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Erik Bedard Rumors: Monday

UPDATE, 1-28-08 at 8:58pm: The drama continues.  Baker believes the deal is still alive, and heard the original quotes from Jones with his own two ears.  Jones did say he was traded to the Orioles and that he was off to Baltimore for a physical, despite the KOMO 1000 backpedaling.  In other words, the Orioles asked him to kindly stop talking.

Jeff Zrebiec has the latest from the Baltimore side.  The O's are holding this up over "unspecified complex issues," which might mean Angelos' approval.  Zrebiec believes the framework of a deal has been agreed upon, and that Jones was at one point scheduled to fly to Baltimore for a physical.  Zrebiec also got in touch with Mariners GM Bill Bavasi, who apparently pulled Jones from winter ball simply because he "met his goals."

UPDATE, 1-28-08 at 5:46pm: According to KOMO 1000 News Radio, Jones has been ordered not to play but remains in Venezuela.  He was also misquoted by the Venezuelan press - he did not mention getting traded.

UPDATE, 1-28-08 at 4:51pm: I honestly didn't think Angelos would interfere with this one.  But according to Ken Rosenthal, the deal is on hold and possibly off because of him.  Then again, we knew it was on hold until Tuesday anyway because of Angelos' availability.

FROM 1-28-08 at 1:43pm:

Let's get a fresh post going for the Erik Bedard rumors.

  • According to ESPN's Jayson Stark, the Bedard to Seattle trade awaits Peter Angelos' approval.  Angelos will not be available today to evaluate the deal because of a family matter.  So this should drag a bit more.
  • Stark still expects the deal to get done but verifies that Adam Jones was not sent to Baltimore for a physical. 
  • Jerry Crasnick says both Jones and George Sherrill have been told to take physicals in anticipation of the deal.  Sherrill disputes this in the Seattle PI, though.
  • Stark and Crasnick say the current package from Seattle is Jones, Sherrill, Chris Tillman, and a fourth unknown prospect.  Tillman, however, hasn't yet been informed of a trade.


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Bet on the 4th 'unknown' prospect being Carlos Triunfel.

The Mariners seem more open to moving him than Morrow or Clement.

A nice haul for the Orioles.

Brian Roberts trade is next. Pie and Gallagher is about right (sad but true Cub fans). Marshall and Cedeno don't cut it.

O's still need middle infielders . . .badly.

Yeah, well Pie and Gallagher is too much. No deal Howie.

"O's still need middle infielders . . .badly."

What a true statement. It's so bad they may hold open try-outs.

No way, Triunfel is a beast, and he's still young enough to be a junior in high school... I actually heard the Mariners would be sending Adam Jones, George Sherrill, Chris Tillman, Tony Butler, and Kameron Mickolio... Which really is a lot; even for pretty much (my opinion) the best pitcher in baseball... I wouldn't be surprised to see the O's send a scrub along, even if its someone like Jay Gibbons hahahaahaha

I don't see how 12 years of two of the Cubs top 5 prospects is worth 2 of Roberts. It's not logical or economical from the Cubs end. I think a package of Gallagher, Cedeno, and perhaps another prospect is far more realistic, not to mention fair for both clubs

It ain't Pie and Gallagher for Roberts. I have heard that Pie is not involved.

Marshall, Cedeno, and Marquis (to replace Bedard). Hell, I'd even pay the rest of Marquis' contract to send him bye-bye. I know, I know, not gonna happen.

NancyEcho, how do you expect to get a quality player with that pile of garbage?

St. Ozzie, did you see the part where I said, and I quote, "I know, I know, not gonna happen." Of course you didn't, you'd rather whine.


"O's still need middle infielders...badly"

Yeah, Ronny Cedeno will be your starting shortstop. You don't need Pie for CF, you'll (supposedly) have Adam Jones shortly.

I can't see the other player being Triunfel. Three blue chippers seems like a lot.

Butler is much more realistic and he is pretty decent. He has a shot to contribute on the big league level as a starter and he is a lefty which adds value.

I think it is still a good haul for the Orioles because I like Jones a lot.

He has some crazy potential. Has the ship sailed on him moving back to SS? He used to be a butcher, but was less so in '05 and surely not a butcher of BJ Upton proportions.

