Sosa Wants $7MM

Sammy!  Sammy Sosa apparently misplaced a decimal point today, declaring that he wants a $7MM contract for 2007.  OK, that’s not fair.  He’s worth more than $700K.  He did post a better slugging percentage than the average DH, with a .468 mark.

However, the average DH also had a .355 OBP in 2007.  Sammy was at .311.  He hit .328/.410/.613 against lefties and .222/.267/.410 against righties.

Idea time!  GMs in the audience, you can thank me later.  If you’re an AL team with an open DH slot, sign Sammy for $4MM.  Then trade for Scott Hatteberg.  You’ve got a $6MM DH combo right there.  Sosa only faces lefties, Hatteberg only faces righties.  If this pair had been combined like that in 2007, you’d have gotten a .324/.411/.524 line from your DH spot.  Booyah!  Where else are you going to get a .900 OPS for that price?      

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