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Did We Miss Anything?

Any rumors missed from today or ones that pop up, feel free to post 'em here.  I'm taking a few-hour rumor hiatus.


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The Houston radio stations are reporting that Ed Wade had a meeting with Scott Boras (aka "Satan") about Eric Gagne.

John Harper and Bill Madden of the Daily New are reporting that the Yankees are including Phil Hughes in an offer for Santana. While I'm sure the Red Sox will be asked to up their offer, the Yankees package looks like the winner.



the yankees are soooo stupid

(nice tip Alex)

I Completely forgot about Alexi Ramirez untill that post earlier today about him. Tahnks Tim. But i was just wondering if the Cubs are so keen as to getting a middle infielder why don't they just go after Alexi Ramirez. It could be the biggest bargain of the offseason for any team.

the yankees upped THEIR OWN OFFER!? thats so stupid. the red sox didnt even really put on that much pressure. im laughing my head off at this right now, i cant believe the folded like a piece of paper so quickly


How is it ever stupid to trade for the best pitcher in the game?. Plus this is the one team with no salary ceiling. So getting Santana under an extension won't be much of a problem. So over the next 6-8 years I'll take Johan Santana over Hughes

the yankees upped THEIR OWN OFFER!? thats so stupid. the red sox didnt even really put on that much pressure. im laughing my head off at this right now, i cant believe the folded like a piece of paper so quickly

Wayne Krivsky once again reiterated that they are going after starting pitching on a radio show today. Getting him to even say that is mind blowing.

As much as I liked to pretend Kennedy+ would do it, in the back of my mind I had a feeling it would be done.

Well, fortunately that's the luxury you have when your farm is loaded. It won't cripple by any stretch, but I still wish it didn't have to be Hughes.

Looks like they'll get their ace.

Well if the Yankees give up Hughes... the Sox will be happy that they lost Hughes and gave up 20-25 million and will probably be content to just go after Haren for not even half the cost, all the mean time keeping Ellsbury and Buchholz.

As much as I liked to pretend Kennedy+ would do it, in the back of my mind I had a feeling it would be done.

Well, fortunately that's the luxury you have when your farm is loaded. It won't cripple by any stretch, but I still wish it didn't have to be Hughes.

Looks like they'll get their ace.

Here's a thought... would love some feedback. We're hearing rumors now that the Yankees are seriously looking at Mark Loretta. Any chance that this is an in an effort to make the Santana package more attractive without giving up Hughes? Could we potentially see a Loretta signing and then a Santana trade that includes Cano, Kennedy, and a few others? The Twins may find this equally attractive as it meets another need after the acquisition of a fairly top notch CF prospect in Jason Pridie (.318/.375 .539). Pridie was obtained from TB in the Garaza/Young trade.

Would love some thoughts.

I hate giving up Hughes :(


If you think Haren is going to cost half as much of Santana, you're on crack.

Try he'll cost the same amount in terms of prospects, if not a bit more since he's cheap for the next 3 years.

You'll bet your ass Beane holds out for Buchholz or Ellsbury.

Oh, come off it, 04. Minnesota could have just said that if they were going to trade Santana to NY, they'd have to include Phil Hughes. The Yankees wanted Santana, they included Phil Hughes.


No :) This was already shot down. And Cano is the only good < 30 hitter the Yanks have right now.


WTF is up with this captcha crap whenever I try to post a comment?

This TypeKey is seriously pissing me off.

Breaking News:
Red Sox now in trade talks with MIN for Hughes.


I think people need to step back and realize most of this is all speculation and innuendo.

And as good as Hughes *COULD* BE, Santana *IS* the best pitcher in baseball. Hughes, Melky and Horne(?) ain't that much.

/Not a Yankee fan.

hey tim, i think you missed the biggest thing of the day hahaha, you take a break for 5 minutes and look at what happend

Henry -- I don't disagree with you BUT... who would you rather lose Cano in an already potent offense or Hughes who has number 1 stuff -- special pitchers come around once in a great while. Clearly offense can be supplemented in other ways.

this just in...
the white sox are geriatric and are getting older with every addition!!!
thanks a lot kenny!

I agree Bedro. And that's part of the reason why a team builds its farm system, so that you don't sell the farm with any one transaction when you get a crack at someone like Santana.

As fans we tend to get emotionally attached to our prospects, but it's not wise to see it like that...considering that Hughes is only a partially known quantity--we know what his potential is, but the Kerry Woods and Mark Priors of the world should serve as a warning of where unbridled promise can unfortunately lead you.

