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Yankees Will Negotiate In-Season With A-Rod

Many commenters here at MLBTradeRumors have proclaimed that there is no way the Yankees let Alex Rodriguez leave after this season.  They are still a powerhouse team, and they can afford any player.

Those commenters have been validated by Buster Olney's recent story at ESPN.com.  Buster says the Yankees will bend their rules to talk extension with A-Rod before the season ends.  The Yanks would want to add on to Rodriguez's current contract, so he'd have to agree not to opt out.  That way Texas will continue footing a portion of the bill. 

Would an additional four years (2011-2014) for $120MM do the trick?  That would take him through his age 38 season, at which point he would still be probably a season or two short of Bonds' home run record.  But locking him in through 2016 would be akin to a nine-year extension.

Former Dodgers GM Fred Claire believes the Yankees will only stop Rodriguez from exercising his out clause if they offer him something massive, like ten years and $300MM.


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The highest #'s Ive read so far are like 8 yr $200 mil. Wouldn't Cashman and Da Boss be fools not to offer a 5 yr $125 mil extension? It breaks down to the Yanks having to pay for 8 more years at approx. lil less than $22 mil year with what Texas is picking up and it would be that 8 yr 200mil contract that Boras and Pay-Rod want?

this won't be good for teams when it's free agency time for Miguel Cabrera and Johan Santana. A-Rod deserves it though...look at the numbers.I've commented on this at my site www.skinnymoose.com/thebaseballguy

I don't think it will be a matter of money with A-Rod. It's whether he wants to stay in New York...and by all reports, he hates it there. He's said the only reason he's having such a good season this year is because he's ignoring everything around him.

He'll go to Chicago or LA where he'll be in the big city but won't have reporters on his ass 24/7.

What is Steinbrenner saying by changing this rule for Arod while two "true" Yankees, Rivera and Posada, do not get the same courtesy?

He believes Arod wants out, and if he is leaving he wants equal value in return.

Otherwise why change policy? why create even more team dissension regarding Arod?

He wants a difinitive 'yes, I want to stay a yankee' or 'no, I cannot stand this place' from Arod. When Arod rejects the overtures he will be gone the next day.

To Texas, of course :)

Imagine Rodriguez walks, here's what I could see happening:

- They trade Abreu plus a solid, if not elite, pitching prospect for a 3B. LaRoche?
- Sign Barry Bonds to DH.
- Shift Damon to RF and bring in Jones for CF.

The offense won't even take a hit.

Regardless of the different mood and circumstance, this is the same old ARod drama we've been dealing with all season. I'm ready to be done with it.

When it's said and done, I can see Cashman going out and giving 3 monster contracts to Jones, Bonds & Zambrano.

When does Washington start playing in their new park?
They'll need to put butts in the seats and A-Rod will do that.

Washington is supposed to be in the new stadium to start next season. They already have Zimmerman at third though, so ARod would have to go back to short. I don't know if ARod would want to play for the Nationals though. The stadium is looking pretty cool though.


A-Rod has already definitively said he wants to remain a Yankee.

Arod to the Nationals will never happen. If Arod leaves the Yanks, he would only want to go to a team that will be a contender. The Nats are still 4 or 5 years away from even thinking playoffs. I think Arod will be playing for a west coast team in '08.

Arod would claim definitely signing with the devil if it meant fans would cheer him until he didn't.

"Imagine Rodriguez walks, here's what I could see happening:

- They trade Abreu plus a solid, if not elite, pitching prospect for a 3B. LaRoche?
- Sign Barry Bonds to DH.
- Shift Damon to RF and bring in Jones for CF.

The offense won't even take a hit.

Regardless of the different mood and circumstance, this is the same old ARod drama we've been dealing with all season. I'm ready to be done with it.

When it's said and done, I can see Cashman going out and giving 3 monster contracts to Jones, Bonds & Zambrano."



"- Shift Damon to RF "

AHHHH HA HA HA HA. That would be awesome.

I'm a die hard Yankee fan, so I thought I'd throw my 2 cents into some of the things that have been said.

There's no way the Yankees, or any team, can compensate for losing A-rod's bat so I really hope they find some way to keep him.

I really don't see Bonds coming to the Yankees at all nor would I care for him to. I think he's a great player, but I think money could be better spent than on an expensive controversial aging though still very good hitting outfielder.

The idea of Damon playing another outfield position might seem ridiculous, but the Yankees really are going to need to get some power this off-season, especially if they lose A-Rod. If they do lose him, it's almost an imperative they get Jones as they'd really have no major power hitter(unless Giambi comes back fully healthy next year) and I doubt Jones would play anywhere but center.

Abreu has a $16 million club option for next year, and I really don't think they'll pull the Sheffield move of an exercise and trade unless Abreu has a monstrous second half. So, in short, I don't see Abreu being traded anywhere unless it's during the season.

