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Tigers Eyeing Farnsworth

Kyle Farnsworth really lost it this year; he's striking no one out but still walking too many.  Last year he at least racked up the Ks.  The Yankees would love to get out from some of the $5.5MM they owe him in 2008.

A few teams have kicked the tires on the Farnz, like the Rockies, Phillies, and Devil Rays.  But maybe it would be best for him to go back to the site of his last success, Detroit.  George King writes that the Tigers are interested, if the money can be worked out.  This makes a lot of sense to me.  The Tigers aren't desperate for relievers, and this risk would be more in money than players.  Unlike Eric Gagne, who would cost both.  Maybe Chuck Hernandez can right the ship for Farnsworth.   


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I've heard the Braves would be interested in reacquiring him.

He's a great buy low right now. The arm is still completely there, he's just either unhappy, mindfucked by NY or both.

Wic for Farns!

Please let Jim Hendry make a play for Farns. He doesn't even have to pitch, I just want him around in case any more fights break out.

Kyle Farnsworth vs. White Sox AAA first baseman Casey Rogowski in a brawl. Farnsworth is bigger, and we have seen what he can do, but Rogowski is 6'2", does have a 30" neck, and did win the Michigan State High School Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. Pay-per-view, get it done.

a 30-inch neck just means more real estate for Farns to rain fists on.

as a Red Sox fan I'd really hate Farnsworth to go.
It was great going to the Yankees/blue Jays game and watching him warm up and get into the game. Man the crowd gave it to him at every opportunity...

I wouldn't mind cubs swapping Eyre for Farnsworth - our problem for theirs.
How about a good old fashioned texas tag team tornado steelcage match - Farnsworth and Don Zimmer vs Kenny Rogers and Nolan Ryan.

I agree Farnsworth looks like he can still be useful to someone. He can still consistently throw in the high 90's, so if the Yankees can pawn him off, I'm all for it.

PS-With special guest referee Robin Ventura.

jg I think as a sox fan you should want Farns gone. In 16 innings against the sox he has a 3.3 ERA with 19 K's and in Fenway he has a 1.4 ERA in like 6 appearances.

Oh, I meant to add that the Yankees should be able to pry Carlos Guillen or Magglio away from the Tigers. They might have to throw Salty in the deal too though.

Yanks don't have Salty. Or are you talking about a three team deal with the Braves, Yanks, and Tigers

No, chipper, that joke went right over your head

but it makes it even funnier ,because you thought he was serious.

I can't read it right because of this font!

I'm not too high on Farnsworth, but I figure we could get him cheap. Maybe for Chris Shelton?

..Nah, the Yankees could do much better than him at 1B..

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