Yankees Aiming Higher Than Crede

According to Ken Davidoff of Newsday, the Yankees aren’t likely to trade for Joe Crede.  They’re aiming for bigger fish like Mike Lowell, Adrian Beltre, Miguel Cabrera, and Scott RolenGarrett Atkins has been deemed unavailable.  Additionally, Kenny Williams hopes to deal Crede relatively quickly and the Yankees are in no rush to fill their third base vacancy.  Maybe the Phillies will jump into the fray for Crede.

Lowell at least won’t involve giving up young talent.  But there are some questions about how he’d hit away from Fenway.  And we’re talking four or even five years to lure him.  Beltre would be a fine acquisition and is affordable, though I don’t know why the Mariners would part with him.  And the Ms would want at least one blue-chipper, I’d imagine.  The Yanks would have to mortgage tons of young talent for Cabrera.  Davidoff’s dark horse, Rolen, suddenly makes the most sense.  It would be a salary dump and a health risk, but 3/36 isn’t that scary for the Yanks.  And it’s less than Lowell would sign for.

Davidoff has a tidbit at the end of his column, a one-liner, that the Yanks are likely to re-sign Mariano Rivera at three years, $40MM soon.  I’m surprised Newsday didn’t call more attention to that part. 

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