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Tigers Sign Kenny Rogers

UPDATE, 11-30-07 at 10pm:  The deal is believed to be for $8MM, which seems a fair price.

FROM 11-30-07 at 11am:

The Tigers put out a press release this morning; they've reached an agreement with Kenny Rogers on a one-year deal.  I imagine it's around $9-10MM.  Rogers amicably parted with Scott Boras prior to negotiating the deal himself.

This takes the Tigers out of the running for various available starters such as Carlos Silva and Hiroki Kuroda.


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Comerica favors lefty-hitters given how much shorter it is to right-centre and right-field than it is to left-centre and left-field, so 3 lefties in the rotation is smart.

Rogers is not worth 9+mill, that is why I am glad the Tigers signed him.

White Sox Fan.

$8 seems like a decent price. If that's the going rate for a Colon type pitcher then this is money well spent.

I think this deal is solid. The Tigers needed a pitcher, and I would rather have Kenny Rogers on a 1 year deal than Kyle Lohse for 5. It just seems like a lot of the long term deals being handed out these days are like traps, the guy lives up to expectations for 2 years, then disappoints for 3. Signing an older guy to a 1 year deal seems more logical. Verlander, Bonderman, Robertson, Rogers and Andrew Miller will make a very good rotation. And when Rick Porcello takes Rogers' spot in the rotation, then the rest of the AL Central is screwed. I'm not sure i've ever seen four more talented pitchers in a rotation then that of Verlander, Bonderman, Miller and Porcello. How could they ever lose a playoff series when you have essentially 4 guys that could be aces on most staffs.

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