I was wondering why it seems everyone is hesitant to say this deal is done even though it clearly appears that way, but since the one hinge is if Angelos is crazy I now understand the reservations.

Just look at the Mark Teixeira trade as an outline of what to expect for a superstar player.
Bedard is definitely worth more than two single A pitchers, a LH reliever, and a stud OF prospect.

I doubt Cedeno comes to the Orioles. His MLB stats are depressing. Luis Hernandez can put up those numbers. He would be nothing more than a throw in to a Roberts trade. It will take more than Gallagher for the Cubs to get Roberts. Add Marshall and Veal and it would be reasonable.

"He has some crazy potential. Has the ship sailed on him moving back to SS? He used to be a butcher, but was less so in '05 and surely not a butcher of BJ Upton proportions."

my understanding he was moved for 3 reasons… A) his size (6’2”, 200lbs) B) His play C) SS depth in Seattle system (Betancourt/Oswaldo Navarro/Chris Minaker being drafted/etc) ~ only one of those things has changed... Added to it now though is the fact that Jones hasn’t played SS for over 2 years now, its probably unlikely he moves back…

With Tex you got a little more of a track record, no?

How many times has Bedard hit 200 innings? I think the value is right on the nose. Tillman is young, but he is still a solid prospect and Jones could be a superstar.

I know he was moved because of depth, but the Orioles have time to experiment before they are good again, no? Just throwing it out there. He couldn't be worse than Hanley? Though that may be a bad comparison because he needs to move. Maybe he could be slightly better than Hanley making him more palatable.

The 200 inning argument with Bedard is just silly.

In 06 it was 196.3 innings.
In 07 it was 182.0 innings.

Do you really think that 21.6 innings over two years would skyrocket Bedard's value????

Regardless of if Tillman is a good prospect, he's an A ball pitcher. THAT is not a 2nd piece in a deal for one of the best pitchers in the AL.

Who knows what the Orioles get/got if/when the trade goes down. But Jones, Tillman, Butler, and Sherrill is without argument UNDER VALUE in exchange for Bedard. I don't see MacPhail caving on this one.

Well, apparently Tillman looks like he is going to be the 2nd piece unless something drastically changes. I have seen no other report noting Clement, who I presume you are hoping for since Triunfel is younger than Tillman.

Jones + Tillman + Clement + whomever = an amazing haul that I doubt happens. Bedard is good, but that is just too much.

Also, you are right. 21.6 innings is not that much. But you conveniently are leaving out previous seasons, no? We will ignore ’04 to be fair and 174 innings per season over the last three seasons is not exactly spectacular.

You like to get those 200+ innings from your aces because the rest of the rotation is probably not going to pony up. Add up 20 innings or so per starter and that is what taxes the bullpen.

You need your aces to throw some bulk. However, the Mariners are pretty damn deep rotation wise so it is a moot point for them, but that does not mean you can ignore the facts.

uhhhhh hello people...

this deal is DEAD.

i'm surprised no one has posted these two links yet. we've all been taken for a ride, i'm afraid:



Angelos sucks. As long as the O's are under him, they wont make it out of last place for a long time.


There are a couple of OTHER things people ahve to look at and think about with Bedard:

1) Even though he didn't pitch a lot in High School, thus saving the wear and tear that guys like Kerry Wood and Mark Prior had, he has already had Tommy John surgery.

2) Bedard is a Curve Ball Pitcher. As a Reds fan, people were saying adding Bedard would be like getting another Aaron Harang. WRONG!!! Harang is a Fast Ball Pitcher who has good control. Throwing a Fast Ball is a LOT easier on the arm and elbow than throwing a Curve Ball.

3) Bedard missed the end of 2007 because of an oblique injury. Could THAT have been because his elbow was barking and he changed his delivery motion to compensate for it?? Wouldn't be the first time a player has hidden an injury ESPECIALLY if he wanted to get AWAY from a team. I mean, who would want to trade the farm for a guy with a barking elbow??

If Bedard's elbow was hurting, it would be in the best interest of BOTH Bedard and the Orioles to shut him down. That way, he would have a better chance at being traded and the Orioles would gt mroe for him. A Win-WIn situation for both sides. Bedard gets out of Baltimore and the Orioles get to rob another team's farm system.

