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Mets Acquire Estrada For Mota

UPDATE: Non-tendering Estrada is still an option for the Mets, but they've unloaded Mota's contract.  The Mets may shop around for better options, knowing they have an adequate fallback.  According to Jamey Newberg, the Mets found the asking prices for trade targets Gerald Laird and Ramon Hernandez to be unacceptable.

The Mets found their catcher today in the person of Johnny Estrada.  To get him from the Brewers, Omar Minaya only had to surrender Guillermo Mota.

It was a swap of a couple of unwanted guys.  The Brewers would've non-tendered Estrada rather than pony up $4MM+ for him.  However they'll probably plop down something close to that for Jason Kendall, who is superior to Estrada only in the intangibles department.  Doug Melvin offered Estrada to the Mets while naming six different players he'd accept in return.

Mota was actually decent in terms of his 2.6 K/BB ratio this year, but he was hittable and home run prone.  Maybe the Brewers can make something of him, though at $3.2MM it's a slightly pricey gamble.  Mota of course brings more steroid stigma to Milwaukee's pen, which already has Derrick Turnbow.   


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I like it for the Mets. They get someone possibly worth taking a risk on that they can platoon with Castro.

Mota actually picked it up down the stretch believe it or not, but he is quite unwanted. He's a bit sheepish on the mound sometimes, and at times it seems like hitters can read him like a book. His stuff is good, mid 90s fastball and good changeup, but it seems like the fastball must not have enough movement to fool anyone and that he must project the changeup in his delivery.

He's really only been remotely good down the stretch in 2006, which is of course right before he got busted for steriods. He didn't really lose velocity after that, but even if it was only a month or two he never posted a stretch like he did in 2006 again.

That is, that's the only time he's been good since his Dodger days.

6 players he'd accept in return? And one of them was Mota? God damn...

Love this deal. Great platoon partner for Castro, and I expect Estrada will have a much better SB% next year with a healthy arm.

So not only do the Mets lose an overpaid scrub pitcher, but we get our platoon partner for Castro in the same deal...

Trade of the century?

Im a braves fan and just saw this deal and I must say thats a great move for the Mets. I didn't know that Estrada was even available. I think hes definitley capable of hitting .300 and driving in 75 or so. Im a little stunned. Congrats Mets fans, I was hoping they'd overpay to bring back LoDuca again but Minaya knows what the heck hes doing

good god, you all do realize Estrada hit .278/.296/.403 last year, right? he's the Pedro Feliz of catchers, minus the defense, power, and half the walks. and if his arm isn't 100%, Rollins/Ramirez/Victorino are going to run wild over the Mets.

I mean, it's certainly not a bad move. sure beats shelling out 4 years for Torrealba. but get a little perspective here.

My first child will be named "Omar".

ae, you sound like you feel all catchers hit .278, which Estrada did in an injury plagued season. I don't what the exact stats are off the top of my head but I imagine that there weren't more than 3 full time catchers in the NL that hit higher than that mark. And thats below Estrada's life time BA by the way. He's also hit over .300 a few times and has driven in more than 70 twice.

It's a good gamble; I think he'll be healthy next year and have a better year at the plate. When you've tolorated Paul LoDuca's hitting for, what is it, three years now, Estrada probably won't be seen as a major step down.

This is not a bad trade. Mets dont really give up anyone and they get a decent starting catcher. I looked at lo duca's and estrada's numbers the last 3 years. They are similar.

"ae, you sound like you feel all catchers hit .278"

So you're just going to use batting average and RBI's? How 1970's of you.

While it's true Estrada had the third best batting average of catchers with at least 300 at bats he was 14th in OBP of 16 in OBP and 7th of 16 in SLG%.

Many Brewers fans couldn't wait to get him off the team for anything. He didn't hustle running the bases, was horrible at blocking pitches, couldn't throw anybody out and even on easy pitches couldn't make a simple catch to keep the ball in front of him.

