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Odds and Ends: Fukudome, Boras, Encarnacion

Let's kick the day off with an Odds and Ends post.  Daylight savings time means one more hour of rumorage.

  • Bruce Miles loves the idea of Kosuke Fukudome manning right field for the Cubs.  He notes that Fukudome would please both the stathead and old-school factions of the team's management.
  • Peter Abraham says Yankees fans should not blame Scott Boras for Alex Rodriguez's departure and demands.  The player still calls the shots.  By the way, Tyler Kepner feels bad about the way things ended with the Yankees and could try to make good by giving a $30MM discount.  Kepner's article also indicates that Andy Pettitte's Wednesday deadline for his player option could easily be extended.
  • Haven't heard this one much for the Yanks' third base vacancy: Edwin EncarnacionKat O'Brien suggests it.  How about for Ian Kennedy?
  • Yorvit Torrealba's agent has talked to the Blue Jays and Marlins.  The Jays don't seem to make sense.
  • I had a random idea - could Michael Barrett be signed on the cheap and then moved back to third base by the Yankees, Twins, or Phillies?


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If the soox dont resign lowell which idt they will i think they might consider going after fukudome to play 3rd

I don't know about Kennedy for Edwin.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not overvaluing Kennedy. I'm just not sure about Encarnacion. Is he closer to the 3B that hits .320 with a 900+ OPS or the one that hits .250 with a 750 OPS?

He's had equal number of months on both. If it's the first, I'd give up Kennedy.

Not sure the Yanks want to risk getting another player from Japan after the Kei Igawa experiment. Not to say they wouldn't try... but maybe they would be a little more cautious after their number 3 starter for half the year blew up in their faces.

I don't see the Yanks trading Kennedy for Encarnacion. Is he really better than betemit? If hes not the yanks basically would have given up kennedy for no reason.

Kennedy is already more valuable than Encarnacion. Try Encarnacion + A-level prospect.

How come Kennedy is more valuable? He has made like 4 starts. Edwin, while not great, has shown the ability to be a very solid 3B. He is still very young also. If not a couple bad months, Edwin was very solid. He batted atleast .285 in 4 out of 6 months. I think that seems like a fair trade. The Yankees cant just get players without giving up crap, and outside NY, people arent so high on Ian. I agree, I would rather just keep Betemit, but if they didnt have him Edwin for Kennedy is reasonable.

Didn't Barrett shift to catcher because he was a poor fielder at 3d base?

yeah.. Kennedy for edwin and votto makes more sense.

Edwin Encarnacion has the potential to be an elite hitting third baseman. He is the best clutch hitter in the Reds lineup and played really well all the way around after being demoted shortly last season. I like him a lot and if a trade like this got worked out, I think it would benefit both teams as the Reds have viable internal options in Freel/Keppinger (although I was looking forward to EE manning third for a long time). I guess I'm a little mixed on the idea of this, but Votto AND EE is way too much for Kennedy.

Votto and Encarnacion for Ian Kennedy would be an awful trade for Cincinnati. Both Edwin and Votto have the potential to be stud hitters, and Kennedy's ceiling as a starter is probaby 2-3 at best. I agree with Redsfan, EE and Votto is way too much for Kennedy

Why trade for a 3B? Wilson Betemit gives you power from both sides of the plate. He just needs to show some patience and he needs to be given the ABs. The Yanks stole Betemit from LA, and they should at least give him an opportunity to play everyday. Why do they need to give up Damon for Crede? Or Kennedy for Encarnacion? If NYY does anything this offseason, they should try to upgrade their pitching.


Upgrade pitching? Who're they going to get?


The Yankees need young hitters more than anything else.

Yorvit Torrealba would make a great fit for the Jays! I don't know what you mean. Both he and Zaun would be ideal playing 70-90 games and could be a formidable platoon.

Betemit is the bomb! That's why he was moved for a reliever with his arm falling off. Plus the Dodgers had so many other great options at 3B ...

And for all those Dodger haters who bash Colletti, the Braves gave up on this guy as well. For having so much talent, the only people who really believe in him are guys who haven't seen him play. You look at SLG % over a small number of AB's and drool.

He may turn out OK but Yankee fans are putting him down as a lock. The poor guy who never got a chance to show what he was made of.

As for Kennedy, the guy projects to be a 4/5 in most scouting reports. Contrary to Yankee belief, that is not a highly valuable prospect.

Yorvit Torrealba would make a great fit for the Jays! I don't know what you mean. Both he and Zaun would be ideal playing 70-90 games and could be a formidable platoon.

Henry14theking: What do you call Betemit? Cano? Cabrerra? Those guys will do fine at their position. The Yanks one weakness has been pitching. Of course Santana is a long shot, but thats when good GMs get creative. The NYY rotation is shitty...period. The free agent SP market is horrible this year, and there ar teams willing to part with decent pitching.

The yanks staff isn't as bad as people think. The thing is there's no way you can judge the rotation because 3 starters are rookies. Hughes and Chamberlain showed that they have the potential to be big. As for Kennedy i don't see what there's not to like. He did great in the minors. I just wish he could have gotten more starts in the majors, because the starts he had were great.

bjsguess is right. And all Colletti had to give up for Betemit was a struggling Danny Baez and Willy Aybar, who has seen more bottles of booze than baseball bats.

Colletti made the mistake of giving Nomar a two year deal with a no-trade clause. The Dodgers brought Andy LaRoche up too early. Brett Tomko, Mark Hendrickson, and Roberto Hernandez all struggled in the bullpen. Ned thought he had options at 3B, so Betemit became expendable. The funny thing was, Betemit had just as mant HRs as Jeff Kent and Luis Gonzalez in far less ABs.

Something has to be wrong with Betemit. He put up some good power numbers with decent on base skills with the Dodgers, albeit in limited at bats. He was also highly regarded in Atlanta. For 3 teams to give up on him in 3 years, I smell something going on behind the scenes. Maybe he has a shitty attitude and a horrible work ethic.

EE was a top prospect for the Reds 2 years ago. His rookie season he hit well, but with little power and missed time and played injured. He still hit well, and despite being sent down, he came back and still put up good numbers. He cut down on his errors and has been fielding very well lately.

EE for Kennedy would be dead even in my opinion, maybe worse for the Reds since EE is semi-proven.

I was under the impression that Torrelba was just as bad at throwing out runners as Zaun is. If anything he's just a young guy, with a decent bat, but not a guy to count on for the next 3-4 years while blocking Thigpen

It's not Zaun, it's the pitchers.. but thats what comes with the best pitching staff in the league. Look at Molina's stats when he was in Toronto. He dropped about 12% from his years before and after.

As for Torrealba, a right shoulder injury hurt his throwing this season but he is normally good. Thigpen isn't really a blue chipper either.. more of a future utility man. He can play the infield too.

Brandon Phillips was robbed this week...


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