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Unfounded Rumors

Would you think less of me if I busted out the old Unfounded Rumors category?  I know the #1 request at MLBTR is More Rumors.  So why not toss a few unfounded ones out there?  These are 100% unconfirmed, shaky rumors that have crossed my inbox.  Believe them at your own risk. 

But since 99% of deadline rumors don't happen anyway, why not put 'em out there for discussion?


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bring on the rumors!

I heard its Dunn for Zambrano and a single a prospect.

no FedEx tag?

Kenny Williams is known to pull off the "outside the box" trade. It should be fun to see what he does as a seller for the first time in several years.

Well maybe if additional FedEx rumors pop up.

Is an elbow injury technically classified as a forearm injury? Why do they always say forearm tightness instead of elbow? Just because everybody equates an elbow injury to TJ surgery automatically?

Kenny Williams reportedly had UPS at his house today delivering several packaged movies. No word on whether they were adult or not.

More unfounded rumors!!!

"Some folks have suggested that the Cubs will acquire Xavier Nady"
Isn't "some folks" you? I thought you were the origin of that rumor, based on someone giving you the tip about that and the Izturis deal.

Who has Fedex move their stuff? Wouldn't that be like sending someone a book with a fax machine?

isn't FedEx making mid-day deliveries how most adult movies start?

and out of curiosity...since when does "FedEx" move people? I didn't know a package delivery company was a "moving company"...

far be it from me to question a rumor, but...could it be possible maybe Mama Sanders maybe sent him some cookies?

Shane Victorino or Michael Bourn and Adrian Cardenas for Roy Oswalt ???

Makes sense for both parties although the money doesn't match and I don't think it's nearly enough for Oswalt... The Astros are looking for a centerfielder of the future with them wanting to move Pence to right... Biggio is retiring after seasons end so it would make sense to have a top 50 prospect in Cardenas to replace him...

The Phils are obviously always looking for pitching... But, I can't see the Phillies taking on Oswalt's 5yr 73MM extension without getting some relief of their own...

IF the Cubs were to get Adam Dunn, I'd imagine they would just put him in right field and bite the bullet with an awful outfield defense. His offense would more than make up for it. Then, next season they'd probably move Alf to right and put Pie in center.

"But, I can't see the Phillies taking on Oswalt's 5yr 73MM extension without getting some relief of their own... "

Roy Oswalt at that contract is an absolute steal. Shame on whatever team would need help paying that bargain.

Yeahhhhhhh METSBLOG.

Best fansite on the 'net.

Matt's a cool guy, Tim. Enjoy.

Alex Rodriguez
Kevin Kouzmanoff, Scott Linebrink & Clay Hensley

I heard it's done?

jarod saltalamacchia for a bag of peanuts!

clay buchholz for a case of beer!

Clay Buchholz for Jarrod Saltalamacchia!

seriously how many people on this site besides me would get a good laugh out of salty for buchholz if it really went down?

i heard the milkman was at Sexson's house. hmmm.

veal, patterson and marmol for salty?

Never dude you just don't trade your best top prospect and a rare breed like Salty for 6 years of control on 3 of the best prospects in the game

ROFL Id take Oswalt for 20 million a year. If anyone complains about that contract i feel sorry for that club.

With that being said I know my Reds wouldn't ever trade for someone making a little bit of money. They are waaaay too small market and cant afford to actually put a winning team on the field.

On the Nady rumor - yes I did say that. But there is another one going around with specific players named that said Nady would be a Cub by today, I think. Sorry about the confusion.

Reggie Sanders' mom refers to him as "Reginald Laverne" and baked him brownies. Or so I've heard.

I wholeheartedly agree, but I would suspect that would might be a hang up in this deal... unfortunate but true... I just can't see the Phillies brass adding the rest of what Oswalt is owed of his 13MM onto this years payroll... They are sticklers when it comes to that stuff... For a big market they are stingy...

You are good Kramerica...that is post-worthy.

Reginald Laverne, it's time to brush your teeth and get on your jammies!

Moooooooomm...it's only 7:30! You're embarrasing me in front of the guys

Reginald Laverne, don't talk to your mother that way! Lest you want to be smited with ma belt one mo gain

Emil Brown: Dude your names Reginald Laverne? I think we should stop hanging out

Why does everyone think the Sawx are pursuing a corner? They're basically set with Lowell and Youk, what more do you want? BTW if you think Youk can be a legitimate third basemen don't hold your breath.

Would Reggie Willits for Xavier Nady be fair? Willits is an awesome leadoff man but Figgins can take over and the Halos need a power hitter desperately.

buehrlebro i stated this in another forum Mike Lowell is hitting UNDER .230 on the Road! I understand his overall numbers are not bad but the Red sox need a player that can hit well in half the games they play..

hummm... the people complaining that "Salty is talked about in every thread" are bringing Salty up in this thread... :\

Anyway, still seems to be something going on with the Tribe. They have a AAA starter packed up and supposedly on his way to the big club to start (per Buffalo manager). Its speculated that he could be used in the pen, but that makes no sense as he would be yet another Lefty which isnt needed and has never been a reliever (well, he was a 1/2 starter for a while, pitch 4 then someone else pitches 3).

