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Rosenthal's Latest: Peavy, Guillen, Barrett

Ken Rosenthal checks in with another fine rumor-filled column.

  • Johan Santana doesn't seem a great fit for the Angels, partly because he'll be very expensive and the Halos actually do have a payroll limit.
  • Jake Peavy knows he'd have to take a discount to stay in San Diego...but even a $15MM per year type deal would be unprecedented for them.  He's under the Padres' control through '09.
  • Rosenthal's sources are divided on whether the Mets will go after Jose Guillen.  Such a scenario is possible if Lastings Milledge and/or Carlos Gomez are dealt.  It's said that the Mets are still very interested in Livan Hernandez.
  • Chase Headley is very popular.  Rosenthal confirms Scott Miller's rumored offer of Xavier Nady and Nate McLouth for him, not that the Padres would consider it.  Otherwise the Red Sox are asking for him for Coco Crisp.
  • The Padres will probably offer arbitration to both Mike Cameron and Michael Barrett.  That brings the risk that Barrett accepts, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  • We already knew the Padres and Rays were in on Geoff Jenkins; add the Phils to the mix.  The Cubs, Giants, Rangers, and Royals have also been linked to him.


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If the Redsox are asking for chase headley in exchange for coco crisp, he can stay as far away from atlanta as far as im concerned. The yankees probably would ask the same for melky cabrera in terms of value, and the royals are said to be wanting a lot for dejesus. Josh Anderson becomes more and more appealing.

can someone please explain to me how anyone can consider taking Crisp for a major player?

The Sox are making it a complete priority to move him to make room for Ellsbury...doesn't this completely depreciate his value as a trade chip?

Regardless of his former hitting talent, good defense, whatever -- the Sox are desperate to get rid of him, otherwise he rides the bench and they eat $5mill, or Ellsbury doesn't get to start consistently...

Because they can afford to keep him as a 4th outfielder, the Sox don't NEED to trade Crisp. They have, however made it known that they are looking to trade him, which does lower his value slightly. However, there are many teams looking for golg glove caliber, relatively cheap center fielders, who can steal 30 bases (Tex, ChiSox, Pads, ATL, Minn). When Rowand is looking for 80+ million dollars, Coco has plenty of value.

That said, no way does he bring a prospect like Headley.

I thought San Diego already laughed at the Sox offer of Crisp for Headley.

Since San Diego is interested in Crisp whats everyones take about this trade:

Coco + Lester + Bowden + prospect for Peavy.

It would give san diego an outfielder they need, a lefty, and two prospects. i think they know they wouldnt be able to hold onto him unless he takes a significant pay cut in 09. think san diego would part with him? thoughts?

Punch -- i see your points and totally agree..

I just meant that what team takes him for a stud pitcher like Santana, or a top prospect like Headley.

He's got trade value definitely - due to the high prices of the CF's which are ridiculous... but if you're trading a franchise player - there is no way you can take someone else's 4th outfielder as a major piece. That's just absurd.

San Diego i feel is in the same spot -- they have control of Peavy until 2009 and can definitely get prospects that hash out to be better than Crisp...and dont cost the $5million albeit it a good price.

Mr. Punch is exactly right, when you have something that a bunch of teams want you can demand a high price, but there is a difference between high and insane(headley level in this case.)

"Coco + Lester + Bowden + prospect for Peavy."

Are you proposing this trade with a window for extension, or without?

How is $15mil/year for Peavy unprecedented for the Padres? They pay Maddux $9-10mil/year and Peavy is 5X better.

that was a one year, low risk deal for Maddux.

There is no way Peavy signs for less than 5 years given the current market.

What's the last 75-90mill contract San Diego dished out? hah

That trade proposal would have to come with a window for extension.

think something like that could work?

I think if you make it Coco, Buchholz, low level prospect, w. extension -- the Pads take it.

The Sox clearly realize Lester doesn't have ace stuff and trying to pawn him off after his solid post-season while they can sell high... Peavy is up there with Santana, not including ellsbury or buchholz would be a regrettable decision.

I do however think Haren can be had for a little bit less than Peavy/Santana based on stats -- but his salary affordability can be a sell point for Beane too..

I don't see this deal happening at all for San Diego. Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez are quickly becoming the faces of the franchise now that Trevor Hoffman is coming to the end of his career. Signing him long term is already something being hammered out. Having him win the CY this year really only helps him stay in SD, as the fans will riot if he were dealt for prospects now. A couple of hot name rookies will not change that.
Khalil Greene is probably the only suspect for trade, as he has never been the favorite for the front office.

The Red Sox can afford to keep Crisp but if they do his trade value will plummet. Not getting AB's will make it hard to teams to evaluate the talent. That's why they want to move this off-season.

To land Peavy you will need to put together a package that is superior to Santana's. You can't just offer a pitcher who projects to be as good as Peavy + a mediocre CF. Why would the Pads do that?

They are much better off holding on to the guy and being competitive for 2 years.

If we traded away our #1 prospect for coco i would punch towers in the face. but i doubt he is dumb enough to do that. our payroll was low last year and will be low again this year to set us up to give peavy his 5yr85mil deal.

I still say we trade away a bullpen arm for willtis from Ana.

cla for willtis?

I don't get why the Braves would even consider acquring any of those guys. Their farm system is loaded with fantastic outfield talent. Jordan Shafer, their CF of the future, might be ready by midseason, and he most likely will end up becoming a star. Meanwhile, they not only have Shafer, but they have Francoeur locked in for RF and two other great prospects in the minors in Brandon Jones and Gorkys Hernandez.

Any sort of long term CF option should be eliminated immediately.

Two years of Jake Peavy at $17.5 million total is worth much more than one year of Johan Santana at his higher salary. You'd have to offer Buchholz+Ellsbury+something else to get the Padres to make that deal.

"Two years of Jake Peavy at $17.5 million total is worth much more than one year of Johan Santana at his higher salary. You'd have to offer Buchholz+Ellsbury+something else to get the Padres to make that deal."

Peavy is NOT worth Buchholz AND Ellsbury AND another guy, if Santana isn't worth either one. I understand that Peavy is under control through '09, one more year than Johan, but that difference isn't nearly the difference between Lester-Crisp-Lowrie-Bowden and Buchholz-Ellsbury-another guy. I think a more realistic offer would be something like:
Sox get: Peavy
Pads get: Ellsbury, Lowrie, Bowden, Masterson
Pads get: Buchholz, Crisp, Lowrie, Bowden

You could probably get one or the other, but no way in hell you get both of them. Red Sox Nation would be furious if they deal both of 'em

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