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Odds and Ends: Wakefield, Guillen, Lowell

Some random rumorage not quite worthy of individual posts...


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Why on earth wouldn't the Sox keep Wakefield? He's definitely worth $4mm, and he took that contract in the first place because he wants to play there. The fans love him to death, and he's a vet who'll be able to pitch into his late 40's. What would stop them from exercising his option?

the columnist that wrote that was obviously not a big red sox fan i guess. Wakes always welcome, i hope he stay with the sox after he retires in the front office

yea really tho i hope Theo picks up the option because Wake usually gets you at least 10-12 wins a year

I think that mike lamb would fit great with the phils. I'm from Houston so i've seen him play plenty. His numbers are low because he played behind Morgan ensberg and Ty wigginton at 3rd but fans here loved him and hate to see him go. But I would rather see him have a starting job because he deserves it.

the question shouldnt be what are we going to do with wakefield, who only gets paid pennies to do a dollars work, the question should be what to do with JD Drew, who is really only excelling at being a benchwarmer, that should be the questions theo is asked.

So if JS was pissed at what Boras is asking for AROD and what he asked for Andruw, one can only think how much hair he will lose when the braves attempt to extend Teix. I do not want to say that this basically eliminates the small slither of hope we had to exted Teix in the first place, but it certainly does not help. I agree completely with JS's comments, but that will not help wane down the disappointemnt i will feel when Teix goes elsewhere while the braves have severely hampered the young talent that could have been there for us in 09.

and beyond.

Maybe Frank Wren will get along better with Boras.

how's Lamb defensively? I certainly think he would hit enough, but it would be best for the Phils if at least one of their three 3Bs was above average in the field.

Well, this is very true, and touche on that point tim. I guess I am overvaluing the part that JS will play in the braves moves since he is now team president. IF Frank Wren can negotiate and keep Teix here at a reasonable price, by all means i will make a custom frank wren braves jersey. But nothing is ever reasonable with boras. However, a question i have, was boras albert belle's agent when wren signed belle to that huge contract, or does anyone even perhaps have a history of when boras and wren have negotiated.


Mike Lamb's not completely brutal with the glove at 3rd, but he's better suited as a 1b, dh type. He's a bit below average (at best) manning 3b. He doesn't have much range and his arm is average, if that.

I really like Lamb, seen him play on the Rangers, and Astros, but I can tell you that the biggest knock is his arm, it's average at best. He is average at best in the field. Not a lot of pop, but a nice stead, line-drive hitter. Love to see him get a full time gig.

Guys, please, why are we talking about the Braves? The big news here is that the Pirates signed the franchise savior!

thanks Darin/Mike. that's too bad, as I think his approach at the plate would mesh real well with the Phils. still, as long as they get a glove wizard for defensive substitution off the bench, it's probably not the end of the world to platoon two weaker fielders like Helms and Lamb as starters.

Lamb doesn't have a lot of pop? No, he actually does have a decent amount of pop in his bat. He doesn't have lots of homers, but you have to remember that he has been played behind Wigginton and Ensberg for most of his time on the Astros. I wish this guy would get a full time starting job with us, but it seems with Hunter Pence manning right field, Lance Berkman will have to play 1B everday, and Lamb is just not as suited for 3B.

At this point, since Guillen would undoubtedly void the option if invoked by the Mariners, they should exercise it and pick up a draft pick when he signs elsewhere. He is a good player but is an injury risk on top of being a temperamental risk.

.290/23/99 is about league average for a right fielder. No reason to shell out 10+ million per year over a long term contract for league average. Especially when we have Balentien and Jones laying around for the minimum. Take into account also that both Balentien and Jones would be defensive and baserunning improvements over Guillen. Jones - a lot more so.

Spending the money that Guillen would get on pitching should be a no brainer for the Mariners.


more importantly, the Brewers just picked up their new back up catcher. Eric freakin' Munson. If that doesn't scream of NL Central division champs in 08, then I don't know what does.

It would be nice if Wren gets along with Boras better than JS did, but everyone can tell you that no matter what, it's always been JS's organization, GM or not. Unless Liberty Media gets on the bandwagon with some extra money to spend after '08, the Tex situation will probably be pretty dicey.

And yes, I agree with JS 100%, Boras's contract demands are insane.

Braves are going to have to pony up if they want Tex. There will be no "reasonable" contracts on Boras clients.

I don't have it in front of me but I thought the Rangers made a very generous offer for Tex to extend. He turned it down flat. The only way to get him to extend is to offer an "above market" deal. Otherwise Boras takes him into the 2008 FA period as the premiere player available.

Of course, all of Boras' clients are the premiere players available ... I can't wait to see how he markets Tex.

Braves are going to have to pony up if they want Tex. There will be no "reasonable" contracts on Boras clients.

I don't have it in front of me but I thought the Rangers made a very generous offer for Tex to extend. He turned it down flat. The only way to get him to extend is to offer an "above market" deal. Otherwise Boras takes him into the 2008 FA period as the premiere player available.

Of course, all of Boras' clients are the premiere players available ... I can't wait to see how he markets Tex.

Red Sox will 100% pick up Wakefields option and if they don't it will be a huge mistake. The guy gets you 15 wins a year and eats up innings. Sure he's been banged up the past few seasons, but he's also an awesome clubhouse guy. I've got my own personal Wake story, but I won't bore you all with it. Lets just say it involved Pedro flipping out on me for no reason and Wakefield feeling bad about it and signing a baseball for me and my (then) 7 year old brother after he had already gone in through the players entrance at Fenway.

Touche, Darin. Touche.

