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Chavez Would Waive No-Trade Rights

My apologies for the misleading title - there are no indications Oakland third baseman Eric Chavez is a trade candidate currently.  But he did tell Billy Beane that he'd waive his no-trade rights if the A's needed to trade him to improve the team.

Chavez, who turns 30 soon, currently has a limited no-trade clause allowing him to block deals to the Blue Jays, Nationals, Rays, Mets, Twins, Brewers, Marlins, and Indians.  After he finishes the 2008 season, he'll get full no-trade protection as a 10 and 5 player.  Under his current contract Chavez will make $11MM in '08, $11MM in '09, and $12MM in '10.  For 2011 he has a $12.5MM club option with a $3MM buyout attached.

Chavez is a tough guy, playing through a lot of pain over the years.  He slumped to a career-worst .240/.306/.446 line last year.  He's already had three surgeries this offseason - both shoulders and his lower back.  He had been playing with torn labrums in both shoulders.  He hopes to be ready and finally healthy for the start of next season.

Susan Slusser's above-linked article also has a quote from Chavez about how he'd welcome Barry Bonds but it would be hard to sign him now.  A's owner Lew Wolff seems to echo that sentiment.


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A torn labrum in both shoulders ?

From someone that has gone through that surgery on one shoulder and recovered I can tell you that he'll be lucky if he ever again plays as well/poorly as he did last year. Lots of luck and lots of luck finding a team that will trade for a guy like this.

I can understand not wanting to play for the BJs, Nats, and Fish... but the other 3?

I guess he wants to stay on the West Coast.

I wonder if the Phillies will be interested... I would definitely be concerned if they were.

i hate to say it cause i love chavez, but he is turning into a 7th inning utility man to pull the real third baseman

In other news, I can't read.

Add the Rays to that list, and there were 4 other teams, not 3.

hahaha, i love how people are still talking about bonds, it makes me laugh a christmasy laugh

I could see Chavez going to the Giants.. They have the money and don't want feliz.

Here's hoping Chavez comes back for another year in the Green and Gold.

As a die hard A's fan, and someone who has criticized Chavez for not getting these problems taken care of 3 years ago when they began, it's good to see him finally getting the much needed surgery.

While not the offensive threat he once was, he still plays the best 3rd base in the league and has some pop in his bat. As long as he is not being counted on to hit 4th or 5th in the lineup, Chavez is a very valuable guy to have on your squad.

He will never be clutch with the bat, but he saves more runs with his glove than he costs the A's at the plate.

The A's should keep Chavez and deal Blanton to the Braves for a high ceiling arm and a minor league SS. Jair Jurrjens and Brent Lillibridge or Elvis Andrus would be a steal if the A's could get it. Then send Haren to the Dodgers for a big haul after the Angels get Cabrera. If the A's could get Kershaw, Kemp, and Tony Abreu I would make the move.

Also like the Chavez to the Giants deal if they're going to send him somewhere. They'd love him there and the A's could prob get Lowry out of the deal, but there is no one to take the 3rd base job from Chavvy.

Dude's only going to be 30 next season. Yes, he just had three surgeries, but that's supposed to be a good thing. He's never going to be the focal point of an offense, but there's no reason why he can't return to being a .500+ slugging, GG-caliber third baseman who's susceptible to the high fastball.

As for any trade: "Billy told me he'd never even thought about that," Chavez said. "He said he planned on having me here my whole career."

I don't have any factual evidence of Eric's surgeries but if it's true that he just recently had 3 surgeries for 2 torn labrums and a back surgery then I'll bet right now he never slugs .500 again or wins another GG.

He may never win another GG, but that's subject to an imperfect voting process. But considering he won in 2005 and 2006 with torn labrums, I don't see how his defense gets worse after having surgeries to repair the problem. Recall that Chavez came up as an all-hit/weak-fielding 3B who wasn't even expected to remain at third.

I understand you had the same surgery on one shoulder, but are you also a professional athlete with access to doctors and medical staffs who specialize in athlete injuries and rehab?

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