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Zrebiec On O's and Free Agents

The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec was recently named Rumor Royalty for the Orioles.  Jeff answered a few questions for MLBTR.

MLBTR: Andy MacPhail has said he doesn't expect to be in on many free agents, but there was a rumor that the O's are entertaining Jose Guillen [note: written prior to debunking]. Do you expect them to spend any money on free agents this winter?

Zrebiec: First, the Guillen report was inaccurate. He's exactly the type of player the Orioles are not interested in at this stage. As for other free agents, I see the Orioles making a couple of small, low price/low risk signings to fill out their roster.

For example, I could see them signing a veteran starter on the cheap, somebody in the Steve Trachsel mold. I wouldn't rule out them signing a reliever, though it won't be at anywhere close to the contracts they gave out last year for Bradford, Walker and Baez. And if Tejada is traded and I fully expect him to be, signing a guy like Cesar Izturis could appeal to them. They've liked him in the past.

But for the most part, I think you'll see them try to fill their holes in trades and then patching a couple of spots up with one or two signings. I think it was telling that MacPhail didn't have one extensive meeting with an agent at the GM meetings.


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Who are good players in the O's. Tejada, Berdard, maybe Mora. i don't see what the Orioles want to do because lets face it they don't have good young players, except Markakis, and he's untouchable.

Roberts is pretty darn good, Guthrie is not bad, Chris Ray is pretty decent reliever, they have some decent pieces and obviously a lot of bad ones.

Definitely have players that people want to trade for, Tejada, Bedard, some people are interested in Mora, I can see people having interest in a guy like Walker who's still a decent specialist. About time they tear it down and rebuild from scratch, better than this reload thing they've been trying for the last few years.

Brian Roberts for Anthony Reyes? I'm not sure you can get Dave Roberts for Anthony Reyes at this point....

And I think whoever loses out on Miguel Cabrera will go after Tejada, and right now that looks to be the Dodgers.

I actually think it makes sense for the Dodgers to trade their non-core guys for Tejada if they want him. Something like LaRoche, Ethier/Hu, and Meloan/Broxton for Tejada

Tejada to the dodgers makes perfect sense for their 3B spot. I think they would only have to part with one ML ready prospect in that deal since tejada has been linked to steroids and his numbers have been declining. I would say Cabrera is going to the angels, they seem to be pushing the hardest for him.

some paul lo duca news that should be up on the main mlbtraderumors.com site. There has not been much said about him and he's almost forgotten. Same goes with the Jays.


Umm, yea, deuce, evidently you are still hung over becuase none of the trades you suggested are going to happen, by any means, they are borderline idiotic

Baltimore was offered eric aybar and Ervin Santana for Tejada, and that is a good bounty for someone who is obviously declining. As far as brian roberts goes, you could probably get more for him than anthony reyes, a lot more, so that is selling roberts short. And while bedard is awesome, the dodgers are not going to give up that much for a pitcher when they already have a decent staff. Also, the phillies are not going to trade their new centerfielder for two overpriced veteran pieces, just makes no sense for the phillies. Come on man, get a clue.

And oh yes, btw, felix pie is a little bit too much for brian roberts, dude, do you have any sense of reality at all

bravesbeast, he of the prado, thorman, and other assorted braves crap for tex was a great deal. you calling into question someone elses sense of reality is comical in and of itself.

if i'm the O's, i dump everyone not named markakis and see what happens. they certainly can't be any worse than they were last year.

i almost forgot the pete orr and thorman for dotel deal. another instant classic.

Angels would be idiots to part with Wood and Adenhart for Tejada. Why not just play Wood who is cheap and can hit more HR's. I would much rather go that route.

"If I were the O's I would trade:
Miguel Tejada for Brandon Wood, Nick Adenhart

Brian Roberts for Anthony Reyes

Erik Bedard for Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Jon Broxton"

You are really off here. The only one that makes sense is the Bedard trade, and you basically just repeated an offer that has already been rumored around. The other two trades are just fuckin stupid. There is no way in hell the Angels give up their two best prospects in the minors for Tejada. They offered Erick Aybar and Ervin Santana a year ago, and Tejada is far less valuable now. They would be ecstatic to get just one of Adenhart or Wood. And the Orioles could get way more for Brian Roberts than Anthony Reyes. Anthony Reyes' value has plummeted, while Roberts is one of the best second baseman and lead off guys in baseball. The idea of Roberts for Felix Pie makes far more sense to me.

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