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A Note On Comment Spam

Those spamming comments with URLs to crappy websites, please stop.  Everyone hates you and you are wasting everyone's time.  I patrol the comments as best I can but would prefer to be writing instead of policing little kids trying to promote lame websites.

99.9% of the MLBTR community is awesome, it's just those bad apples I have to weed out.  If you're a comment contributor or a comment reader, drop me a line right away if you see something resembling spam.  Also let me know if there's a commenter making personal attacks or an ad that is inappropriate.  On that note, I have weeded out a few of the more annoying/inappropriate ads to appear here recently.  Sorry for the distraction, let's get back to the hot stove.


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Yeah that brewcrew guy was a tool, I'm glad you try to make this site as respectable and credible as possible, which is probably why its the best overall mlb rumor site on the internet today

Aww man, I was hoping a link to some off shore beach property would come up again... :D

I'm an avid reader of your website, but new to the comments section. I enjoy all the reports that are posted here, it keeps fans up to date a lot sooner than other websites I've searched.

Kudos to you Tim. Keep working hard my man. We appreciate it.

Sweet :)

But seriously man... you still need to switch away from TypePad/TypeKey.

Like I said before: have a look at Wordpress. It's easy as hell to install and is basically like TypePad but without the TypeKey Comments crap.

I'm new to TypePad, but would it be possible for you to give a few trusted commentators admin rights in the comments section so they can delete spam as soon as they see it? If they're going to be reading all your comments anyway, might as well, right?

Well done Tim!!!

Did you make any significant change to posting in the last few hours, because I'm having a ton of trouble posting comments right now.

Asking for them to stop is silly. Most of them are robots and never actually read the blogs anyway. :)

Joe is right. Most spam nowadays is the result of bots that are sending it automatically. Trackback spam is becoming an issue as well.

You might want to look at going with Wordpress. The reason being is that it is open to the public and a lot of people develop plug-ins that can be used, a few of which are very good spam blockers.

It's not that hard to change over and all previous entries can be imported in.

Thanks for taking care of that, Tim. It really is good to know that you're on top of it, and aware of what's going on it the comments. Awesome site, keep up the great work!

"Those spamming comments with URLs to crappy websites, please stop"

From: The Origins Of MLBTradeRumors.com:
"I'd worked pretty hard at promoting RotoAuthority, emailing other bloggers and posting on all kinds of message boards with the link in my signature."


No, theres a difference. He was answering questions and commenting for real with the URL in his signature. They were just spamming.

Thanks for posting this, Tim. RE: the personal insults, you might want to post a set of guidelines for acceptable posting and link it permanently in the sidebar. That way you have something to direct people to if they have questions, and something to refer back to if people question your moderating decisions (which WILL invitably happen).

You can change my name if you want to SoxAppeal. I don't own rst anymore plus I thought it was equal to putting something in your signature so you can change it.

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