Santana is a bona fide ace, and I believe that given the opportunity, you gotta get 'em.

Yo King, you reiterated the point I already made. One, we won't have to give up Buchholz or Ellsbury, and two... Haren IS cheap for the next 3 years. So, not sure what your point was, but I guess you only reiterated mine. Thanks!

henry you have no right to talk about the value of Haren after that wonderful trade proposal you outlined yesterday

once again people, none of you are gms, none of your opinions (outside of tims) carry any weight

nobody knows what it will take to get Haren until either a deal is done or beane explicity details his wishlist

IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!! As reported by Ken Rosenthal, two rival GMs have announced a trade of one Samuel Adam's Winter Lager for three Milwaukee's Best Lights and a one time use of the Bests owner's frosty mug. Early reports are that one of the GMs may have been intoxicated.

god SOME of you red sox fans are annoying. Henry, go ahead and say what you want, it is a post board after all...
gobosox420 has been on the rag for two days now.

And I'm not going to take anything for granted until it's officially announced.

well put it this way....question, if the yankees are to get santana, what would work out BETTER for the yankees




OF COURSE you have to give up Buchholz/Ellsbury; the A's already have a bunch of starters that belong at the back of the rotation. Lester would just get shoved into the 4th/5th spot with Gaudin.

Haren isnt going anywhere unless the A's get a Hughes/Buchholz type in return, in addition to other guys. Why else would he dangle a cheap, good, 27-year-old????????

its an opinionated website, people have the right to give their opinions about what it could take to obtain haren, who cares how stupid it is, leave them alone

Mike -- see my post above... i agree we should say so long to cano if it means saving hughes -- we can find another stop gap to play second.

I'm not sure if this is news or not but...


The Yanks have decided to offer the Twins Hughes.

Mike923, my vote (in favor of the Yankees) goes towards option A. They cant afford to make a hole at 2nd, much less give up the only young offensive star they have. I think Kennedy really isnt that far behind Hughes; Ian's more durable and wont throw his arm out of the window. He's a smarter pitcher with worse stuff, but an innings-eater who can work economically like Kennedy is going to be more valuable than a 5 inning pitcher who strikes out 6 and walks 3. Hughes doesnt pitch economically and I dont think that is going to change.

hahaha, nice Game555, nice




Obviously you'd give up the second one if you are New York. It would cost so much less. However, you might spend just as much on all the crack that you'd have to feed to the Twins Front Office to make them change their mind about wanting Hughes AFTER the Yanks have already offered him up.

thats part of the reason Beckett was so good this year: he was able to paint the corner with fastballs and drop a curve occasionally, he didnt try to make guys chase everything. Strike, strike, strike.

The second one is more valuable to New York; if Cano were dealt, Melky would be the only starting postion player on the team under 32. Thats just way WAY too dangerous.


Kennedy has better 3rd and 4th pitches than Hughes.

Hughes has 3-5MPH more on his fastball and a devastating hammer.

@ henry14th

just didnt want to sound like a cocky NYY fan, but thats good insight on your part, i didnt think of Kennedy's secondary stuff

typical yankees fan posts:

we want johan. give us johan. take this pile of dung and give us johan, who can help us win a championship.

then throw in hughes.

what??? hughes? are you kidding? he's an ace of the future! he will help us win championships. why would we want johan, his arm will fall off. i can't believe the yankees are making this trade!!!

yankees fans. the best bunch of hypocrites in sports.

Hey I'm a die hard Bosox fan but if the Yanks get the best hitter and best pitcher in baseball, all in a couple weeks, props to them! Go Sox '08

if youre a Yankees fan who paid any attention to last season and Hughes' outings, you need to realize that hes not capable of going more than 6 innings TOPS. Hes great but he wastes way too many pitches trying to get guys to chase. Very uneconomical, and that wears out the bullpen.

Most yankee fans I know are very uneasy about trading Hughes. I think they're crazy personally, I like Hughes and understand his upside, but it's Johan Santana.


good point, im glad to see somebody agrees; I think its important to realize that Kennedy is no B-prospect, either. He's still one of the best ones. Gallardo, Bailey, Hughes, Chamberlain, Kennedy, Buchholz, Liriano, etc. And if anything, hes the one guy in that group i could see pitching 200 innnings without his arm turning into linguini.

if Hughes is traded, then it would be Melky as the position player traded away?

does that mean Cano would stay?

Kennedy should be a horse.

But I'd much rather have Santana/Hughes/Joba than Santana/Kennedy/Joba.

