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Padres Sign Randy Wolf

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Padres have a preliminary agreement in place with starter Randy Wolf.  It'll be final once Wolf passes a physical.  The Phillies and Astros had been in on him as well.

Wolf had Tommy John surgery in July of 2005.  He found his way back to a big league mound a year later.  He struggled through 12 starts in '06 to finish off a solid Phillies career.  That winter the Blue Jays and D'Backs had interest, but Wolf opted to give the Dodgers a hometown discount by signing for $7.5MM in '07 plus a $9MM club option for '08.

Wolf felt good to start off 2007.  After stumbling through a mediocre April, he was phenomenal in May with a 1.48 ERA.  However he was knocked around in June and hit the DL in early July for shoulder soreness.  He had a cortisone shot and started rehabbing, but had a setback and wasn't able to return.  He had shoulder surgery in late August.  There hadn't been structural damage so it must've been minor.  He expects to be ready for Spring Training.  The Dodgers opted for his $500K buyout rather than his $9MM option.  The 31 year-old lefty seems a good value signing for the Friars.


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Thank God. That means the Phillies won't be signing him.

a one year deal that wont be too expensive

This is an incredibly low risk signing that in best case will earn the Padres an above average back of the rotation starter.

saying thank god your team didnt get him makes no sense

Yeah, really, I mean Adam Eaton and Jamie Moyer were dynamite last year. I am a Met fan am glad the Phillies didnt sign him.


Moyer won 14 games last year - which happens to be 2 more wins that Pedro and El Duque combined and 1 more than the great Tom Glavine. And as bad as Eaton is, he still won 7 more games that your "stud" prospect Mike Pelfrey.

Worry about your own rotation, chief. Hopefully, nexy year you guys don't choke and actually make the playoffs.

Justifying Jamie Moyer.

You hate to see it come to this

Randy Wolf's shoulder is infested w/ termites and AIDS.

Good luck Padres!!!

@Green Grove

I'm not trying to justify Jamie Moyer. But 14 wins from your #4 pitcher who happens to be like 60 years old isn't bad.

well having Randy Wolf as a 5th starter is far from an exacerbation

Wont be leaning heavily on him but if he succeeds signing looks amazing

Kevin Towers has a nack for finding pitchers noone thought would do much of anything. Look at Scott Linebrink as an example. He was a no name when he came to San Diego, now he as a $19M deal in Chicago. I think Wolf may work out just fine...

Good signing by the Padres. If he stays healthy and is half-way decent you could see an ERA south of 4.00 in Petco.

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