I'd love Zambrano on the Yankees, but part of me thinks with all their commitment to winning recently, it'd make no sense for the Cubs to let him get away. Obviously, as a free agent, it lies with him, but I could see the Cubs trying to extend him before the year's up. Even if that doesn't happen, it's hard to picture him as a good fit with the Yankees. Just his general outlook vs. Steinbrenner's. But again, I'd love it.

First off, big props to John Flaherty for having to sit next to Michael Kay for 3-4 hours during a Yankees broadcast and not knocking him out. I am Big Yankees fan and can only take a few innings of him before I want to put my head through the t.v. ...

As for A-Rod, yes losing him will sting but not as much as if he goes to the Angels. If he makes the move to the Dodgers or Giants all the better as NY won't see him unless they meet in a classic World Series down the road. My other concern is what happens when Mariano retires. Yankee fans have been spoiled for over a decade as there will NEVER be another closer like him again. Also, I think we will see Andrew Jones next season in Pinstripes as many of us, including George, remember him having the breakout World Series game at the age of 19.

To be honest, the biggest thing I am concerned with going forward is the dimensions of the new stadium. Does anyone know if this has been announced or not. With all this talk of the young pitchers in AA who will be "studs", what happens if the new Yankee Stadium is a hitters park? I'm hoping for something like Detroit or S.F. where we can go back to the ways which won us 4 titles in 5 years. Pitching, defense and an NL-style offense...

Are you kidding...who will we replace A-rod with...Mike Lowell? I've had enough of former BoSox...see Damon...and he's nowhere near as good as A-Rod. Eric Duncan is not ready yet in AAA, and Bronson Sardhina has become an outfielder.
We can't replace him.

The new stadium dimensions are the same.

We will replace Mo...Edwar Ramirez, Humberto Sanchez, J. Brent Cox...

The New York Post reported Thursday that agent Scott Boras, who represents Rodriguez, has no intention of discussing a contract extension with the Yankees until after the season.

"We are not going to be negotiating during the season," Boras told the Post. "This is Alex's decision. This has been his policy, and I fully expect this to continue to be his policy"

Arod is gone. And if NY knows that but doesn't get value in return they will be shooting themselves in the foot. So...

Arod is gone b4 trading deadline

Makes sense to me

There is not even a chance that the Yankees will be able to move A-Rod to any team in the league for two reasons. The first reason is that he has a no-trade clause and for what purpose would he waive it? The second reason is that no team is going to give a boatload for him when he most certainly will opt out at year's end.

I am a Yankees fan and I have finally come to the realization that the NYY will not re-sign A-Rod. He is never going to re-negotiate this contract during this season. Why would he? When he hits the open market, his price is going to skyrocket. Teams will get in bidding wars similar to the Daisuke Matsuzaka situation. While people are throwing out numbers like $30 and $32 million, I would not at all be surprised if this ends up reaching the $35 million per year range.

The Yankees will not be in that bidding. While that may sound absurd to some people, it is true. There is no way the Yankees are going to go from retaining him at a premium discount to paying full price for the next 3 years. It's not going to happen. And, to be honest, I'm not sure I will even feel that bad about it. Is his production replaceable? Not even close. Any Yankees fan who thinks they can replace him is kidding him or herself. But, I think, I'd rather bring in 2 or 3 very good players than retain 1 outstanding player for the same price. Maybe they can take some of that money and actually build a respectable bullpen (e.g. Scott Linebrink). Any thoughts?

Well, if the value does go above the $30 million range, which it could, you have to think the Yankees are one of a literal handful of teams that could afford that, but you're absolutely right in that $30 million could be better spread out for the Yankees seeing as they have more than one hole.

You are going to replace Mariano with Edwar Ramirez (who projects as a 8th inning guy at best), Humberto Sanchez (who just had TJ surgery and will probably not see the new stadium until late 2009 or 2010) and J Brent Cox (who is not as good as everyone thought)? I feel better...

A-Rod was not and is not coming back. Most of us knew that before the season. This IS Jeter's team. Taking that $30-32M and getting a SP (Zambrano), CF (Jones) and RP (Linebrink) is what we need. Plus, part of me hopes that they struggle the next few weeks and A-Rod agrees to move to the Dodgers for a 2.5 month rental. It would cost LA probably two of their young studs but they will be in the playoffs and have a chance to show him the LA lifestyle in order to sign him at the end of the year...

Yea, I have a few thoughts.

Since I personally do not believe Arod will match what he is presently making in free agency, especially if NY holds firm in not becoming a bidder, I have to also believe Boras is just posturing for a quick exit out of NY, which his client no doubt is yearning for.

Believing that, the most value for Arod has to come through an extension as it carries forth Texas's dollar contributions. Think about it. An extension carries with it a 60 some odd million dollar advantage, all which could potentially find a way into Arods burgeoning pocketbook (and yes, I believe he carries a pocketbook :))

Would Arod ok a move? Why not? It's not as if he will still be playing important games in NY come October.

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