Just saying. Kennedy on an off day would suffer. Hughes on an off day could still pump 95MPH.

And almost every 21 year old pitcher has control/nibble issues. Heck, Kazmir still has it and no one is going to argue that he's a bad pitcher.


Yea only Yankees fans are homers about their prospects.

Its not like the Red Sox fans screamed that Lester/Ellsbury + was too much.

Its not like Twins fans on this board wanted Broxton/LaRoche from the Dodgers for Nathan.

Oh wait...

actually to answer my own question before, if i am the yankees, i would rather them deal hughes/melky over kennedy/cano.....melky has one of the best arms in the outfield but his fielding isnt great......cano is one of the best 2b in all of baseball

it is much harder to replace a top 2b than it is to replace a good outfielder

i am happy and sad about this trade, happy that the yankees would get arguably the best pitcher in baseball, but sad of course to see a great prospect leave the team

the yankees can have a very good rotation next year, although 2 of the 5 spots (joba,kennedy) have no or little experience

is this a good trade for the Yankees? i would say yes

although of course nothing is official, santana is still a twin as of this post LOL

R.I.P. Evel Knievel

The Rumor of Rolen to Milwaukee lives on. I don't have a link, but it is being discussed on the radio on a few different shows (rosenthal, gammons, etc).
Latest word is Capuano, Mench, and Gwynn Jr to St Louis for Rolen and a RP.

IF, IF this does end up happening...

I bet it was that idiot Hank that pushed for Hughes to be made available.

Cashman's too patient to cave this easily. That and he's protected Hughes ever since he was drafted.

Keeping Kennedy is still good though; with all of your fireballers, you still need that guy whos going to throw innings. Hughes can be throwing great stuff but, from watching this year, i could see that veterans would just let all of the balls pass by and sit on a strike and hit it. Great stuff doesnt mean anything if you cant locate and dont mix it up. I hope Hughes turns out great anyway, and I think he will, but i reiterate that Kennedy is almost as valuable to a staff.


you win your bet.....it WAS hank...cashman was leaning towards against it, but hank spoke


i am not saying "be a homer for your prospects" to anyone. that's fine. but if you want to receive you have to give. and although there are roughly 360ish major league ready pitchers on ML rosters, the pitcher hughes would be going for is #1. not some scrub #2 from some AL West team or a #4 off some NL Central team. the best pitcher in baseball hands down.

you are going to tell me to have him as your opening day pitcher would not be worth philip hughes who has less than one year of ML experience? Sorry, even if I was a yankees fan, i help Hughes pack and remind him to wear a jacket. It gets cold up there.

hank is a fool, he is to head strong, even worse then his father which is hard to believe, for him to go over the GM proves either that or Cashman isnt living up to the standards of what Hank thinks is right and is simply overriding him.

Some Yankees fans are really overvaluing Kennedy
Yes, he's good, but he's more or less a 3rd starter at best, similar to the Cubs' Sean Gallagher

As for a potential rumor, in yesterday's Chicago paper Daily Herald, in the same article you posted about Kaz Matsui going to the Astros it mentioned Jim Hendry was not available for comment because he was in the DR
Any chance he's in there checking out Alexei Ramirez as the LH MI bat he craves?

at least he made Joba an Untouchable. That wouldve been necessary to, like, i dont know, sell tickets next year. Hey, Hank, lets trade Joba and see what happens....... youll probably not be safe walking the streets...... LoL we love Joba JOBA RULES !!!!!!!!!


If push came to shove, I would've included Hughes with Melky and another prospect not named Tabata or Jackson.

But the thing is, the Red Sox were making offers to drive up the price for the Yankees. The Angels are chasing Cabrera. The Dodgers are staring at Joe Torre.

This was a waiting game and everyone knew it. Is Santana worth Hughes? Absolutely.

Is Santana worth Hughes + 25 million dollars? I'm not sure.

I'm not hesitant to give up Kennedy because I'm partial to power pitchers, but Hughes... we Yankees' fans are a bit attached to the fella.

But yes... you're right. Santana is definitely worth giving up Hughes for. I'm just not sure he's worth Hughes + 25.


If they sign Rowand after this I'll be so pissed. Call up Gardner or something.

yes, please look elsewhere for a CF. haha. I need Texas or Chicago to sign Rowand so it leaves A. Jones for my Royals.

theyll give Damon a shot and if Giambi doesnt play well early, theyll not have a problem moving Damon to left, Matsui to DH and Giambi to bench.


