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Hiroki Kuroda Coming To MLB

Hiroki Kuroda has publicly made the decision to leave Japan to pursue a career in MLB.  The L.A. Times reports the Mariners, D'Backs, Dodgers, and Royals as interested parties.  The Mariners already have a four-year offer out to him.

The Phillies, Cubs, Rangers, and Mets might be considered on the fringes of this pursuit, as all have been linked to him in the past.


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The Mariners just made a 4 year offer to him and a day later, he officially declares he is coming to play MLB?

2+2= Welcome to Seattle Hiroki Kuroda.

Another potentially big mistake in a long line of constant mistakes by the Mariners front office. M.O. being, "Good baseball moves? Why would we want to do that? Its so much easier to overpay for mediocrity"

A Kuroda signing will inevitably be the "big move" of the offseason. Yikes.

They probably gave him 4 years, 40 million. If Felix didn't fall into our laps as the phenom he is/will be, I swear to god that Bavasi/Lincoln/Armstrong would fill this starting rotation with back end guys and pay them all 10 million per year.

World Series here we come! Huroki Kuroda will take us there!

(good grief)

the announcement Seattle was going to toss a 4/40 offer at him was announced about 5 days ago, after it came out that Arizona had offered him 3/27. I posted about Kuroda last night on our mlb forums:

My take on it. The guy likes challenges....that bodes well for us. A Japanese player in America, playing baseball. Why take the easy route (Seattle with all the Japan ties), LA Dodgers (with all the Japan ties). Why not KC where he's get to face one of the best divisions in baseball to prove his worth.

One thing I do not understand and this maybe is kind of telling? Dayton and the Royals didn't fly to Japan. Why? Does Dayton know something Seattle and LA doesn't, such as maybe he's shamed by such adoration? Who knows...it just struck me as odd. I think if anything it has to do with Trey possibly saying it would be disrespectful to the Carp to come calling on him that way...and as you read, he teared up at the conference and obviously loves his former team dearly.

The LA Times article also mentions the Dodgers as a possible destination.

It was rumored that Seattle was going to go 4/40 a while back but no one knew for sure. I know their initial offer was said to be 3/24.

I just don't think Kuroda is more than a #3 at best and to throw a ton of money and years at him is not a good sign given the recent struggles of transitioning Japanese pitchers.

Kuroda says he wants a warm climate so that should endear him to Arizona. Seattle sure as heck isn't a draw as far as the weather is concerned. But the draw of having an established Japanese catcher should peak his intererst a bit.

We'll see how it plays out but from what I've heard, the Seattle 4 year offer was only confirmed the last day or two.

as i stated before on the mariners board, he can buy a house in LA or Seattle and play in KC. KC gets pretty dang warm in the summer. Then live elsewhere in the offseason. Plenty of players do that, play in one city and live in another.

i don't put to much stock into the "climate limitations". You go where the money and job security is. Do not be surprised if KC wins the bidding with a Meche-type deal.

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