Rumor is a trade hit a snag and should be worked out soon ~ probably centered around Cliff Lee... Laffey (the AAA starter) was limited to 50pitches in his last start which would put him onto Lee’s rotation schedule… Currently Laffey is not in Buffalo or Cleveland waiting out whatever’s going on.

I actually got excited when my buddy told me instead of Arroyo to the Braves for Jarrod Saltalamacchia, it would be Kyle Loshe and Scott Hatteberg to the Braves for Salty. Now that's what I call an unfounded rumor!

I was wondering - could it mean that the Tribe may try to just demote Cliff Lee?

its possible Tim, he does have an option left... but the thing is that he is apparently not listening to the coaches at the big league level so I imagine his pride would have him throwing temper-tantrums if he was sent to Buffalo. If he was just being demoted though, why wouldn’t it have happened instantly and let Laffey get some work in with the big club before he is tossed onto the field? It just seems a little strange if that is all that was going on...

Besides, Laffey doesn’t have a spot on the 40Man roster so SOME form of deal would have to be taking place. If it wasn’t a trade, something should have happened by now instead of leaving Laffey hanging like they are ~ it cant be good for him afterall…

I can back up darkstar on the attitude problems of Cliff Lee. Word is that Cliff has been a little big for his britches ever since he got that early contract extension, and he's one of the few Indians players who haven't gelled in the clubhouse.

Either way, the Indians blogs are absolutely abuzz right now. Speculation is rampant.

Can this also just include made up rumors? Cause I say Tex & Benoit to the Dodgers for Loney, Kershaw and Braxton. :-)


(Although it has little to do with Trades…)
To follow up on a previous story you had posted sometime last week, RotoTimes is reporting that Sea and Jose Guillen are “trying to get a deal in place by the end of the month” in reference to a contract extension. It was in the Seattle Times I guess…

"I know the #1 request at MLBTR is More Rumors."

With the complaining around here sometimes, I wonder if "less Salty mentions" is actually the #1 request.

Or less Buehrle mentions a few weeks ago.

Or less Buchholz/Ellsbury mentions (this being a request from non-Sox fans)

Or less Hughes/Chamberlain mentions (this from non-Yankee fans, of course).

This all being tongue-in-cheek from me. Bring all the rumors on. :)

i don't think we complain about the amounts of salty and buchholz rumors...just when you hear that salty for tex is an even deal, oswalt for buchholz couldn't happen from the sox perspective...stuff like that

i'm with quosf, bring on the rumors!

and Boom,

Lets not forget that most people feel Salty is "overvalued" because of the fact that every fan on here kept bringing him up once a week in "random scrub for Salty" ideas they had... It just kept going and going and going although the team flat out said they weren’t trading him. People then take "not trading him" as meaning "dont try to take advantage of us, we will only deal him if we are given full value" ~ ie Salty for Tex makes sense.

A good bat for 1B can be found off the FA market all the time, maybe not to Tex's level ~ but they are out there and can be had kinda cheap most of the time. A hitter like Salty for Catcher though? Nope, once in a long, long time can you find that cheap...

Oh, and more times than not its “all Cubs, all the time” that people say the board should be called ~ its only the rumors involving the Braves needs that have changed it for now; just like the WhiteSox pitching surplus a couple weeks ago…

here's the link to the Fed Ex rumor.


unfortunately that's all I know. I work for FedEx and I had a pickup at his town home this morning. He shipped out 10 wardrobe boxes to Arizona (most likely his permanent home). I asked him where he was headed but he said he couldn't say yet. He was really friendly and helped me get the boxes into the truck. I've always been impressed with him as a person, I just wish we would have had him when he was 10 years younger. Sorry I couldn't provide more info, but it should break soon.

point taken darkstar. i guess that's what negotiation is here for though, to find a happy median between those who offer scrubs, and those who ask for the moon

hey tim u got this post put on RoyalsCorner the same site as the FedEx rumour. anywayz being a Braves fan even i must admit there r way to many Salty rumors. jut like all the Cubs fans and their fantasies about Jacque Jones for Albert Pujols and 100 million dollars. anywayz keep the rumors comingt im bored as hell

Cedeno, theriot, marmol to baltimore for roberts and ray. I know its true because i read it in the newspaper ( although i have to admit I wrote it myself on top of todays "hagar the horrible" comic strip - but technically still written in the paper so its true )

Well, Reggie is playing tonight for what that's worth.

This site is a joke.. he takes rumors from people who say they know professional players.. Hey.. I know Babe Ruth and he said your site sucks

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