You're a Royals fan?!

Wow... I shouldn't be complaining about Santana eh?


A Boston sports radio station is reporting that the Red Sox are very close on a deal that would send LHP john Lester, SS Julio Lugo, mid-level infielder prospect Jed Lowrie and Outfield prospect brandon Moss to the Milwaukee Brewers for LHP Ben Sheets and SS JJ Hardy.
11:00pm EST press conference is scheduled.

Ben Sheets is righthanded buddy


There's no way they just announced that.

The Yankees would immediately drop their offer if they knew Boston was out of the running...

I searched Sheets and Red Sox and nothing came up. The kid just made it up or heard it on one of Boston's bullcrap stations that are more biased than NY. If anything, the New York radio guys like Mike and the MDog dont respect anybody, they dont like Santana that much, think hes fragile. Red Sox land is full of lies and fluffy-cakes, and oh yeah, they get to trade overrated players for superstars there too.

Santana's fragile? I mean I guess he looks kinda thin and frail but tell that to some poor sucker who couldn't decide whether the pitch was a fastball or a circle-change.

Good thing I don't listen to Mike and MDog.

Let us look into the crystal ball and predict how the Santana negotiation plays out. They have already added Hughes reportedly. Then a "mystery team" pops up so the Yankees throw in Cano while Cashman attempts to hang himself from the closet he is locked in. They then sign Santana to an 8 year 200 mil contract.

Couple of questions I still have: The Twins really want Cabrera? (I know this topic has been beaten to death recently but I still am skeptical they really want him opposed to the yankees really wanting them to want him / keep offering him). Second, could the Red Sox blow the deal up/ force NY to up the offer some more by dealing Crisp to Minnesota at a below market deal? It could be worth it to take a slight hit on what they get for Crisp to give hank a chance to add to his infamous reputation he has put together in less than a month.

yeah theyre pretty high on themselves and seem to think that Santana is a self-absorbed guy. Ironic, isnt it?

Apparently, he'll take himself out of a game if he feels its necessary. But Im not arguing - the case in point was his 8 inning, 17 K game or something. Dont want him bustin' his arm for nothing.

"once again people, none of you are gms, none of your opinions (outside of tims) carry any weight"

Uhh isn't the point of this to speculate about what it might take and just to enjoy the unreal offseason this is gonna be. Why do you have to be a dickhead about it. I mean yeah i get that some of the offers are just stupid, then just say that its bullshit and acknowledge the realistic offers. This site without speculated trade offers would be far less appealing.

Yankees are trading the wrong prospect. I would have traded Joba and sold high with him. I don't ever seeing it come alltogether with him as a starting pitcher. Something tells me he's going to be the next A.J. Burnett and not the next ace of the Yankees.

I can where you're coming from, bravesfan. For some reason I get that vibe too, that Joba is just being hyped so much that he's bound to fail. But at the same time, if the worst he'll be is A.J. Burnett, thats pretty damn good. Especially when you're ceiling is probably top 5 pitcher in MLB

Santana isn't "frail." He's actually a tremendous athlete... he was a legit CF prospect when he signed as a teenager, but the Astros liked his arm better on the mound. He's a Gold Glove fielder of his position and even can hit, though he rarely gets the chance to do it.

I'll third the idea. To me it was always odd that thanks to some setup work the Yankees are making Joba off limits but willing to put hughes up?

I would rather give up Hughes than Cano in a deal for Santana. Cabrera and Cano are our only two position players under the age of 32. Hughes projects to be very good but Girardi is a mini Dusty Baker. Look how well Florida's young pitchers did in 2007 after Girardi burned them out in 2006. At best, the most we should expect out of Joba and Kennedy/Hughes is 180IP, if we want them to be effective past the age of 24. If we don't get Santana and Pettitte does not come back at that leaves three essentially rookie SP in the rotation and we will be forced to put extra innings on their arms because we will have Wang, Mussina (who will probably only be able to be effective for about 160-180IP), Joba, Hughes, Kennedy. As such, we need Johan, even if it means giving up Hughes. I like the worst case rotation of Johan, Wang, Joba, Mussina, Kennedy and if Pettitte come back we will have one of the best rotations in baseball.

Besides, we can get Hughes back when he turns 26 or so and the Twins can't afford him.

I basically meaning that Joba will never stay healthy and make 32 starts a year. Remember Clemens is gone and now he can back to his big snacking way without Clemens pushing him and blowup to 260-280 again which he was at college.

