A Crazy, Rumor-Filled Day

I’ve written something in the neighborhood of 11,000 words today.  That’s not a typo.  Insane, isn’t it?  In my opinion the Winter Meetings have been awesome so far; a constant flow of hot stove to discuss. Yesterday MLBTR had 490,000 pageviews, our second best day ever (can’t top this year’s trade deadline).  Thanks for reading.  We’re not even halfway done with the Meetings.  I should note that I’ve written so much today that it all doesn’t fit on the page (I think the front page has 25 posts or so).  If you want to read more than you see, click on the December archive and you’ll get the entire month of posts.

I know we have a lot of new visitors here today.  I wanted to re-post this info, the MLBTR basics.

  • My name is Tim Dierkes, and you can learn a little bit about me here.  If you’ve got a rumor you haven’t seen on the site, feel free to email me here.  Sometimes my inbox fills up quickly, so don’t be offended if I don’t reply.  I read ’em all.
  • MLBTradeRumors.com began about two years ago; read The Origins of MLBTR here.
  • If you need help finding info on a certain player or just finding your way around the site, check out this post.  I highly encourage you to add my feed to your feed reader.  Google Reader is a nice, feed reader if you don’t have one. 

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