Posada Could Join Mets, Marlins

George King has some Yankee info for us this morning, much of it involving Jorge Posada.

Mark Feinsand noted yesterday that the Yanks plan to offer a three-year, $40MM contract to Posada.  King is on board, indicating that he expects a three-year deal in the $39-44MM range for the catcher.  I’m sticking to my guns – I think this requires four guaranteed years in the end.  But upping the average annual value to arrive at a 3/45 deal seems plausible.

King also mentions that the Mets and Marlins are both likely to be interested in Posada.  The Mets are no surprise.  But King indicates that the Fish have been "stockpiling dollars," which is news to me.  Mostly we’ve been hearing that they want to make a low-level veteran signing or two but don’t figure to be able to afford both Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera for 2008.

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