"Some Yankees fans are really overvaluing Kennedy
Yes, he's good, but he's more or less a 3rd starter at best, similar to the Cubs' Sean Gallagher"

His stuff is a little better than Gallaghers, but that's a pretty good comparison. Solid pitcher who's good at logging innings.

I hope the Yankees don't get Santana and they save Hughes !!!!

If the Yankees get Santana then the Jays have lost their shot at beating them for the wildcard next year.

Everyone who thinks we're getting Hughes back when he's 26 is delusional.

There's no reason to believe that the Yankees will be as stacked in the farm as they are now. Especially if Cashman leaves.

There's no reason to believe Hughes will come back to the Yankees. They traded him away and he's a Red Sox fan.

So banking on that is ridiculous.

There's no way Cashman goes higher than Hughes, Cabrera + prospects.

I think he draws the line and blocks Hank/Hal from interfering. He's done it before.

I hope Pettite comes back so the Yanks can switch to a 6 man rotation and keep Joba/Kennedy at 150 IP.

Lastly, if Joba gets hurt while starting or isn't suited for it, he's the next closer a la Papelbon.

Being a fat boy does not mean there going to have arm problems. Joba reminds me a lot of Bobby Jenks. Overweight, throws heat, nasty slider and great curve.

"hey tim, i think you missed the biggest thing of the day hahaha, you take a break for 5 minutes and look at what happend"

Yeah, he missed more Johan Santana Rumors. Who the hell would have thunk it.

Checking in on my phone - but because of that can't read everything easily. Did see many post about Loretta maybe meaning Cano is to be included. I imagine someone had to have mentioned it, but isn't it more likely the intrest in M.Lor is because Beitimet (sp?) is going to be included?

Also, you guys seem to act as thou Hughes is doing nothing more than replacing Kennedy in a Ian/Melky/+? Deal ~ are we so sure its not Hughes + Kennedy + Melkey???

Might seem impossible to Yanks fans, but that's really just "2 top prospects + young low-upside ML CFer". When phrased that way, it doesn't seem too nuts at all in my eyes...

Checking in on my phone - but because of that can't read everything easily. Did see many post about Loretta maybe meaning Cano is to be included. I imagine someone had to have mentioned it, but isn't it more likely the intrest in M.Lor is because Beitimet (sp?) is going to be included?

Also, you guys seem to act as thou Hughes is doing nothing more than replacing Kennedy in a Ian/Melky/+? Deal ~ are we so sure its not Hughes + Kennedy + Melkey???

Might seem impossible to Yanks fans, but that's really just "2 top prospects + young low-upside ML CFer". When phrased that way, it doesn't seem too nuts at all in my eyes...

"Yo King, you reiterated the point I already made. One, we won't have to give up Buchholz or Ellsbury"

Knowing Beane you wont have to give up one or the other, you will have to give up both. I dont know what fantasy world you live in that you think Dan Haren is going to be easy to acquire.


I am not suggesting we will get Hughes back but if he becomes a true ace and enters FA because he becomes too costly than we have a shot. He is a class act, especially for a 21 year old. He said he doesn't want to leave the Yankees and said all he wants to be is a Yankee. I have heard that he was a BoSox fan growing up but I think if he gets the chance he would come back to the Yankees in a heartbeat. He said although he doesn't want to leave, he understands this is a business and Johan is a great pitcher. Class act all the way.

HEY WHATS THE DEAL WITH JOHNNY ESTRADA ? Does he suck ? IF someone traded for him, what kind of contract do they need to offer ???


I like the idea of a 5 plus one rotation is Pettitte comes back and assuming we get Johan. Johan every 5th day and everyone else gets an extra day. That would do wonders for our young arms and our old one (Mussina and Pettitte). May have a negative effect on Wang, but he is the Wanger, he'll do whatever we want him to. He has been quoted as saying he wants to be a Yankee for life.

Entering a post on this site is harder than getting into my bank account.

Ah, the poor Yankee fans cling to a fading hope that Cashman still has some semblance of control over this offseason.

Omar is nuts saying these two are in their prime of their careers.


Johnny Estrada notoriously lazy and a horrible defender.


Its the only thing that keeps us sane :D

Yes, everyone wants to be a Yankee. That's why they had to shell out about $400 million to 3 of their own players in the last month.


In the nydailynews article that is posted on the board it states "There is still the possibility the Twins will try to push the Yankees to include Kennedy as well as Hughes, but Yankee sources insist they won't go that far."

