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Cardinals Sign Cesar Izturis

According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Cards have signed shortstop Cesar Izturis to a one-year deal.  The amount is $2.85MM with another $650K in incentives.  You know the story with Izturis - anemic bat, stellar glove.  He'll offer a bit more than Brendan Ryan would've and doesn't cost much.  If John Mozeliak finds something better it will be easy to pull the plug.

This also signals the end of David Eckstein as a Cardinal, as expected.

Strauss adds that the team has "strong interest" in acquiring the Brewers' Chris Capuano.  That's a reasonable target and a nice buy-low idea.  The Brewers would like to unload him given their starter surplus and his rising salary.  In a radio interview on 590AM, Post-Dispatch columnist Rick Hummel indicated it could be an even swap for Anthony Reyes.


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this is a great deal if it is for the 3.5ish you speculate. The D with him and Rolen (if still there) should provide a big boost to the SP questions if they are trying to compete. If they can sure up the offense around him a bit (ie, not use a Taguchi type in the OF) then it might start to even itself out some.

And hey, no matter how you feel about it ~ its not like they signed him for 3/15M...

damn, there goes 1 potential sucker to take juan uribe from the sox.

errr, not "great" ~ should have probably said "good enough"...

Ken Rosenthal says it's a 1 year, 2.85 million deal with 650,000 in incentives for Plate Appearances.

Not bad for the price, but no solution to a long-term problem by any means.

What was Reyes line last year?

I would lose all the respect for Doug Melvin I have if he decides to trade Capuano for Reyes straight up. Reyes was absolutely horrible last year (minus the one game he pitched well against the Brewers of course). But that is beside the point. Capuano and Andrew Jones are very similar. Both had horrible years but were All-Star caliber players the year before. I can see Capuano bounce back and be the number 3 starter for the Brewers behind Sheets and Gallardo. If the Brewers are looking to unload a contract I would rather see them deal Sheets as his contract is large, it expires after the season and we can't afford him, and I think we can receive more in return for Sheets in a trade. I think trading Cappy would be absolutely stupid unless your getting a stud player in return.

"What was Reyes line last year?"

6.04 ERA 1.41 WHIP the year before 5.06 ERA 1.38 WHIP.

I don't see how a Capuano for Reyes swap makes sense for the Brewers. We would move starting pitching to fill needs not trade a starter for a starter. I'd rather have Cappy than Reyes as well.

Reyes had fewer hits than innings pitched last year. I'm not saying he's going to turn around, but the kid is not without all hope. He needs a change of scenery.

I don't mean to sound rude, but anyone who thinks this is a good signing is a little off. Cesar Izturis is awful...I think this division is a two team race Chicago and Milwaukee, St. Louis is in some trouble.

This has to be a TLR driven move, he's almost as bad as Dusty baker with his retarded desire to have mediocre or worse veteran players

" I think trading Cappy would be absolutely stupid unless your getting a stud player in return."

You're not getting a stud player for Capuano, especially after the year he produced in 07.

Not sure what your definition of "stud" is though, so I could be wrong.

Oh and to the Reyes haters,

Any team that gets him will be very happy, Duncan screws with the kid nonstop so that effects his pitching negatively. Get him somewhere where they will just let him pitch, he should be alot better.

And yes, Izturis is terrible with the bat.

I don't think his defense is going to win them enough games to justify spending any amount of money on him.

The could have spent that money on something worthwhile... maybe like replacing "The Kipper"?

Izturis had a "stellar glove" only his first couple of years. After his knee injury his range has decreased and he was mediocre at best with the Cubs. That's besides not hitting squat.

2.85 mil is probably half what Eckstein coud have received if he accepted arbitration, so they will save some cash. But this is a downgrade for the Cardinals.

ESPN is saying it might be Rolen for Capuano.

Milwaukee is willing to take on the entire contract? I am surprised at that.

Izturis does NOT have a stellar golve. Not any more. Tim, what did he do in a Cubs uniform that impressed you defensively?

he lives off his gold glove reputation from years ago....

Rolen for Capuano would be a horrible move for the Brewers. That said, Melvin is going to try and sell David Riske as an option for closer, so you never know.

Personally I think that if the Brewers could get Reyes for Capuano, that'd be a very good move. If I were the Brewers, I would rather have Reyes on the cheap with his potential than Rolen at 3/36. I think Anthony Reyes still has a chance to end up being a very good pitcher if he can just get out of St. Louis, and the same can be said for Capuano. If I were the Brewers, I would be feeling pretty good about a rotation of Sheets, Suppan, Bush, Gallardo and Reyes. And hey, they would still have Carlos Villanueva and Claudio Vargas if one of those guys went down or didnt pan out.

Rolen is no longer the player he once was on offense, and despite his good defense, which would be an insurmountable amount of help considering what Braun does at 3B, I just can't see that deal being even remotely logical unless they can get Rolen for under $10M

I could see something like Chris Capuano and prospect for Scott Rolen and Cards pay anywhere from 12-15 million of the 36 owed.

Lidocaine, definately agree with you. See, if the Cards eat that much money, then that sort of deal becomes far much more plausible.

Reyes has flashed brilliance at times and is more talented than his numbers let on. The problem is that Reyes and the LaRussa/Duncan scheme are like the whole square peg and round hole analogy.

He could be a much better performer in a new system that let him pitch to his strengths. He could also be a flop, but the upside is pretty good.

Not a big fan of the whole Cesar Izturis signing. I was hopefull of something bigger. I like the fact that it is only one year. That is about it.

As a Cubs fan, I love this move. Watching Izturis bat can be pretty brutal, he literally doesnt have a single positive aspect or ability on offense. I'll acknowledge that he can make some spectacular defensive plays but I dont think he's the player he was in his prime years with LA.

He isn't close to gold glove caliber any more. He had 3 errors in one game this year. Trust me...he is crap. That being said, Eck was pretty crappy last year too...so its not that much of a difference, and they saved a little money if you compare it to what it would have taken to re-sign Eck. Not a good move, but not a bad one.

Allow me to join the chorus of Cub fans who are still waiting to see Izturis' stellar defense show itself.

The concept that this guy is a plus defender is far more imagined than real.

The Cards have bought themselves a $3M out machine with an unremarkable glove.

I am still waiting to be impressed by the "Big Bat" that was supposed to strengthen Pujols spot. What a joke!

So i would have rathered we traded with the pirates for jack wilson and morris like they talked about...i think we still need to get matty mo...he is a cardinal at heart and i think he has a couple more good years in him...and i say we still get jack wilson and forget iztures

@ qcybluedevil, I don't think think the Wilson/Morris trade is out of the picture as of yet. Izturis, did play 2B in the minors and if we pickup Wilson, one or the other will be moved to 2B for defensive reasons. Kennedy is a 'decent' 'average' 2B, I don't see him on opening day if we do get Wilson.

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