Oops, I forgot one thing.

4) Bedard has like a 15 and 2 record against the Devil Rays, Royals and Rangers and is under .500 against everybody else.

Sure, if he were traded to the Mariners, he would get away from having to pitch against the Yankees and Red Sox so often BUT he would also get away from pitching against the Devil Rays while still having to pitch against the Angels.

If bedard can stay healthy for the m's, they have a very good shot at the west. Great 1-2 punch for years, King Felix and Bedard can be better than Sabathia and Carmona.


don't know if this has been posted yet or not. pretty funny if the Venezuelan press jumped the gun this time...

As far as I am concerned, it is downright STUPID to trade the farm for ANY Pitcher. All it takes is one injury and that trade goes sour REAL fast. Then, the team that traded for him is on the hook for the salary AND they ahve less (or NOTHING) left in the farm system to replace him or trade for a replacement.

Free Agency isn't great BUT at least if a team signs a guy, they still get to keep their youth, just in case the signing goes bad.

The way the economics are today, one bad trade and a team is sunk for years to come. They have a high priced player nobody wants and whom they can not get rid of AND they ahve NO Minor League talent to help in the near future.

ctown and that is why if u were a GM ur team would be the Kansas City Royals every year. while every other team had there johan santanas and hanley ramirezs u would be stuck with a bunch of "what ifs" that "might" turn into something good.

Bedard is the second best left hander in all of baseball if you can get him for some prospects and a pen guy you do it. You would be stupid not too. There is Santana and then there is Bedard and imagine how much better he will be in pitcher friendly Safeco.

in 130 AB jones is hitting what .230 and potential is all fine and good but give me a #1 starter any day of the week.

Tillman, Sherril, Jones tuinfel or whatever is worth getting a known player in Bedard....with him and silva you have one of the best SP rotations in all of baseball right now....and you can get a guy who will hit .240 and knock in 20+ bombs anywhere now in FA...so don't worry.

Besides Wilkerson and Balentine in RF till Balentine can take over full time is going to be a very good thing...Balentine will make you all not worry so much about Jones.....TRUST ME...

A. Jones got yelled at for saying what he has and is now playing good with the press. Baker who broke the story has the ears and pulse of the team, Jaysen Stark from ESPN also say's were just waiting on the owner to give the thumbs up...G. Sherrill has told friends and family it is a done deal, but is doing the proper thing with the press and playing dumb...Jones was wrong and upset and spoke his mind.....I would do this deal in a heart beat and what if jones gets hurt and the other prospects or Jones do not do anything...then Ctown would be yelling at them for not getting the trade done...Injuries happen but that is no reason to not make a big plash and go for it....

Yes, injuries happen. However, season ending injuries do NOT happen as often to position players as they do to Pitchers. So, trading a BUNCH of position players (prospects) makes no sense especially for a Pitcher who has ALREADY had Tommy John surgery.

I am a Reds fan and THAT is why I was TOTALLY against the Reds trading for Bedard. The Reds have been losers for seven straight years and Bedard would NOT have helped them become pennant contenders. He MIGHT have gotten them to a .500 record.

Now, if (more like when) Bedard gets injured, whoever trades for him will be without him in the starting rotation AND they won't have as many prospects to trade to replace him. THAT is why I was HOPING the Cubs would trade for him. So, that when he gets injured, they wouldn't have as many options open for them and the Reds could compete against them in the coming years better.

If Angelos did or does kill this trade, Why on earth would any team bother with talking to the O's anymore? No wonder it's been so long since they've won anything.

I guess we'll know by Wednesday, because that's when Sherril is suppose to report to Spring Traning by! He's suppose to fly down on Wednesday!

The M's have a ton of prospects and this is not even the best or top of the heap....there keeping Balentin clement among 7 others...Jones was almost a wash out 2 years ago now he is the hot guy to have....so if need be would could add more but won't need too....and again i would taken proven people over prospects any day.....with Bedard, Hernandez, Silva, Washburn and Batista in the rotation we are set. and no weaver or ramirez starting there could be a 10 game swing to the plus right there...If I was you I would have begg'd the reds to do a deal...they have way to many young OF's and depth in the youth to need to worry about trading a few away....put Bedard at the top of the rotation and you would have made the play offs with all the young guys with a year more under there belt...god! look at the Rockies and compair...

