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Yankees Interested In Garland, Thornton

According to George King of the New York Post, the White Sox have scouts watching the Single-A Tampa Yankees.  Outfielders Austin Jackson and Jose Tabata are the big names from that team, far as I can tell.

Which White Sox players interest the Yankees?  They've already had a go with Javier Vazquez and Jose Contreras, which leaves Jon Garland.  It seems the Yanks might want lefty reliever Matt Thornton as well, according to King.  Thornton had a breakout last year by developing decent control, but he's regressed this season.  His strikeout rate is down as well.  Rather than go year-to-year with Thornton the Sox decided to lock him in cheaply for 2007-09.

Despite some early indications to the contrary, it's really starting to look like Garland is in play.  Does he become the best available starter?  Depends on how available Joe Blanton and Ian Snell really are.  The Yankees won't give up Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes for Garland.  Given Chicago's desire for MLB-ready players, I wonder if the Yankees would surrender Robinson Cano.  Going after A ball players, no matter how promising, doesn't seem like Kenny Williams' style.

The other question: how does Garland fit into the Yankees' rotation?  He makes sense next year, but I can't see him bumping Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Mike Mussina, Chien-Ming Wang, or Phil Hughes in 2007.  Wouldn't make much sense for the Yanks to dump one of the five, unless they decide to become sellers.


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Interesting. Well, since the White Sox need hitters, Yankees fans dont need to worry about Joba or Hughes even being involved in these discussions. Not that the White Sox wouldnt love to have those two, but bats are so much more important for them right now.

Well, i know the post was about the yankees, but if blanton or snell are really avaliable, then by all means the braves need to make a beeline and see if salty could land either one of them, even though i think it is a long shot, with suzuki already in oakland, and the pirates really not needing to trade pitching

I can't imagine Cano being available. Granted he leaves a lot to be desired with his plate discipline, but he's looking like a perennial .300 hitter with good power, a solid 2B glove and a low salary for the next several years.

(And please, before someone decides to start rehashing the "Cano can't field" line, check his UZR and RZR for this year. Thanks.)

I should clarify, I actually like Garland despite his peripherals (there is plenty of value in eating innings at a league average ERA). He's not a guy I'd toss one of our top prospects at, but for 2 or 3 decent ones I'd think this would be worth it. Move Igawa to long relief (a slot Torre sorely needs filled to save himself from himself) and the rotation of Wang-Pettitte-Clemens-Mussina-Garland with Hughes to cover the next injury looks really good to me.

I think this site should be renamed the All Brave, All Salty, All the Time Trade Rumor site. This is getting ridiculous.

Is the interest in Garland founded in something or is it just your speculation?

"I think this site should be renamed the All Brave, All Salty, All the Time Trade Rumor site."

You forgot about Escobar...he has GOT to be in the title as well.

Ummmm. The article clearly cites the NYPost and provides a link.

If the Sox are trading Garland it better not be to the Yankees, there are other organizations with way more to offer for a solid #3 AL starting pitcher.

"I think this site should be renamed the All Brave, All Salty, All the Time Trade Rumor site. This is getting ridiculous."

Agreed. 100% agreed.

Although there are only 2-3 braves fans responsible it is ridiculous. EVERY post has something about what the braves want, how much more salty is worth and how another team NEEDS to trade for escobar

give it a rest already PLEASE!

If the White Sox are entertaining a deal for Garland to the Yankees, I think Kenny Williams would start the conversation with Melky Cabrera, as he fills a vast need.

There's no reason for the Sox to deal Garland unless an overwhelming offer is presented.

Austin Jackson is a grinder, and Tabata also fits the low HR + some SBs + many Ks mold. Perfect ChiSox material. Trade the whole staff for em, Kenny.

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