Sigh. . .Just the other day your competitor, Eli over at MLBRumors.com, suggested that the Phillies go after Andy Marte. Now over here it's Mike Lamb. What I said about Marte holds equally true for Lamb, Mark Loretto and any other fourth-rate scrub that out of town media might wish upon this franchise: We here in Philadelphia would like to think that the Phillies' days as a garbage dump are over. We're looking for an upgrade from Dobbs/Helms, not a downgrade. But thanks, loads, for thinking of us.

Average NL 3B, 2007: .280/.348/.456

Dobbs + Helms, 2007: .260/.315/.412 in 604 ABs

Marte in Triple A: .267/.309/.457

"Mark Loretto" in 2007: .287/.352/.372

Mike Lamb in 2007: .289/.366/.453
2006: .307/.361/.475


Pop quiz. Phillies have $23MM to spend and the best offense in baseball.

Do you:

A) Spend half of it on Mike Lowell and lock him in through 2010

B) Spend a small amount of it on "fourth-rate scrub" Lamb for one year and get league average production, leaving more money for desperately needed pitching

Also how is Randy Miller considered out of town media?

I don't get the hate either. look around the Phillies blogosphere and you'll see a lot of people (like me) endorsing getting a guy like Lamb. sure, it would be great to buy Rodriguez and then-hey, why not?-add on Santana and Rivera. but some of us like to talk about what could actually happen.

Gillick has already stated he isn't going for mediocre or a patchwork situation at 3rd this season... Mike Lamb, for whatever promise he might have shown, has never been an everyday player and is 32 years old...

I'm not totally gong ho on allocating 11 or 12MM a year on Lowell over the next 3 or 4 seasons but i'd be willing to explore a trade for Atkins or Crede... I understand that several teams might inquire on those two but if the deal is right then pull the trigger...

where has Gillick said that? I haven't seen that anywhere. and considering that there's already two third basemen on the roster, a platoon is by far the most cost-effective solution.

how is Lamb not a better option than Crede? he's only two years older, and he's not injury-riddled like Crede. Lamb'll hit .290/.360/.460 - Crede's never done that in his life.

and Atkins isn't coming to Philadelphia.

Oh I apologize...... He said we need an "upgrade" from last year's mediocre offensive output...

Crede is not injury riddled... He had one bad injury that he is recovering from... That isn't riddled... Milton Bradley is riddled with injuries... Blalock is in the same boat... I wouldn't necessarily call him riddled with injuries either... There's another possible solution... Hank Blalock lol... Another thing.... IF Mike Lamb were going to come into CPB and start hitting .290 over the course of 300 abs he would have been starting for a Houston team that has been starved for offense over the last half a decade...

How can you make such a broad and unfact based generalization as " Atkins is not coming to Philadelphia" ??? You have no clue what is going to happen this offseason lol... I'm happy you can predict the future... Lottery numbers please !!!

I wouldn't consider Greg Dobbs a third baseman on this roster either... On a championship contending team, his status on this team should be as a pinch hitter ONLY... He should never see a glove... He is really a solid lefty stick but man, he just needs to sit on his glove while chewing sunflower seeds till we need him in the 8th or 9th...

That leaves Uncle Wes Helms as the lone third baseman... Mr. " I took roids to get a contract " himself... He might be one of the worst 3rd baseman in baseball, defensively... Good luck with that platoon...

I will keep pointing out Mike Lowell's home/road splits until people start acknowledging it.

Fenway: .378 batting average

Everywhere else: .276 batting average

To the team that pays him 3 years, $35 million or more, good luck to you. Good luck indeed.

If any team besides the Red Sox signs Lowell they get a vote for stupid franchise of the offseason.

allabout, do you even bother looking up things, or do you just post whatever pops into your head? Lamb hit .307 over the course of 381 AB in 2006 and .289 over the course of 311 AB in 2007. your assumption, naturally, is that he wouldn't be able to hit .290 in 200 AB for Philadelphia. right.

Crede had lower back surgery, it's not like he was sitting out with an ice pack for a few months. tell me how the Phillies' last free agent 3B with back problems turned out.

tell me why Colorado would trade a young, cheap, very good 3B like Atkins. what do we have to offer that they need? where have you seen indications that they're even considering trading Atkins? if Gillick manages to pull it off, more power to him, but it's a long shot right now.

DentalPlan - Lowell's also a career .353/.371/.750 hitter at Citizens Bank. small sample size (18 G), of course, but he's had success there before.

sorry, "in 300 AB for Philadelphia."

Wakefield is a decent #4 or#5 starter wins around 55% of the time with a 4.50 era.Yes ,he probably can pitch for another 5-10 years, but you have to look at the whole picture. Wakefield has a personal catcher, Varitek cannot catch the knuckler. Doug Mirabelli is that catcher (5/16 .202) and is a given he is not a legit starting catcher. Varitek is getting older and probably in a few years will need to DH or play in the field. What the Red Sox need to do is start looking for the future, they need to get a young catcher as a backup to Varitek and ease him into being a starter. Wakefield is cheap money but the Red Sox are keeping a bacjup catcher who has no value on the roster just for Wakefield, they need to start thinking bout replacing Varitek.

Sure, they do need to start thinking about replacing Varitek, but it doesn't make sense to get rid of Wake/Dougie just to bring in a different guy. Who would you bring in, capable of taking over for Varitek in a year or two, but willing to be the backup now? Not many would be ok with that, and we don't have a solution currently in the minors. Keep Wake/Dougie until they have a capable guy who will eventually replace Tek. I'm all for finding Tek's replacement, but there isn't a guy available who will be that guy and there isn't anyone in the minors ready either.

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