The Reds would NOT be Play-Off contenders with Bedard. They lost Lohse to Free Agency and if Bailey were traded to Baltimore, then there are 10 Wins, combined, that Bedard would have to replace.

Now, even if everybody else pitched the same in 2008 as they did in 2007 and Bedard won 20 Games, the Reds are STILL just a .500 team and that is NOT a Play-Off team.

Plus, the Reds have WORSE Defense, as compared to the Rockies AND the Offense isn't as good.

Yes, the Reds either lead or are near the top of the NL in Home Runs every year BUT they are only in the middle of the apck as far as Runs scored goes. This is especially troublesome when you combine that with the fact the Reds have trouble scoring Runs on the Road and against Left Handed Pitching.

Until the Reds get a more balanced and consistent line-up, one that relies LESS on the Home Run and MORE on "small ball" and contact hitting, they are NOT going to be Play-Off contenders. They haven't been for seven years and by trading for Bedard, thus draining thier Minor Leagues of prospects, something they ALSO haven't had in a LOOOONG time, they would be setting themselves up for another seven years of losing. THAT is why I say let some OTHER team get fleeced.

As far as the Mariners go, good for them for not having to give up their best prospects. That wouldn't be so for the Reds. They would have to give up Jay Bruce (after already trading away Josh Hamilton) thus the team would be more likely to keep Adam Dunn and KGJ, two guys who can NOT be depended on. Dunn because he is NOT good as far as driving guys in and KGJ because of his health. So, the Reds wouldn't have anybody ready to take over if one, or both, get injured or if their stats drop. They would also have to give up Bailey and maybe Cueto, wo young Pitchign prospects PLUS Joey Votto or Edwin Encarnacion.

IF Votto or Edwin E are thrown in, the REds don't reallyhave anybody who could replace them either. So, (possibly) improving the Pitching short term, by getting Bedard, would hurt the Pitching long term and also create holes in the Outfield and either First Base or Third Base.

Why even hire a GM, Angelos? Just get an accountant, a lawyer, and run the whole damn thing yourself. 15 yard penalty on d-bag owner interference.

"The reasons for Angelos' hesitation are unclear. However, Angelos' first choice is to sign Bedard to a contract extension, according to one source. The owner was under the impression that Bedard was unwilling to consider such a deal, the source says, but recently learned that the pitcher would entertain an offer if the Orioles were willing to extend him at least five years."

This is according to the Rosenthal article. So Angelos was 'under the impression Bedard would not consider such a deal'. Months of negotiations and weeks of back and forth and the owner did not know his prime, lefty starter's intensions. He did not know Bedard would sign a long term deal with them. I believe someone in the organization finds out these things. People who could have found out months back, not at the last minute before a major trade. It shows how unorganized and fickle Peter Angelos is with the Orioles.

This is getting ridiculous. I mean, is he serious? He has run a historic franchise in the ground, and trying to do so again. What an idiot. If he can get the guys mentioned, how could he not do it?? Bedard isn't going to be enough to compete with the Yanks and Sox, why does he bother? I'm with Teetz, what a Dbag...

This is so dumb. I have never seen trades take so long in any professional sport.

MacPhail takes forever to make up his mind, then apparently makes a deal (since Jones was enroute to Baltimore), then says "well, maybe not". Now he's saying that he doesn't know if anything will get done in the next few days.

If I was the GM of the Cubs or Mariners I would have stopped calling or answering the phone in regards to the Orioles a long time ago. Now we're seeing why nothing got done for the Cubs while he was in charge. He must be absolutely frustrating to deal with from a GM's standpoint. I wouldn't deal with him at all.

all this talk about erik bedard being a "superstar" needs to stop. now. he is not a superstar. he isn't even a star. he is simply a good pitcher, who is coming off a year in which he posted numbers that were significantly better than anything he ever did before.

erik bedard has how many all-star appearances? how many cy youngs? better yet, how many times has he finished in the top 5, hell, even top 10 of the cy young voting?

someone called him the second best lefty in baseball. come on. didnt cc sabathia just win the cy young? also, erik bedard is older than johan. how many times has erik bedard, who has already had tj, been on the disabled list in his career? he is good for atleast one dl stint per year.

yes, bedard is very good. calling him a superstar is just stupid. bedard is essentially scott kazmir. except kazmir is 5 years younger, and has better stuff.

