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Giants Rumors: Feliz, Marte, Molina

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News reports on Brian Sabean's press conference yesterday.  McCovey Chronicles and El Lefty Malo did a nice job dissecting it.

  • Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum aren't going anywhere, and Sabean says there's "too much chatter around the industry" about the pair.  He could've traded one of them for Delmon Young, perhaps.  Sabean will continue to be open-minded but it would probably take a ridiculous offer.
  • Sabean chimes in on Miguel Cabrera.  He thinks the Marlins are asking for way too much, basically.
  • Big name free agents like Andruw Jones or Aaron Rowand are not likely.  Boras still expects $100MM+ for Andruw, according to Buster Olney's sourcesRandy Winn could move back to center, or the Giants will sign a more affordable free agent center fielder.  Jerry Crasnick runs 'em down here - maybe it'll be Kosuke Fukudome, Corey Patterson, or Kenny Lofton, someone like that.
  • Sabean mentions that Pedro Feliz wants a three-year contract that'll never happen.  Unless Feliz gets more reasonable Sabean will explore the trade market.  Andy Marte is said to be on their radar.
  • Henry Schulman tosses out some possible trade targets for third base and outfield: Melky Cabrera, Carlos Quentin, and Garrett Atkins.
  • Not much interest in guys like Dave Roberts, Ray Durham, or Rich Aurilia.  Maybe Sabean shouldn't have signed them in the first place!  Here's a weird one - Baggarly says the Giants almost acquired Carlos Gomez for Bengie Molina last year.  At least that's what I think he says.  Say whaaaat?


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Fukudome would be a nice pickup..

I'd by more than happy with a low level prospect for Durham/Robers. DFA Aurilia.

Marte is not a huge bat...I'd rather try to get Ian Stewart from the Rockies

Stewart would be good. I would like Atkins also.

Trading Lowry and Sanchez could probably bring someone pretty decent in return.

Marte would be a very good player on a rebuilding SF team. His power is for real, if you can deal with the .260-.270 average to go along with it. If he learns to take a few more walks, he'd be a valuable everyday player.

Don't be surprised to see Ian Stewart move to second base now that Kaz has signed with Houston. Besides, SF doesn't have the depth in their system or ML established resources to entice the Rockies to move Stewart.

Actually the Giants did almost land Gomez. But it was a straight up offer for Sanchez. The Giants declined.

Who do the Giants need? The Braves should be interested in Roberts.

SF's trade depth is pitching.


Also Fred Lewis would make a decent 4th OF for any team. Dave Roberts is still Dave Roberts although G's may have to pick up some contract.

----Actually the Giants did almost land Gomez. But it was a straight up offer for Sanchez. The Giants declined.-----

Too many speedy OFs already...we need a power bat

I am a fond believer in taking a chance on Lofton for a year; then trading him when some team needs CF, leadoff, and/or clubhouse leadership. I know DHL makes a joke of it, but it happens often because he is a good player with two important roles.

I wouldn't want to trade Misch, I like him a WHOLE lot more then Sanchez.

I like Misch as well, but he is expendable...

Given our rotation:

1. Zito
2. Cain
3. Lincecum
4. Lowry/Misch/Correia
5. Lowry/Misch/Correia

Anyone of those guys could be packaged for a 3B or a Bat

Marte?? I wish someone would take him from the Tribe, not sure why anyone would want him, hes gonna end up as a life long prospect

Kinda like the how Reds took Brandon Phillips off the Tribe's hands???

"Apr 7,2006 - Traded by Indians to Reds for player to be named later"

I wonder who the next great "Indian to be named later" will be on this one???


What about Votto/Encarnacion to the Giants for a young pitcher or two. Cincy needs a #3 or 4 starter and another arm for the pen, you think they could make a match?

Votto AND Encarnacion??? Or just one for a pitcher or two?

Votto is probably untouchable by the Reds, there is no way they'd deal him for a middle rotation starter or middle relief help. That guy was mashing after his September call-up.

The jury is still out on Encarnacion, but he closed with a hell of a last few months after being jerked around by an incompetent manager for the first few months of the season. Although he would be the easier to replace of the two if you're the Reds.

carolina -

Those are the kind of players the Giants should look at...

Lowry or Sanchez would be the piece to fit...maybe Hennessey for the pen..

The reason Votto is not untouchable and I think tradeable is b/c the reds have so much lefthanded pop with Dunn/Griffey/Hamilton/and soon to be Bruce. A 1b platoon of Hatteberg and Cantu would be sufficient if Votto could bring back Lowry and an arm for the pen in my opinion

I see your point on Votto. Wouldn't the Reds be better off moving Griffey though for some youth?

There are a plethora of teams who would love to get a young first baseman in the mold of Votto, he could be packaged with another player or two for far more than a #3 or 4 starter.

Personally I question whether Griffey would bring much in return other than maybe one good prospect. Maybe something like Griffey and cash to the Cubs for Sean Marshall or Sean Gallagher.

Also, if the Reds were willing to move Votto, I think they would be better off packaging him and either Freel or Hamilton, and try to go after someone of better value. They have a surplus in the outfield and at first base, and itd make more sense to package two guys than trade them seperately. Trading them together would get them maximum value. Just my opinion.

