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Nats Considering Coco Crisp?

The Washington Post has a couple paragraphs on the possiblity of the Nationals trading for Coco Crisp.  Crisp may be deemed expendable by Theo Epstein this winter because of the emergence of Jacoby Ellsbury.

Crisp hit .268/.330/.382 this year; the solid power from his Cleveland days has not returned.  We can write '06 off due to wrist injuries but Crisp's offense this year was disappointing.  The 28 year-old at least played some fine center field defense.  He earns $4.75MM in '08, $5.75MM in '09, and has an $8MM option with a $500K buyout for '10.  The reasonable contract and possibility for a resurgence might catch Jim Bowden's eye.  The Nats went with Nook Logan, Ryan Church, and others this year and received a .255/.321/.382 line.  Just tossing a name out there - if Nick Johnson is healthy, is that a possible match for Boston? 

The Nationals have been linked to the big-name free agent CFs as well - Andruw Jones, Aaron Rowand, and Torii Hunter.


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Ryan Church himself actually hit .272/.349/.464, which is pretty respectable really, and is right along career average over 1000 ABs, seems pretty legit. He's probably better as the LF than CF but it's not like he kills you in CF.

Coco Crisp would be a good 4th OF for a contender, too pricy for the Nationals at this point I would think.

Crisp's line isn't at all different from what the Nationals are already getting from that position. Granted, he will see a boost moving to the NL, but I really feel like an impact bat is what they need; Crisp fits into the mold of their other extra players.

I would think that a team would take a risk on Johnson, although I honestly have no idea what the market for him is like. Would it only take somebody like Crisp? I would think Bowden would ask for a lot more, seeing as a healthy Johnson is a very, very valuable player.

With every other Nationals outfielder making significantly less than Crisp, while putting up similar if not superior numbers at the same time, why would they even think about trading away a valuable commodity? Maybe if Boston compensates the nationals for the contract, it could happen, but Crisp isn't exactly a great deal for the lack of offense he provides.

Nick Johnson for Coco Crisp would be a miserable deal for the Nationals, but it just might appeal to Jim Bowden.

Ya, you can't put anything past Bowden. He and Bavasi are now annual competitors for worst GM in history.

But yes, it doesn't make sense for them to get guys like Crisp. Like the Royals, they' be better off dumping that money into the draft/scouting than average major league players that are easily replaceable.

I still can't believe he didn't trade Dmitri Young for value while he had the chance.

While I will agree with you guys, Coco's offense was average at best, he is a Gold Glove caliber CF. I've watched him all year and he has been amazing. He makes up in the field for what he lacks at the plate. Plus a low pressure place to play like DC could help get him back on track offensively. Coco for Johnson works for me, except Johnson's injury history scares me, and a team like the Sox probably won't want to take that sort of risk.

I'm interested to see what the market is for Coco, because he is a guy who has great ability but just hasn't put it all together in Boston. I would love to see him bring back a power bullpen arm, but who is giving those away these days?

Of course Coco for Johnson works for you, it's a steal.

The market for Coco isn't as great as Red Sox fans seem to think. At best, he's a throw-in, or someone the Sox will have to throw in salary compensation for. Please don't talk about Crisp as a centerpiece for any blockbuster deal, Melky Cabrera is more valuable.

you know what would be funny, if they trade crisp and gave us back W.M.P. hahahaha

Is Coco going to bring back a stud? No. Could he bring back a 20-25 HR, injury prone 1B? Maybe. They both make about the same amount of money, and you get Gold Glove caliber CF defense in that big park. If Johnson was healthy and played this year, I can understand your argument, but right now, he's not bringing back much more than this.

And didn't you just sign Dmitri to an extension? Why would they do that if they weren't already thinking about moving Johnson? Maybe they'll do better than Coco for Johnson, but one of those two has to be traded now.

This is Jim Bowden we're talking about here;

he won't let reasoned thought get in the way.


When talking about Johnson, you have to look at more than just his home run totals. If you're talking about his 2006 season, take a glance at his .428 OBP. Or his 48 doubles. He won't hit you 40 home runs, but that doesn't make him any less valuable, especially when his OPS is .950 anyway.

When healthy, Johnson is one of the best first basemen in the league. To ship him off for someone like Crisp would be foolish, regardless of how good his defense is. The Nationals need bats, bats like Johnson's. If they're going to give him up because they don't have room for him, that doesn't mean they should trade for a type of player in a different mold. They need a player in a similar mold, just in a different position.

Fact is, they should have traded Young when they had the chance, as that would have solved this problem. Maybe Johnson will have a bigger market this winter than Young had last summer, but if not, Bowden messed up bigtime.

Ya, you can't put anything past Bowden. He and Bavasi are now annual competitors for worst GM in history.

Sorry, that title belongs to Omar Minaya.

PrivatePyle, Minaya has his issues, but he's not close to as bad as Bowden or Bavasi. Mariner and National fans will make the case far more compelling than mine, however.

Crisp for Crede makes more sense, especially if the BoSox can't sign Lowell.

Bowden took a team that most if not all "experts" felt would lose more games than any other team in baseball history - he took it to a finish as good as or better then nine other teams. Minaya, with all the Met money, couldn't get his team into the playoffs. Cashman, after spending over $200,000,000 guided the Yankees to exactly one post season win. Who is fooling who on who is a worse general manager.