Angelos is a horrible owner. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets rescinded because of him.

Hopefully Angelos is nixing this thing and the Mariners can screw their head on straight and realize Bedard is not the savior.

The Ms lack offense and trading Sherrill and Jones takes away from the offense and bully. Especially since they are poised to sign Brad Wilkerson to "replace" Jones. Wilkerson is a piece of crap that can't hit his weight.

This move would also banish Morrow to the pen for the next 2 years at least. Why make him untouchable if he is just going to be a setup man for craps sake.

Another thing I can't understand is how this isn't infuriating Bavasi. This is the second time that the Orioles have yanked the rug out from under Seattle and made them look stupid. Hopefully they will get pissed and call everything off.

"all this talk about erik bedard being a "superstar" needs to stop. now. he is not a superstar. he isn't even a star. he is simply a good pitcher, who is coming off a year in which he posted numbers that were significantly better than anything he ever did before.

erik bedard has how many all-star appearances? how many cy youngs? better yet, how many times has he finished in the top 5, hell, even top 10 of the cy young voting?

someone called him the second best lefty in baseball. come on. didnt cc sabathia just win the cy young? also, erik bedard is older than johan. how many times has erik bedard, who has already had tj, been on the disabled list in his career? he is good for atleast one dl stint per year.

yes, bedard is very good. calling him a superstar is just stupid. bedard is essentially scott kazmir. except kazmir is 5 years younger, and has better stuff."

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to assume right off the bat that you have watched Bedard pitch maybe one time. Because that's what your knowledge of this situation is telling me.

In response to your first paragraph, are you essentially syaing that it's bad for a pitcher to get better over his career? Oh my god! What a surprise! His stats have been getting better evry year he's been in the majors. He's always had good stuff and every year he's put it together bit by bit. Last year everything clicked for him. He also had a pretty good 2006 season which people seem to just throw away as if it didn't happen.

And having Tommy John surgery should be a good thing for whoever gets him. He's never going to have to have it again, and I don't believe he's had any serious arm/shoulder problems since then (I don't count soreness as major problem, not even sure if he's had that on the DL). And yes, Bedard, as well as 60% of starting pitchers in the majors are due for atleast one stint per year on the DL. But seirously, just cause he's had Tommy John and closed out the year on a slight oblique injury it doesn't mean the guy's made out of glass.

Having seen every one of Bedards starts last year, some on TV and some live, I believe his stuff's better than Kazmir's. He could go out with just his fastball and curveball and dominate lineups thats how good they are. Add the fact that he's got a plus changeup (which he just added this past year) and he's very hard to hit. The way he mixes his speeds with his explosive fastball and dirty curveball remind me of Santana and many great others at changing speeds.

Whoever gets Bedard is gonna be satisfied because they are getting a very special pitcher.

Ahahaha, this is sounding more and more familiar: December, winter meetings, Johan Santana...

How many more times will be hear "The deal is still alive" in the next 24 hours?

This is entertaining. I can't wait until tomorrow to see how this thing ends. I know the U.S.S. Mariner is sure fun to read. They already drank the poison but while slowly receading into death they find their beloved Juliet is not dead after all.

It would be funny to read their posts tomorrow if this thing is indeed dead. It will further confirm what we have all been think, that Angelos is indeed crazy.

Why on earth would Andy McPhail a well respect exec take a job with the O's and deal with a crazy owner. Poor Duquet had no choice, he needed a job. McPhail could have waited for the right job to come along.

Anything to get my mind off Santana....Lets Go GIANTS!!