I would rather them keep Santana because if we offered up Hughes I would think the Twins would have require the Sox to replace Crisp with Ellsbury or Lester with Bucholz. I don't think the Sox are going to do that, may be wrong but I doubt it. Sox fans thinks Ellsbury is the next Ted Williams.

At first, I was reluctant to trade Hughes. In fact, I was at the Stadium when Clemens fell apart and Hughes came in and dominated.. the only game the Yanks won.

But the fact of the matter is.. if the Yankees could have a rotation of Santana, Wang, Joba, Kennedy and Pettite and/or Mussina.. I would be very confident going into '08. Santana and Wang alone will give you close to 40 wins. Kennedy reminds me of a David Cone-like pitcher. Joba's been a starter his whole career, which doesn't worry me. He's viewed as a potential 20-game winner. And then you have Moose and Pettitte, who can still go strong, barring the couple of months Moose got rocked last year. Happens to the best of them, though.

Correction, I would rather the Twins keep Santana if they required Hughes and Kennedy.

I didn't miss much...basically Olney saying they're leaning towards putting Hughes in becomes they will put him in.

Sorry about the break from the Santana-Yankees talk, but Elijah Dukes just made another push for citizen of the year... "Dukes reacted angrily after being called out on strikes in the ninth inning and was ejected after going chest-to-chest with the umpire, and had to be restrained by several teammates at different times."
I think it might be worth noting that Dukes has had 55 ABs in the Dominican league so far, along with 21 Ks.
On the plus side, he didn't throw a bat..


That's right, everyone wants to be a Yankee because everyone wants to get paid. And in more cases than not they like to get overpaid. I think we could've got A-Rod for 6/160 with four 1 year club options. At least I think we should've started with that to see if he truly wanted to be a "Yankee".

Why do Yankee fans care about how much Santana will cost the team? They drop $400m this off-season and could easily add another $150m-$200m with Johan. Obviously Yankee management doesn't care about money - why should fans.

So the question really becomes, would you rather have Hughes or Santana over the next 6 years? Is that really even a question? Hughes seems like a quality individual and has good stuff but seriously I'm shocked this is even being debated.

As far as losing Melky - big stinking deal. You can replace him with just about anyone else and recapture his production. Sure it will cost money, but again, who cares?

And Kennedy folks IS NOT an anchor in the rotation. When he grades out to be a 3/4 pitcher that means his PEAK is at that level. Expecting anything beyond a 5th starter for the next couple years is overly optimistic. Not quite as optimistic as most Yankee fans predictions around Joba, but close.

Trust me, you want a rotation with Johan in the front and 2 rookies at the back. Having 3 rookies in that rotation is playing with fire. With a payroll around $200m there shouldn't be that many question marks.

"Obviously Yankee management doesn't care about money - why should fans."

Completely agree. It's not your money, and your management decided they could afford to spend that money. You should be ecstatic that you have a front office that is willing to spend inordinate amounts of money in order to win. The spending only benefits you essentially, as long as they continue to win, which they will

Money is really only a factor for teams that operate under a budget.

Basically all teams not located in NY or Boston.

I don't know, Kennedy was pretty impressive this year when he one-hit the Toronto Blue Jays.

Andy Sonnanstine one hit the jays. Then went on to lose the next 7.

Brian Burres, the Orioles long reliever 3 hit the jays, basically shut out the jays on a spot start.

one-hitting the jays was nothing special last year.

If the Jays traded for Johnny Estrada , how long would they have him for ??

I'm just saying, 3 games, 19 innings, 15 Ks, 1-0 record with a 1.89 ERA is a good start for Kennedy.


hughes is an Angel fan, not a red sox fan. he went to foothill high(tustin,CA (OC area)) which is our rival and i remember reading an article in the paper when he was a junior that he would LOVE to play for the Angels and he would do it if he ever got the opportunity.

people on YES network forums reporting ESPN radio saying Nathan is now being brought into the Santana trade. this deal might be getting alot more bigger :)

Bobby Kielty is talking on Eric Byrnes show right now and Eric says if you sign with the Red Sox, you will not get that 500 AB you want. Bobby replied that is why he thinking of other teams and named San Diego as one of the them. Byrnes has a Saturday show on XM Home Plate channel 175 from 12 pm to 3 pm EST. Bobby isnt a fan of steriod guys, said Gaimbi got away without a suspension.

The YES forum people are so damn dumb. They're the most biased fans i've ever interacted with.

Update on ESPN.com says that the Red Sox have changed their offer to the twins for Santana, but doesnt list any specific changes made.

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