I'm not sure about Kendall coming to the Brewers. If he's the same as last year this is even worse than keeping Estrada but I suppose it's worth a shot.

Here's what Brewers GM Doug Melvin had to say after the trade.

We're just looking for more of an energy level and a catcher who works well with pitchers."

This is, as stated before, change for the sake of change. I don't think other brewer fans are going to realize how decent of a job Estrada did. He WAS hurt most of the year... the Brewers are going to get .230 production out of the catchers spot next year, with or without Kendall. That's the energy level you're looking for Dougie?

As a brewer fan, I despise this deal.
We got a guy who is good sometimes, and terrible other times. We got a guy busted for performance enhancing drugs. We got a guy whose fans hated him. We got a guy whose blowing of key games may have cost his team a playoff berth

Simply put. We just traded for Derrick Turnbow.

I'm a Mets fan and I liked Mota.

He was a high risk/high reward guy. If not for the risk, we would have had to pay him triple what we paid him.

Now we have that same risk/reward type player at a position of greater need for us right now, that's why I like it.

Mota has nasty stuff and it wouldn't shock me to see him post a 3.50 ERA at all. I like the deal tho becuz we needed a catcher more right now.

Hopefully Duaner is ready to go.

He was horrible while with the DBacks. Not in terms of production with the stick, he actually did really well there, but in the way he got along with pitchers.

I think it's a horrible idea to have a catcher on the team that fights with the pitchers. We heard constant rumors of him being impatient with young pitchers.

As much as I hate the Mets good job. i'm not congradulating them for getting Estrada (he's not better than Torreabla) but getting rid of Mota was very smart. The Brewers must be total idiots.

Melvin: "We'll give you Estrada for any one of the following; Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Milledge, Gomez or Mota."

Minaya: "Lets go with Mota."

Melvin: "Deal."

RE:"He was a high risk/high reward guy. If not for the risk, we would have had to pay him triple what we paid him."

Mota will 3.2 mil this year. Are you suggesting that without the risk he would be making nearly 10 mil a year as a middle reliever? Seriously?

In terms of years he got a 2 year deal where he was suspended for the first third of the season...so for 1.66 years of service he received 5 mil. Not a bad racket for a admitted cheater.

As a mets fan im glad this occurred. The catcher market is dry this year so this was the high end of talent available...and the price was minimal. No draft pick compensation (barrett was mentioned but type A FA), a one year committment, and a switch hitter, which would be good to platoon with Castro.

Dear Brewers Fans,

Please get ready to enjoy pur baserunning all over your team. 2nd base will be stolen 3 times a game. Kendall better have about a .450 OBP to make up for how many people are going to be running all over you.

Yep all those stolen bases allowed sure hurt the Padres and their staff didn't they?


You make it sound like Estrada was an ace at throwing out runners. He flat out sucked. I would find it hilarious if the Mets made this trade, and then non-tendered Estrada to get a different catcher. He's a horrible clubhouse presence who is really lazy. Overall this was a below average trade for both teams that was made to get rid of two players neither team wanted anymore.

the asking price is too high for Laird and Hernandez?
what would be the asking prices for both Laird and Hernandez?
(i would think Laird is cheaper than Hernandez.)
if the Jays wanted to trade for one of these, who would they have to give up??

I'm not saying Estrada was good at throwing out runners...I'm just saying you are about to sign the worst in the league.

That I agree with. The potential Kendall signing is confusing to me. I guess he's a better play caller but teams will still have a field day running on him.

As a Phillies fan, this is fantastic. The Flyin Hawaiian and J-Roll are going to have a field day running on this chump of a catcher. He had one good year in ATL at the plate and has always been horrific throwing out runnners and a terrible club house presence.

Hey Mets, you should have kept LoDuca...slightly better at throwing out would be bast stealers and a very hard out to get. I hated seeing him come up to the plate, he was hard to strikeout and a great contact hitter.

Thanks Omar.

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