive the point home, some people might be scared off that Wandy has given up 15 HR. But eight of those HR were in 3 games, and 7 HR in his other 12 starts is a very good ratio. But he really is prone to the occasional bad outing where he gets clubbed.

And I wasn't trying to compare Wandy talent-wise with Bush and Vazquez. I was merely pointing out that they are all guys who tend to have an ERA that is higher then the quality of their pitching when you look at their other stats. I tend to believe this is because they are prone to the occasional horrible outing.

yea your post was pretty clear after re-reading it bravesbeast. a package with salty would make a lot more sense. i think from a value standpoint the braves have the prospects to land tex, but from a need standpoint i think the angels would make more sense.

i kinda wonder if salty did go to the rangers if they would move him to first base permanently to take tex's place. tex started off as a third sacker and moved to first; i could definitely see it as a possibility. i know the braves have been discussing this, but the rangers are in more of a position to suffer through his growing pains over there.

After scanning Heyman's article, does anyone have any idea what 'Runs Produced' means? He uses the stat in his A-Rod/Dimaggio comparison.

Also, Heyman claims to want to join the boys at FJM. I'm guessing he doesn't read them too often, or he'd know that his material gets skewered there from time to time.

I think it's obvious that Tex and Salty can't coexist. Right now Salty is playing @ 1B just to get his bat in the lineup. If Tex comes over then there's no where for Salty to play. I doubt he'll be sent down to the minors so that means he's being traded. However, this does not mean that Salty will be involved in a trade for Tex. Remember how much the two will be making in comparison to each other. Tex is making $9m this year and will get more than that next. That kind of money doesn't grow on trees and the Braves just don't have it to spend on a hitter.

Now, there are other ways to make the money work. First is if the Braves can unload Renteria's contract. Yes his contract is very cheap compared to his production, but the over $6m he's owed in '08 is $6m less to spend on other needs when we have a perfectly serviceable replacement on the 25 min roster in Escobar. Even if Escobar doesn't pan out there is still 2 or 3 prospects in the system coming close to the majors. After Wickman walks there is now $11m unspent with no significant change in the team's production.

We now have this scenario. For Tex to come over, a deal must be in place to send Renteria elsewhere, Salty must be traded, and Escobar must remain a Brave. Between Salty, Renteria, and a handful of midlevel prospects I can see the Braves picking up that #3 starter and Tex for the push. In the right circumstances I can also see bullpen help and future help showing up as well.

The Braves do, from what I've heard have some money to toss around this year due to insurance from Mike Hampton. And as for next year, I think everyone knows Andruw is gone, so that frees up some more.

The Braves are paying only some of Renteria 's contract because Boston took on the Rest.
If the Braves went Tex and Benoit, they will need to give up 2 mid levels, and one upper level prospect. I agree they should try to do the deal w/o Salty so they can use him as bait for a pitcher, but I don't think that's possible since JS is unwilling to part ways with Yunel.

And btw, the only reason Yunel has a better chance of staying is need. I don't think it's that they would rather have Escobar. It's because he has a future position and Salty doesn't really.

If James and Carlyle can pitch at least near the level they have been, I agree that it would be more important to get a guy like Livan who can eat innings and give you some reliability.

And on one last note, there is almost no way the Astros are going to get Salty. Jennings and Lamb aren't going to fill the need for the Braves, and unless GM Purpura makes an idiotic trade, there isn't much the Braves would want from the Astros.

wasn't sure where to put this, but it looks like A-Rod may be expecting to stay in NYC


According to Olney the Rangers are intent on trading Teix

Pairing Scott Thorman with Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Teixeira would make alot of sense for both teams.

Thorman replaces Tex and Salty pushed Laird back to being a backup, where he belongs with his 233 BA and sub-300 OBP.

From there, how trading about Edgar Renteria for Noah Lowry? He'd be an ideal replacement for Vizquel in '08.

By the way, Kielty's been DFA'd.

"That might seem to make the Red Sox the front runners to land Teixeira, but with just days to go, predicting Teixeira's destination is a dicey proposition.

"Boston could have pulled the trigger already, but they haven't," said one source. "They could decide to go with what they've got." "


I bet the Sox would trade Ellsbury + Gabbard for Teixiera but not more. Crisp's resurgence has made Ellsbury redundant, and there won't be room for Gabbard and Lester in the rotation when Schilling gets back.

Thorman is crap. His minor league numbers aren't exciting for a 1b.

And Yunel Escobar... sell high already. Is this guy the most overvalued trade chip since Ervin Santana or Edinson Volquez? Probably. Sell, sell, sell.

Ellsbury and Gabbard...in a heart beat...I would even trade Ellsbury and Lester (was last night a showcase?). I say Win Now!

Buccholz is the one guy I wouldn't trade. I have seen him pitch. Its nasty. Much better stuff than Lester.

What happens to Youk and Lowell? Is one of them thrown in? or do we get a platoon situation?

Maybe Lowell for a bullpen arm? I bet Youk is around to stay.

It seems like the Rangers want exactly what they threw away to SD: a young first baseman and a top young arm. Alot of teams could offer one, but not the other. I would think that young pitching would be their priority at this point. If the Angels were to change their minds and part with Saunders instead of Santana, he and Kotch might do the trick and be the best fit.

Ellsbury + a prospect/player..I do not think Lester is going to be traded. Buchholz will not be traded. Who knows what else the package would include

Lowell for a bullpen arm would become a must, and now we're looking at a much improved Boston team

Gabbard + Ellsbury? of course the sox would do that, but that would be extremely bad value for Tex. Daniels could get a much better package.

How about a 3 team deal.