I would think Florida might be interested in a first basemen, since I don't have much faith in Mike Jacobs. Would a deal like Votto and Todd Coffey for Scott Olsen and Kevin Gregg work?

Also, I think a Marte trade would actually be a smart move on the Giants part. Buying low on a guy who still has the potential to be a good 3B is a good idea. If they could get him for someone like Hennessey or Correia I cant see a reason why not to do that. The Indians don't really have a use for him anyways

I thought the Giants would match the reds well b/c they have so much young pitching and are in need of young position players. The Orioles and Bedard I thought fit well also. Maybe Votto/Hamilton/Maloney for Bedard or one of Cain/Lincecum plus a bullpen arm. Griffey chases 600 HR's this year, has 10/5 rights, and is a free agent next year, aka a place holder for Bruce, so they won't move him.

I don't make the move with Florida b/c I personally don't like Olsen. Maybe for Johnson.

I agree that Votto could be packaged for a better starter, but I don't think the Reds will give up any of their pitchers. It would have to be Votto and Hamilton plus a throw in, and with the loss of Griffey, depletes that earler mentioned left handed power.

Now if that deal were for Dan Haren, I would jump all over it.

But, since this is about the Giants, what would it take to get Cain from them?


I think it'd be great to get Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum, but honestly it would definately take at least Jay Bruce. They wouldn't move one of the big two for Votto. At least they shouldnt..

Giants said no to Cabera/Delmon Young/Carl Crawford when teams wanted Cain or Lincecum....they are untouchable

I could think about 4-5 trades the Reds could offer the Giants to get Cain.

They need young position players thats exactly what the Reds have to offer.

Well yeah, the Reds have the best prospect in baseball in Jay Bruce. They could move him for just about any young guy they wanted.

Well, hes untouchable. Hes not going anywhere.

I dont think a package of EE, Votto and one or both of Stubbs and Janish would be that bad of an offer for Cain.

I'm still hoping the can get Balentein and Clement from the Mariners...

That would give us a solid young bat and great Catcher to back up Bengie and take over in the future..

Thats what i was getting at, Jay Bruce is and should be untouchable, so the odds of a Cain trade are extremely unlikely. I feel like if the Giants were to move one of them, they would want a surefire elite position guy. I'm talking Justin Upton, Bruce, Hanley Ramirez, Ryan Braun, those kind of guys. I can't see any team prying one of those guys loose with a package surrounding mostly around quantity, like Votto, Encarnacion, Stubbs/Janish. The only way I could see a deal like that happening between those two teams would be if the Reds offered Votto, Encarnacion, and either Homer Bailey or Johnny Cueto. In that case, I could see it.

"I'm still hoping the can get Balentein and Clement from the Mariners..."

I think it'd be closer to Adam Jones and Jeff Clement. If they got the two guys you just said, then they would be getting full out fleeced by Bavasi. And thats really hard to do.

It was rumored earlier Lowry/Hennessey for Balentein and Clement...I'd take that in a heartbeat.

Sabean has stated that they will listen on Cain/Lincecum but it would have to be a crazy one sided trade. I wouldn't give up either for Cabrera being that we have them under CHEAP contracts for years whereas Cabrera can walk after 09...

Pacman plays baseball now??


"It was rumored earlier Lowry/Hennessey for Balentein and Clement...I'd take that in a heartbeat."

I comlpetely agree, that'd be a fantastic deal for the Giants. I was talking about moving Cain or Lincecum for those guys. If they can get them for Lowry, then Sabean should jump on that. He still needs to make up for that Pierzynski trade. They could've had a rotation of Cain, Lincecum, Liriano, Lowry, Bonser. It wouldn't even matter that they couldn't hit.

scribble, why you gotta hurt me like that??

AJ trade will haunt us forever....lol

Because as a Cubs fan I've gone through the same.. You traded away your future top pitching prospects, with ours their arms just fall off (i.e. Prior, Wood). Man what about a rotation of Zambrano-Prior-Wood-Rich Hill-Lilly.. If all those guys were healthy then you'd basically have had 2 #1 starters, a #2 starter, and 2 #3 starters..

I like the Marte idea, as someone on here stated previously, buying low here would be a nice low risk/high reward situation the giants need to get back to being competitive again. Maybe Brian Wilson or Tyler Walker for Marte would work.

The Reds talk is absurd b/c the Reds are not dealing any of their top power bats. They are trying to do the same things the giants are trying to do.

The Mariners are the perfect team to deal with. Adam Jones will not be moved, and is untouchable. Clement and Balentein are both blocked by other players/prospects and the M's need starting pitching. A Lowry/Sanchez for Clement/Balentein works for both teams in talent and money and positions of need.

"I like the Marte idea, as someone on here stated previously, buying low here would be a nice low risk/high reward situation the giants need to get back to being competitive again. Maybe Brian Wilson or Tyler Walker for Marte would work."

I agree that buying low on Marte would be a smart move, but i dont think the Giants would move Wilson. As far as I know he's slated in as their closer and i wouldn't think they would want to fill one hole by making a new one. But if they could get him for Tyler Walker then yeah that could possibly be a brilliant move if Marte can ever find his swing. The guy has 30 HR power potential still, even if he hasnt panned out yet.

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