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Odds and Ends

How about some Odds and Ends to kick off Hump Day?

  • Peter Abraham doesn't think it would make sense for the Twins to acquire Chien-Ming Wang (presumably in a Johan Santana trade).  His reasoning: Wang's sinker would suffer on turf, and his salary is due to climb via arbitration.
  • The Indians have decisions due on Kenny Lofton, Trot Nixon, Paul Byrd, Joe Borowski, and Aaron Fultz.  The first two will probably be gone.
  • My projection for Jeremy Guthrie in 2008 is up over at RotoAuthority.
  • Say Anything's new album came out yesterday.  Highly recommended.
  • We sold our condo!  Literally in less than one week after hiring a real estate agent, we had a contract. Maybe they're not so bad after all.   


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Wang would also have a much better defensive SS in Minnesota.

Does turf even give up more GB hits? That seems like a really dumb thing to say either way.

more shots at jeter, why does everyone hate on this guy?

I'd recommend with the highest possible recommendation Radiohead's new album "In Rainbows." It's available for download for FREE from their website http://www.inrainbows.com/

I'll check out Say Anything.

That's not a shot, it's a fact. Not that it makes Wang a better pitcher.

Quick hipster rant about 'Say Anything':

I bought Max Bemis's (before he even had a full band and pretty much recorded every instrument on the album himself) first album on a whim off of Interpunk in the late spring/early summer of 2004, and it was pretty much the greatest album I'd heard in a long time, certainly since Thursday's 'Full Collapse', which, along with 'Waiting' was a revelation to me in my early college years. I listened to '...Is a Real Boy' non-stop for about 6 months and recommended it to anyone who would listen. It was just a ridiculously amazing album, different from anything in the genre at that point.

Over the years, the album got re-released and caught on with a younger crowd and Say Anything became pretty big (I remember when I saw them opening for From Autumns to Ashes in a VFW-type place in Allston and, along with my best friend and little brother, being the only one at the show who knew the lyrics).

So now they're huge and have this new supposedly awesome double album coming out, which I made a beeline for immediately after work yesterday. And the damn thing was sold out. How shitty is that? And the worst part is, iTunes inexplicably doesn't have it listed for download either. So now the band has blown up and one of their earliest fans can't even purchase the record the day it comes out. How crappy is that?

I still think the band is great and all. I'm not going to go on and on about 'selling out' or anything. I'm over that phase. Just bummed that I've got to wait to get it now.

Congrats on selling the condo. I also concur with Iowacubs, the new Radiohead is fan-friggin-tastic.

That does suck Pat. How about Target for 9.99? I admit I didn't catch on with them until ...Is a Real Boy. They haven't changed their style since that one so if you like that you'll like this.

The amount of guest singers on this album is crazy, also.

Stop citing Peter Abraham as a source. The man is a blowhard minstrel who knows surprisingly little baseball for someone who gets to watch 140 or so games a year.

any track on ...Is A Real Boy Is a million times better than anything on the IDOTG.

Though, Spores, Have At Thee!, and About Falling are good.

I wrote a CD review for my school newspaper. I'll post it once the fires stop.

To me i think the Twins pretty much have to get back either Phil Hughes or Robinson Cano to make a Santana to the Yankees deal plausible. I dont see how receiving Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera and another prospect could possibly be any better than what the Dodgers, Angels, or a number of other teams could offer. Realistically i would say the Yankees would need to start with sending Hughes/Cano, Melky Cabrera, and then one of the Twin's choice from Clippard/Rasner/Karstens/DeSalvo. I would really go after Cano, this guy has potential to provide a .340/.410/.570 line with 35 homers year in year out, and he played unreal down the stretch for the Yanks this year

I agree on Cano. That's about the only way the Yanks get Santana. Otherwise, virtually no chance.

And yes, Jeter sucks defensively. Just more proof gold gloves have become an absolute joke. Seriously some of these old baseball writers need to die already so we can have real awards again.


The best way to avoid not getting your hands on new albums because of the stupidity of Best Buy and other retailers is to pre order them directly through the band's website. I got the new SA album last Friday in the mail.

Ive been pushing Say Anything to anyone who would listen and saw them four times(in a bigger venue each time I saw them as the fanbase grew) and absolutely love the new album. It's not "Is A Real Boy...Pt 2" which is okay with me. I still don't think we have seen Say Anything even break the tip of the iceberg in their popularity, its just going to keep increasing...well deserved success is all I see for Max and the band.

"then one of the Twin's choice from Clippard/Rasner/Karstens/DeSalvo"

If it were me making that decision, I'd go with:

E) None of the above.

I don't see how that criticism of Abraham is warranted.

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