CHC- edgar renteria
ATL- mark teixeira
TEX- donnie veal, scott thorman + low level ATL prospect

I'm so weary of trading pitching because we have a surplus. Remember last spring? Trading Arroyo for Wily Mo. Then bam, injuries. Curt Schilling isn't a lock, he's 40. He's been injured the last couple seasons. Wakefield is off and on, and Gabbard could be just pulling this from his behind. Let him pitch against a team for a second and third time then evaluate him. Too much pitching? Never! Not after last year. Offense is fine, and seems to be clicking.

i am about as big a braves fan as one can be, but after seeing integr96's post, I can now see where people group us together as homers

"CHC- edgar renteria
ATL- mark teixeira
TEX- donnie veal, scott thorman + low level ATL prospect"

I would LOVE for this to happen as a cubs fan...but that has to be one of the most lopsided deals ever proposed.


How about a 3 team deal.

CHC- edgar renteria
ATL- mark teixeira
TEX- donnie veal, scott thorman + low level ATL prospect


this cant be serious

"I'm so weary of trading pitching because we have a surplus. Remember last spring? Trading Arroyo for Wily Mo. Then bam, injuries. Curt Schilling isn't a lock, he's 40. He's been injured the last couple seasons. Wakefield is off and on, and Gabbard could be just pulling this from his behind. Let him pitch against a team for a second and third time then evaluate him. Too much pitching? Never! Not after last year. Offense is fine, and seems to be clicking."

Agreed in part. I think the sox should hold onto Lester and Buchholz. I'm even in favor of holding onto Bowden. With that said, Tex would be the perfect addition to the team. They will have the cash to extend him and he fills a couple of huge holes. Plus we can then send Lowell to twins/pads as reported previously and pick up a bullpen arm.

I'm not sure what it would cost. But I'd like to see a deal get done.

How would the Red Sox use Teixeira this year? Obviously next year, move Youkilis to third, but that doesn't work right now considering Lowell's leading the team in RBI's.

Lowell would have to be traded. Previously there were reports the pads and twins were interested in lowell, at the right price of course.

Maybe linebrick gets swapped in a trade of "rentals"

Who knows. IF the sox land tex Im sure they'll have a way to squeeze him in the line up.

I think Lowell for Linebrink talks will heat up again, as it did last year. Linebrink may be more readily available in a trade such as that because his ERA is up, and Lowell is producing better than last year. With the Red Sox maintaining about an 8 game lead, and Mike Lowell retaining his part as a major lineup fixture, you'd have to wonder how willing they are to mix things up for the sake of doing it. But with Teixeira now at .300 with respectable numbers considering his start, I think if the Red Sox can put together a package without sacrificing too many prospects, they would pull the trigger.

Teixeira and Linebrink for Lowell and a few good prospects would definitely move the Red Sox closer the unanimous favorites for Champions this year.

A 3-way deal could make sense, too. The Twins trading for Lowell would be really stupid on their part, I think. The Red Sox have every right to want something good in return for him and you know Lowell's going to test free agency in a career year and you know the Twins won't be able to afford him. Padres makes good sense though.

What I meant to say was it doesn't seem logical for a small-market team to give up even a decent prospect to rent Mike Lowell for half a season. I realize in a 3-way deal involving, the Red Sox would be getting something good and it would be the Rangers who would want prospects.

I could see a 3 team trade happening between the Braves/Rangers/White Sox.

ATL: 1B Mark Teixeira, RP C.J. Wilson, P Jon Garland
CWS: SS Edgar Renteria, P Dan Smith
TEX: C Jarrod Saltalamacchia, SS Elvis Andrus, P Matt Harrison

That to me would seem like a really good team for all teams involved or maybe flip flop Smith and Harrison. But still. I don't know why all 3 teams wouldn't do such a trade.

I as a Braves fan would love for this trade to happen.

Makes a lot of sense for the Red Sox. Traditionally, Lowell is a 2nd half dud, while Teixiera is a 2nd have stud. As long as this trade doesn't involve Buccholz, I'm on board. I'd also like to keep Ellsbury, but I would think he'd have to be in this deal. Maybe with the way the offense has been throughout the year, Theo doesn't want another singles hitter in his lineup next year (Ellsbury) when we already have Lugo, Crisp, Pedroia, and Drew. This also allows us to go get ARod to play SS next year, although I think the Sox players don't like ARod and he'd be a terrible fit on the team, chemistry wise. But back to this year, a lineup including Ortiz, Manny, and Tex is downright scary. It's clear Drew can't protect Manny with any regularity.

Papelboner, what makes you think Red Sox players dont like A-Rod?

Ortiz and A-Rod are very good friends, and Manny and him are also friendly. I dont really see anyone on the team other than Varitek who wouldnt like A-Rod

As fake as Arod acts, i cant imagine even he would be able to parade around saying he loves a fanbase that has trashed and ridiculed him to the extent the Boston media/ fans have. If/when he opts out the writers believe the California have the best shot at him and that makes way more sense then his electing to go to Boston.

I could see a 3 team trade happening between the Braves/Rangers/White Sox.

ATL: 1B Mark Teixeira, RP C.J. Wilson, P Jon Garland
CWS: SS Edgar Renteria, P Dan Smith
TEX: C Jarrod Saltalamacchia, SS Elvis Andrus, P Matt Harrison

That to me would seem like a really good team for all teams involved or maybe flip flop Smith and Harrison. But still. I don't know why all 3 teams wouldn't do such a trade.

I as a Braves fan would love for this trade to happen.

So the braves give up Salty, Erent and 2 low level prospects and somehow get Tex, Garland AND a reliever?

You are out of your mind

Well, I'd call Renteria a little higher than a low level prospect.

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