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The LaTroy Hawkins Derby

Wow, who knew 35 year-old reliever LaTroy Hawkins would be such a hot commodity?

  • It started when the Rockies decided on October 31st that Hawkins was not worth a net of $3.5MM for one year.  In hindsight that might've been one to exercise.  The Rockies still hope to sign Hawkins but for one year.
  • The Tigers have had preliminary dialogue with Hawkins' agent, with a two-year, $7MM deal the demand.  Detroit has backed off on Octavio Dotel and expect David Riske to finalize his deal with the Brewers soon (the Crew had interest in Hawkins before getting Riske).  As for Jeremy Affeldt, the Tigers have "mild interest." 
  • The Yankees are another team known to be targeting Hawkins.  Troy E. Renck throws the Rangers into the mix as well.


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I am so confused... Hawkins? am i thinking of the same guy. why is he drawing so much attention? he is not that good.

wow that sounds weird to read the phrase "LaTroy Hawkins derby" hahhaha latroy freakin hawkins has a slew of teams after him... what's next? the cubs win the world series??? hahah

hey, be nice now! obviously the next thing to happen is hell to freeze over, then the cubs win the WS.

Why hasnt Ed Wade signed this guy yet?

*depressing sigh*

He'd be a nice fit with the Reds... somewhere in line with a 4 year/$46mm deal.

Sheesh, who knew teams coudln't come up with a one inning pitcher through their farm systems?

BTW... if anyone searches for LaTroy Hawkins on Facebook, they can join the dozens of people who have already joined the LaTroy Hawkins Fan Club Facebook Group.

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