I think that's more credit to Manny Acta than Jim Bowden, he got a lot out of a team that on talent would have finished a lot worse.

Dunno about Bowden, but Bavasi is better than Minaya. The M's were pretty good this year, mainly because of the great bullpen that Bavasi built.

Bavasi has done a horrible job. Look at the pitching contracts he's had. Look at his last couple trades. Look at Beltre/Sexson (not sure if both were him). Look at Vidro as a DH! Look at not MAKING Adam Jones play everyday. Hell, I'd say look at Ichiro's contract, given their other options. The M's were lucky as hell this year. They shouldn't have been even a .500 club on run differential this year.

As for the Nats, don't look at one year. Look at how he handled Soriano. Look at what he did with DMitri. And didn't he sign Cristian Guzman, etc.? And that's not even factoring in mistakes he made in his previous GM run.

Those are easily the worst 2 in the game to me. Very few defensible moves.

I think if Bowden had a $200,000,000 budget instead of spending $37,347,500 he could have pulled out more than one post season win. In fact, there are very few General Managers that could not have done better if permitted to spend this kind of money. Cashman has spent $600,000,000 over the last three years and has not gotten out of the first round. Tell me that that isn't pathetic

Keep in mind that the large majority of the Yankees' contracts are not Cashman's babies - he only gained control after last year. So don't put, say, Giambi's contract on Cashman. That's on Steinbrenner.

He has be the General Manager since 2/3/98.

Yes but he was all but a figurehead until he wrestled control from the Tampa crowd after the 2005 season. So in reality, he can only be judged on his moves in the past two years, both in terms of the good and the bad.

Well Cashman signed Kei Igawa for 40 million which was a terrible signing.

I doubt Igawa was even him. That was probably reactionary from George/the TB group.

Obviously we don't KNOW but I think Cashman has always had them on the right track; it's George that has derailed them. Cashman is an okay GM.

And no, I don't think Bowden or Bavasi could get a team out of the first round with $200 M. They're that bad to me.

If Nick Johnson is healthy? Why don't we just say "If Rich Harden is healthy?" "If Mark Prior is healthy?" It seems like something's always wrong with him. Is any first baseman as perpetually injured as Johnson? His career OPS might be invaluable at any other position besides 1st or DH but that's not the case.

As for Bavasi, yeah, he's a stooge. Rafael Soriano for Horacio Ramirez, drafting Morrow instead of hometown hero Tim Lincecum, trading a prospect who compared very well to the top guys in the game, Asdrubal Cabrera, for Ben Broussard?! Come on. What is he doing?

So if Bowden couldn't get his team out of the first round of playoffs with $200,000,000 then that would at least place him on par with the Steinbrenner/Cashman Yankees?

Exactly DentalPlan! Johnson can't stay healthy, thus his trade value is way down. I realize when healthy a Johnson for Crisp trade makes no sense, but the guy didn't play at all this year and is always getting hurt. You don't get a stud in return for someone like that. I'm not sure you're going to do much better than Coco + a B/C prospect for Johnson, if the Sox even wanted to take that injury risk.

At this point I'm holding out hope that the Sox will make the right move and re-sign Lowell. That would render the possibility of bringing Nick Johnson to Boston moot as Youkilis would not be replaced.

While I agree that the Red Sox should move Crisp after the World Series, I can not agree with the senario that brings them Johnson in exchange for Crisp. The only way I see this happening is if the Sox don't sign Lowell (which they should & should be a no-brainer).

What the Red Sox really need is a Lefthanded RP to replace both Tavarez & Lopez. This is something that the Nationals do not have at the moment & if they did, why would they give it up for Crisp? Offensively, they already have the same type of players in Nook & Church. Otherwise, they need to find a taker for Lugo & get another new SS. But that may not be as easy for them as it was in finding a taker for Renteria.

"As for the Nats, don't look at one year. Look at how he handled Soriano. Look at what he did with DMitri. And didn't he sign Cristian Guzman, etc.? And that's not even factoring in mistakes he made in his previous GM run."

Yes, how did he handle Soriano? Let's see, he got 1 year of near MVP performance from him for Brad Wilkerson and two non-descript prospects. Cost about $5m. Then he spun Soriano into Josh Smoker and Michael Burgess, a potential #1 starter and a power corner OF bat both teenagers. Really screwed the pooch there.

I won't defend Guzman, bad signing. But it's not even in the ballpark of the Sizemore/Phillips/Lee for Colon deal. And that's your boy Minaya's signature deal.

And ask any Met fan about his bullpen in '07? Think Heath Bell would have been helpful as they were gagging away their sure spot in the postseason?

I know people love to hate on JimBo because he likes to run his mouth. But in a game with Chuck LaMar, Cam Bonifay and Allard Baird recently employed, you can't make even a small case for worst GM evar.

First of all, how is Minaya "my boy?" I'm not a Mets fan at all, or even Minaya. I just think Bowden is awful.

And yes, those picks look okay so far (ask me in a couple years again), but he still could have gotten more for him. For instance, according to some pretty reliable reports, the Twins offered Slowey/Baker/Kubel for Soriano. That's 3 major league ready kids with a lot of potential. Reportedly, Bowden turned it down because he insisted on Garza, which is obviously crazy. And I seriously doubt the Twins' offer was the only one in that realm. He could have gotten a LOT more for Soriano.

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