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Willis/Pudge Spinoff To Mets?

UPDATE, 12-6-07 at 8:13am: Adam Rubin's source still believes Willis could be flipped to the Mets.

UPDATE, 12-5-07 at 9:21pm: Danny Knobler says the Tigers did briefly consider a three-way scenario that sent Willis and Pudge to the Mets.  That permutation was dismissed before anything went public and won't be revisited.

FROM 12-5-07 at 6:08pm:

According to Sweeny Murti via MetsBlog, the Tigers have looked into the idea of spinning Dontrelle Willis off to the Mets.  I'm sure this would thrill the Marlins, who didn't want to trade within the division.  No offer has been made, but it's been discussed. 

The part that doesn't make sense is the inclusion of Ivan Rodriguez to the Mets as a salary dump.  The Tigers, after all, chose to exercise that $13MM option on Pudge.


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this train would please me seriously the d-train is the truth. even though his stats have went down fast, but still look wat rick peterson did with oliver perez. amazing how he went from ace to garbage and then 15 game winner right.

this trade would please me seriously the d-train is the truth. even though his stats have went down fast, but still look wat rick peterson did with oliver perez. amazing how he went from ace to garbage and then 15 game winner right.

I would hate any such trade...God, why can't the Mets just make a normal trade?


Get a grip dude. He posts LINKS so you can check the credibility of the sources yourself. It's an amazing concept isn't it. No one wants a website that only posts the trades after they happen. That's called ESPN. This is a rumor site. We want to know the players being discussed. Sorry bud, you're in the minority on this one. Tim's operating the best site of its kind on the internet.


I think you're right, but it wasn't because of a salary dump. Not too mention Pudge is a team leader with no immediate replacement. Shefield was not happy in NY and both sides wanted him gone.

I don't see the point in the Tigers trading anyone to the Mets. Detroit is obviously looking to win now.

There's also a reason for the ? in the title. If you want to avoid the speculative posts, just ignore the ones where Tim clearly questions the likelihood of them going through (avoid the ones with ?s).

No way.....this is all to raise Inges value on the trade market, make people believe he is going to catch for the Tigers in 2008.

Why would the Mets even want Pudge. They have Schneider who is as good defensively, and the same arguement I gave with Lo Duca... he will hit anywhere from 40-60points lower then either of those guys, but reach base at a higher clip because he will occasionally take a walk. He like a third of Pudge. I would take Willis though, if they can get him cheap.

He costs like a third of Pudge***

"I would hate any such trade...God, why can't the Mets just make a normal trade?"

Like trading Nady for Oliver Perez? Or do you like the Benson for John Maine and Jorge Julio (which he turned into El Duque) better? Those normal enough?

I registered just to comment on this "rumor."

I love this site, and I find myself checking it several times a day. That being said, this "rumor" is far fetched that it doesn't even deserve to be on this site. This is just another instance of the New York media latching one of their teams another in the press.


That makes more sense. I knew this rumor was stupid

BS BS BS BS I need a break from crap like this

Did anyone see this and get a good laugh at it just like i did? Mets getting kazmir. looks like someone jumped the gun cause i havent heard any truth to it. GOTO this website http://macsmets.com/mlb/

OK Tigers fans...

You have a catcher that is making $13mil next season, coming off a horrible year.

You have a pitcher in arbitration coming off a horrible year.

What could they possibly ask for in return for the pair?

nrmax88: I was think more along the lines of trading away our bullpen (Heath Bell, Matt Lindstrom, and Henry Owens) for a 5th outfielder and Quad-A pitchers, as well as trading our right-fielder of the future (and present) for spare parts. Minaya hasn't made a good deal in 2 years.

And before you say, "I'm sure you like Minaya before this," it's not true. I've never liked the guy, and I was scared shitless when he made him our GM because of the awful job his did with the Expos (despite the unwarranted praise he received).

The tigers are not interested in giving pudge and willis to the mets. This is just a new york rumor blown out of proportion.

I dont even want pudge. I'm good with Schneider.

Moe, so Schneider is a spare part? Why, because he isnt a good hitter? Funny how Pudge is considered a star, and Schneider is a scrub, but they both play tremendous defense and Schneider has had a better OBP over the last 3 years then Pudge. Noit saying Schneider is better, but it is close.

If the worst thing that you can say about Minaya is that he traded away Heath Bell and Matt lindstrom, then theres my point. Bell had chances to make the team for like 3 years, and he sucked. He was always pouting and complaining about something. He has good stuff, and San Diego made a good move in brining him into the place where relievers go and dominate.

Owens and Lindstrom were both like 28 or 29 or so, and career minor leaguers, so he traded them for young lefties. Hard throwing relief pitchers can be found anywhere. Florida is also known for taking relievers and making them succesful.

Lindstrom was pitching in AA, as a 26 year old in 2005, and getting rocked to a tune of a 1.98 whip and 5.40 era and walking 55 in 73 innings. In 2006, as a 27 year old, they sent Lindstrom back to A ball, where he dominated in 18 innings of work, though he walked 7 guys. He was promoted to AA again, and struggled to keep his ERA under 4 in 43 innings. He posted a 1.4 whip.

Henry Owens, he never even made it above AA, where he did dominate as a 27 year old for one year. When he was called up to the majors, his fastball was as straight as an arrow and he proceeded to get rocked, even in mop up duty, albeit in a small sample size. He also has had some injury problems.

At the time of the trade, Adam Bostick was a 22 year old pitcher with an era of around 4 in the minors, and lefty. Vargas was a a 23 year old lefty one year removed from a solid season at the big league level. Every trade isnt going to have an immediate impact. They may work out down the road, or maybe not, but is not, its only Matt Lindstrom.

Its funny that you criticize moves where the Mets trade away old career minor league relief pitchers for young lefties with a little upside, then you turn around and also criticize the deal where Milledge is sent away for a one or two year improvement for what Milledge MAY provide at some point down the road. How do you know Milledge will not completely flop out? I dont think he will, but to criticize a prospect deal when we get two solid major league proven commodities before any of the traded players even play a game is silly. I dont think Milledge will post and 800 ops yet in 2008. I am expecting a .275/.345/.445 line next year. From Church, I expect a line of around .275/.350/.495 next year, in at bats vs mostly righties. Schneiders leadership and game calling ability gives us the edge in this trade for the next year or two. The ultimate winner of the trade will not be known until Milledge either develops, or doesnt.

I just wonder why the Mets seemto think our goal in Detroit is to procure talent for them. I remember the L-U-D-I-C-R-O-U-S "rumor of trading Polanco for Delgado. AND they had the nerve to respond with crap like "well Polanco had a decent year but I don't know if he'd be worth Delgado." Polanco is worth FIVE Delgados. They acted like it would be doing US a favor. New Yorkers need to realize there is a bigger (and more talented) world of sports outside of the Bronx and Flushing...don't fret Mets fans we won't "dump" our Hall of Fame catcher on you nor our newly acquired 2008 Comeback Player of the Year.

Ok you Tiger MORONS, after reading all you're crap comments, saying theres no "source" to this rumor exceot the one that had the Tigers shoot us (Mets) down....well heres a link thats a little more current...maybe we can get Kitna back in this deal too (10 wins, huh?)

Wow IronMike, did you even read that article?

"The Mets would be interested in speaking with the Tigers, but no dialogue is believed to have occurred yet."

No dialog because the Tigers have no interest. This is a non-story. Move along.

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