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Baseball Blogs Weigh In

We've got a new feature here at MLBTR called Baseball Blogs Weigh In.  It's pretty self-explanatory.  I link to top-notch blogs giving their take on recent moves.


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I liked Gleeman's take on the Young trade a lot, but the bet that Young becomes a star is a good one.

I predict Alexi Casilla takes over at shortstop...

I write a blog at http://ultimatebaseball-cGouds.blogspot.com so I'll way in too.
The Milledge deal was horrible, however, I understand that Omar is trying to improve the rotation and an expert game caller in schneider is a huge improvement over Estrada or LoDuca(not so much Castro). I've discussed my displeasure for this trade on my blog, but I've since cooled down a lot.
I believe the best way for the Yanks to fix their center field vacancy is a Alexia Ramirez/ Bernie Williams platoon. It not only makes the fans happy by bringing Bernie back, it adds a young, high potential player to the team.

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