Stark’s Latest: Santana, Hamilton, Snell

Ah, a new Rumblings and Grumblings from Jayson Stark.  Let’s dig in.

  • It sounds like the Yankees would discuss Phil Hughes and the Red Sox might part with one of Ellsbury/Lester/Buchholz to acquire Johan Santana.  The acquiring team would need an extension window though.  The Mets are in on Santana big-time and would have to give up Carlos Gomez and then some.  If the Twins do trade Santana, they would probably hang onto Matt Garza.  But otherwise Garza could be traded for a young hitter, as we’ve been hearing.
  • The Fish want four 0-3 players for Miguel Cabrera, pretty much the names we’ve been tossing around here at MLBTR for a while.
  • The Marlins would ask for two 0-3 guys for Dontrelle Willis, but aren’t inclined to trade him unless they’re blown away.  Stark names the Mets, Mariners, and D’Backs as suitors.  So think Gomez, Adam Jones, or Carlos Gonzalez.
  • The Orioles and Cardinals don’t want to eat any money on Miguel Tejada and Scott Rolen, respectively.  The Cards were asking for too much from the Yanks for Rolen – one of their top three young pitchers (you know the trio).
  • The Reds are willing to trade Ryan Freel or Josh Hamilton to clear space for Jay Bruce
  • Ian Snell could be available.  It’s not the first time his name has appeared in the rumor mill.  Hell, Snell for Hamilton kind of makes sense.

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