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Tigers Rumors: Rogers, Jones, Jenkins

Lynn Henning of the Detroit News has some Tigers tidbits today.

  • The Tigers want to bring Kenny Rogers back, who has said Detroit is the only place he'll play if he doesn't retire. 
  • The team will finally go with Joel Zumaya in the closer role next year, but they'd like Todd Jones around as a backup.  Jones' first pick is Atlanta but it's not known if they're interested.  The mustachioed closer earned $5MM this year.
  • Henning indicates that the acquisition of Edgar Renteria will allow the Tigers to be content with a Marcus Thames/Timo Perez/Ryan Raburn combo in left field, instead of signing Geoff Jenkins.  Maybe the Tigers don't want to appear too desperate for Jenkins, or maybe they're serious.


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Does Maybin not fit into their plans next year or what? He probably never should have been in the bigs last season, but he stuck after being promoted. My guess is that they'll start him in AAA, and if he plays well he'll step into left field.

Todd has been "Jonesing" for a ticket to Atlanta for at least ten years. They've never shown any interest in him. Atlanta is close to Jones' home in Alabama.

i dont know i think if ATL was going to spend 5 mill on a closer they would just keep dotel. i think they are going to let Soriano be the closer and i am good with that. i would like to keep mahay around and if not him keep ring in the mix all year. then when gonzalez comes backs gives us 2 lefties moylan and soriano sounds like a good pen to me

No way Atlanta goes for another old, overrated closer after what happened with Wickman.

Soriano should be the man.

Todd Jones was last year's Borowski... he championed the heart-attack-inducing save. I'm looking forward to Soriano.

Dan Kolb...Bob Wickman...Todd Jones?

I think I'll pass.

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