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Rockies Talking To Redman, Trachsel

UPDATE, 11-30-07 at 11am:  Troy E. Renck spoke to Dan O'Dowd, who indicates the Rox are not close on Redman or Trachsel.  They like that pair, but Brett Tomko and Jason Jennings continue to catch O'Dowd's eye.

FROM 11-29-07 at 2pm:

According to Tracy Ringolsby, the Rockies already have their 2008 rotation picked out: Aaron Cook, Jeff Francis, Ubaldo Jimenez, Franklin Morales, and Jason Hirsh.  Of course, counting on each to make 30 starts would be folly.  With that in mind, Dan O'Dowd is looking for some veteran filler.  Specifically, he's trying to sign Mark Redman and Steve Trachsel.  Trachsel in particular would like to become a Rockie.

Trax is 37; he pitched 159 innings over 29 starts in 2007.  He's always working out of a jam, given the amount of baserunners he puts on.  And he definitely pitches to contact.  Whenever a pitcher walks more than he whiffs, that's not good.  The Cubs deemed him to be worth less than $4.75MM, declining his '08 option for that amount.  I'm thinking one year, $3MM.

Redman will be 34 in January.  At one point he could almost be called an innings-eater, but the lefty doesn't appear to have much left in the tank.

The Rockies have also been linked to Matt Clement, Cliff Lee, Brett Tomko, Jason Jennings, and Ian Snell this winter.


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Redman was suppose to be a nice fill in when Hampton went down again. He got LIT up in ATL and i can only imagine him in COL. the few starts he made in ATL were pretty painful to watch, maybe the change of scenery will do him good ha

Dear god, why would anyone even think about Mark Redman. I really, REALLY wanted to like him after hearing his "comeback" story when the Braves picked him up last year, but the guy is terrible--he has horrible mechanics, he walks guys, he gives up lots of long fly balls... Sending him to Coors field is possibly the worst thing you could do.

Trachsel might walk a lot of guys and "pitch out of jams," but he doesn't give up homer after homer after homer. Given the two, I'd say the choice is obvious.

Redman only managed to eat 1 or 2 innings per start with Atlanta, who stuck with him for way too long. I would love to see him pitch at Coors, his ERA would be monstrous.

Jason Jennings or Matt Clement would make a lot more sense. Jennings has pitched in Colorado before, making him the favorite between the two. Clement would also be a good option because he would probably take less money than Jennings.

Redman was absolutely ripped in Atlanta last year: 28 ER in 21.7 IP! Somehow, he pitched 20 innings, posted a 3.20 ERA and won two games with the Rockies. He'll be a cheap sign but over the course of an entire season, I wouldn't count on him.

i could be wrong so bare with me ... i read a year ago that one of the reasons clement left the NL to go to the AL was to get away from batting due to his asthma .when he would run the bases it would zap his energy level and make it even more difficult to pitch . if that is so , wouldn't colorado be the last place he would want to pitch ?

The though of Trachsel pitching in Coors field gives me goose bumps. In a bad way.

Trachsel had a sub 3.50 ERA at the break if I remember right. If he limits his innings, which I think he will as a 6th starter/relief, he could be really valuable.

As for Redman, I could see a couple of bad starts, or having one game where you pitched one inning and gave up 7 runs, but every start for the Braves was terrible. You could count on a loss. Coors Field won't help a bit. I usually don't want to see people or a team bomb, but this could be record breaking bad, and it would serve the Rox and Redman right.

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