Brewers, Padres, Angels, Rockies, Astros After Iguchi

In some ways, Tadahito Iguchi might be a better buy at second base than Luis Castillo.  He’s getting half the press, but that doesn’t mean he’s getting half the interest.  Iguchi’s agent said today that the Astros, Brewers, Padres, Angels, and Rockies have expressed interest. Keep in mind that the Phillies asked Iguchi about playing third base several weeks ago and he said he’d rather sign elsewhere at a second baseman.

I wonder if Iguchi may have relaxed that stance.  The Brewers and Angels have third base vacancies.  They have Rickie Weeks and Howie Kendrick at second base, respectively.  Weeks could be an interesting option in center, and Kendrick has been rumored as part of a Miguel Cabrera package.  So Iguchi could theoretically still play second for either club.

The Padres and Rockies just have good old-fashioned vacancies at second base.  Both clubs could still fill the spot internally – the Padres with Matt Antonelli and the Rockies with Ian Stewart.

As for the ‘Stros, well, Ed Wade has contacted half the free agent class.   

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