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Pirates Looking To Ditch Nady

29 year-old outfielder Xavier Nady .278/.330/.476 as the Pirates' right fielder, knocking 20 home runs.  However, he's a Scott Boras client and definitely doesn't fit into the team's long-term plans.  He's arbitration-eligible, but his salary will still be reasonable after that.  If Neal Huntington can't find a trade partner for Nady, he may even non-tender him.

It probably won't come to that, as Nady is a solid .800 OPS guy at a reasonable price.  There's bound to be trade interest.  Nady can handle first base or the outfield corners.  If he was left-handed, he'd be a good target for the Rays.

Kovacevic also notes that Jose Castillo is "a virtual lock to be non-tendered."  So add him to the second base market, if you think he's capable.


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It would be great if the Mets could get him back. As I discussed earlier at http://ultimatebaseball-cGouds.blogspot.com a platoon of Church and Nady would be perfect. It even could be used to let church play left every once in a while and spell Alou, or have Nady spell Delgado at first occasionally. It would be almost like trading a package of players (whoever you use to get Nady) for Olly Perez and Roberto Hernandez. The Mets win in the end!

So the Mets trade Oliver Perez - one of the two pitchers (John Maine being the other one) they have that's worth a damn - for a platoon RF and that's a win for them?


No, I'm referencing to the trade of Nady for Perez and Hernandez. It would be like that never happend. Instead, say the Mets trade Kevin Mulvey for Nady now; it would be like trading mulvey for Perez and Hernandez!


read his post carefully. he never said anything about trading ollie.

we traded nady for ollie and hernandez. if we trade some scrubs for nady, in the end, we would have just traded scrubs away, and got back nady, ollie, and hernandez in the end, which is a MAJOR win for the Mets.

Anyway, I agree that Nady would be an awesome platoon partner with Church. He can also fill in for Alou in LF when he inevitably goes down for a month or 3 this summer.

AND he can spell Delgado at first every now and then.


You know, the mets are looking for some catching help, and ronny paulino seems to be at least a serviceable cheap young option, and the mets do need outfield help, so why not get both nady and ronny paulino on the cheap, say for an overrated lastings milledg......... oh... wait.....

What's a reasonable price for the Yankees to pay for Marte and Nady?

The Mets currently have three catchers under control so they don't need Paulino. I could see them inquiring about Snell though.

Nady would be a great pickup though, platoon partner for Church and occasionally Delgado.


Good one!!

This is at least the second post mentioning that the Rays need a lefthanded hitting 1B. Carlos Pena had a pretty good season and is arbitration eligible. Has he been forgotten already?

If the Pirates get rid of Nady it just shows how wretched their talent evaluaters are. I agree with JerseyMetFan, if the Mets acquire Nady it would be a great fit. Nady is a good player that just seems a tad injury prone.

KC is a good fit. Nady = cheaper Guillen without the baggage.

Uh, Nady is mostly a lefty masher, he's a butcher at every outfield position, and he strikes out a lot and rarely walks. Pass.

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