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Marlins Would Benefit Most from A-Rod

Chris Isidore of CNNMoney.com analyzes the viability of a $300MM contract for Alex Rodriguez and the likelihood of him still being in the Bronx.  Isidore writes:

"A-Rod could produce $48 million per year in revenue and asset appreciation for the Yankees, allowing the team to pay him $34 million in salary, along with a 40 percent luxury tax, and still break even."

Isidore dispels the notion that the YES Network is actually doing better with A-Rod in pinstripes by pointing out a significant decline in viewership since his acquisition in '04, and that YES fetches most of its profits from fees assessed to cable/satellite providers.  In a most probable scenario, if A-Rod signs elsewhere, YES will lose "only about a 3 percent drop in overall revenue for YES," writes Isidore.

While this isn't what I refer to as a "substantial rumor," Isidore points out how the one team that would see the greatest economic benefit from signing Rodriguez is the team that resides in his hometown of Miami:  The Florida Marlins.  Isidore notes:

"...for deep-pocketed successful teams like the Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Red Sox or Angels, there's a marginal economic benefit from bringing him in, even as fabulous a player as he is. But look at the upside for the Marlins, not just in ticket revenue but also the structure of a new stadium deal.'"

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I heard Olney talking about this. It is sort of a joke. I mean, is the Marlins entire payroll even 30 mil? They are going to pay A-Rod 30 mil? I mean, they have been known to increase payroll for 2-3 year runs, so I guess its possible, but incredibly unlikely.

I think everyone realizes that's the case. A-Rod would of course help out a small market team with no huge superstars more than he'd help the large market teams, but I agree with nrmax, that this is extremely unlikely.

Agree with nrmax88 as well.

A-Rod is a franchise player. No doubt about it. While the Marlins have never had a player of A-Rod's stature on their payroll, they have started (and continue to start) marquee names.

While A-Rod might be the best hitter in baseball, Miggy isn't that far behind. Dontrelle's performance over the past 2 years hasn't been great but his personality and name are known to even the most casual of fans. How many fans are showing up for those guys?

What about those years the team blew up after going to the WS? Why not just keep those great players?

The reality is that NY is just a different market. You can't expect A-Rod to bring the same value in Florida as he would in NY.

If this happened, A-Rod would just be the next Carlos Delgado -- sign a big deal and get shipped out after 1 year.

You forgot to add "with the Marlins picking up a piece of his salary for the next 9 years."

It'd be a great move, however impossible. It'd give the Marlins one of the best linups in the game with a couple of moves, improved defense. A marquee player to help secure a stadium, and the first Marlin to be inducted into the HOF. Marlins salary would be 60mill, you extend cabrera and it gets to 70 or 80 mill with that lineup for the next 5-6 years at least.
CF H Ramirez
2b Uggla
3b Cabrera
SS A-Rod
LF Willingham
RF Hermida
1b Jacobs
C Olivo

not to mention A-Rod would pack the house, earning what they pay him. This team would win a lot of games and everybody likes to go to the ball park to see a winner.

I think its a great move for A-Rod. He'd never have to worry about playing in October.

No pressure because Florida doesn't have many fans and even less who actually show up for games.

Of course, with taxes the way they are in FLA, he'd take a beating with that high a salary in FLA.

HyL1fe, you are joking right about A-Rod packing the stadium?

Should check out what happened in Texas. Here are the attendance #'s from A-Rod's tenure:

2001 - 2.8m
2002 - 2.3m
2003 - 2.1m
2004 - 2.5m

Now A-Rod played for Texas between 01 and 03. Notice how the attendance went DOWN during that time. 2004 the attendance went back UP. That year A-Rod was in pinstripes.

I stand by my earlier statement, if fans won't come out to see Hanley, Miggy, Dontrelle and others why would they come out to see A-Rod? The Marlins averaged 17,000 fans a game last year. The fans are indifferent. A-Rod would never pay for himself in Florida.

I think its a great move for A-Rod. He'd never have to worry about playing in October.

No pressure because Florida doesn't have many fans and even less who actually show up for games.

Of course, with taxes the way they are in FLA, he'd take a beating with that high a salary in FLA.

Posted by: rkab | October 21, 2007 at 10:10 PM

Well Florida has plenty of fans if you go off of the TV ratings and it should be pointed out that playing in October normally = WS win for florida considering 2 in the last 10 years? Only the yankees can claim more.

Also florida has no state income tax and some of the least taxes in the country. That is why he has a home here already as does Manny and alot of other top players.

ARod is also a mega star down here as he is seen as a local boy. He would drop hugely actually and pack a new stadium (which looks very likely soon).

Now really the only way I see it happening though would be for a backdoor deal where arod will get a % ownership of the team when he is done. Which I think would be possible.

Now the quest for the homerun championship would make this city alive as it would be an event. Just like it did for SF, which was so poor for a team they were going to move it to Tampa Bay before Bonds got there.

Miggy is a great player but ARod is an Event.

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