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Fukudome, Kuroda, Kobayashi Rumors

Here's a link chock full of rumors involving Japanese ballplayers who might come over to MLB.  It's also loaded with links most of you will not be able to read.

  • Masahide Kobayashi, the 33 year-old righthanded closer, will be represented by SFX.  Fellow free agents Kerry Wood and Jorge Julio are also using that agency, as far as I can tell.
  • Hiroki Kuroda is expected to fill for free agency on Monday.  Since there's no posting fee involved, some have speculated his salary could exceed Daisuke Matsuzaka's.  Matsuzaka will earn an average of $8.66MM per season during his six-year deal, and he also has a full no-trade clause.  The idea of Kuroda earning around $10MM per year jives with earlier remarks from Jason Churchill of Prospect Insider.
  • The deadline to fill for free agency in Japan is November 12th.  Kosuke Fukudome is still undecided about whether to jump over to MLB.  He'll meet with his current team, the Chunichi Dragons, on Monday.  They're expected to make him an offer.  The Hanshin Tigers may also make a play at $20MM over four years, using the money they received from posting Kei Igawa.
  • Some reports indicate that the Yankees may be interested in acquiring Kaz Matsui to play second base if they move Robinson Cano to third.  Doesn't seem likely.   

Special thanks to Tak Iwanaga for translating.


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I don't like it when you purge posts like this :( I get bored and then it's all over at once

I'm not following...

Well, I'm not sure if you do this, but it seems like you do a bunch of entries and then post them all at once when you're done. If you could post it up as soon as you're done with a post, it would be much appreciated.

I just write and immediately post, my friend. Sometimes I write for an hour and a bunch of posts come. Plus it's more of a binge than a purge.


you know i really do not have any ill will towards you, but you have multiple times had criticisms of the site, i mean its an awesome site that tim mostly runs by himself, and he does an excelllent job

If you have such great suggestions, why dont you go and start your own site and do it your own way, but if not, let the man keep up the good work without having to constantly catch flak from you


i have a feeling suddenly that japanese markets arent going to be as high profile as the matsuzaka thing was last year, i just dont see it happening.

I agree with bravesbeast. I have been reading your work, Tim, here on MLBTR for a while (although I have not begun to join in the discussions until recently), and I must say you do an outstanding job. Your posts are informative and insightful and I appreciate all of your hard work. So I guess I'm just saying thanks.

Seriously Tim - you can't write posts based off my schedule? I find it very inconvenient that posts aren't made every hour, on the hour, related to topics that I am interested in.

Seriously, I am amazed at your one man show. Lots of different information from a variety of sources. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Sorry guys. Didn't mean to insult the site, and I really mean that.

I would also like to add that I enjoy this site very much and it is at the top of my favorites list, and that I would go crazy with boredom if not for it. Thanks Tim, for all your very hard work, and that again I am sorry if I downplayed your effort.

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