"Lets Go GIANTS!!"
Amen to that, brother. :)

I think Bedard is one of those odd types that's underrated in some areas, and overrated in others.
Sure, he's a great pitcher, but being a curveball pitcher has shown, in the past, to cause more injuries. Whoever gets him WILL get a special pitcher, but will also get an injury-prone one.

omg. The Bedard and Johan rumors are out of control ridiculous at this point. It's entered a surreal stage. Jones was pulled out of the Championship Series the very night of a game because Bavasi claims he has "met his goals." Jones is saying that there was a lost in translation moment with a Spanish-speaking recorder. Bedard has been channeling Sartre by finding nearly existential ways of saying he will leave and stay simultaneously. Meanwhile MacPhail has been finding ways of saying one thing in as many ways as possible.

"There is no deal with the Mariners"

All the while, as the trade proposal is rubber-banded and waiting for him on his desk, the blog-o-sphere is in a typing fury as Angelos takes care of a "personal matter." He better not be washing his car or I'll be upset.

After this offseason I think I'm ready for an offseason.

i hate this website sometimes. yet i can't stop myself from checking every hour or so. it has the POWER!

Angelos saying he wasn't aware that Bedard could be signed to a contradct extension probably means he thinks if he does that then Wayne Krivsky of the Reds will give up Jay Bruce and three or four other guys for Bedard. Knowing how stupid some of Krivsky's moves have been, especially when it concerns the Pitching staff, Angelos just might be right.

Why would Bedard want to sign an extension with a rebuilding team. He will waste his prime years on 3rd or 4th place team.

Seattle ain't the hottest chick at the prom but they at least have a shot to compete. Baltimore's chance at competing is more along the lines of the "snowballs chance in hell" analogy.

"Why on earth would Andy McPhail a well respect exec take a job with the O's and deal with a crazy owner."

Andy McFAIL is lucky to get any job someone wants to give him. Horrible GM

How often does a pitcher of Bedards caliber become avaiable ???

Not very often eh, and when one does, whats the chances Seatle has a chance of signing him ? ... i think everyone will agree that Santana wont be a Mariner if he hits FA

I see this as Seatle's only chance for a while to sign a high quality pitcher. One would think that Seattle fans are getting tired of seeing their team, year after year, overpay for #3 type pitchers signing them to 4 year deals.

Besides Felix the pitching staff is made up of all 4 and 5 pitchers. If all you lose is Jones and Tillman, that ain't to bad.

Angelos is a joke. I can't tell you how many times Tejada was rumored to be on his way to LA. Only to have Angelos squash the deal.

Like others, I just don't know why anyone would deal with that joker.

Bedard is going to Chicago...

“Bedard is going to Chicago...”

Would a flight from Baltimore to Seattle fly over that city?

"while every other team had there johan santanas and hanley ramirezs u would be stuck with a bunch of "what ifs" that "might" turn into something good. "

Actually, he would have his own Hanley Ramirez if he didnt go out and trade him on top of 4 other guys to go get a great pitcher that probably has a couple of dominant years left and then who knows. Hanley Ramirez was a prospect a couple years ago. You would think that you would make sure of something like that before trying to embarras a poster that was making a much better point then you were.

"FOXSports.com's Ken Rosenthal believes the Orioles may be upset enough about Adam Jones' comments on the deal to call off the Erik Bedard trade or at least seek additional compensation."

And to think MLB doesn't want to allow Mark Cuban to be an owner yet they let complete morons like Angelos own a team? What a joke. If the Orioles don't make the proposed deal because a kid spoke the truth (Adam Jones) then Andy McFail should quit his job and tell Angelos to go to hell.

Sqweek, agreed 100 %. I dont understand what is the big deal at all here. Unless Jones is lying about Bavasi notifying him to report to Baltimore. The kid was told he got traded, left his winter league team, and I guess when asked why told them that he was traded to Baltimore. I never understand why something like this could prevent a trade from happening. Maybe its just me, but I really dont get it. I guess there are certain times where a team is close to a deal that gets leaked publically and another team swoops and and makes the 11th hour steal. But you would think that if Jones was told to report to Baltimore, that it would be pretty much a done deal pending physicals, no?

"I guess there are certain times where a team is close to a deal that gets leaked publically and another team swoops and and makes the 11th hour steal."

Yeah, but if that happens it would be to Baltimore's favor! So if anything Angelos should have wanted it leaked in hopes someone else made a better offer. In any event, this deal has only proven what a complete idiot Angelos is and how stupid MLB is for not allowing people like Mark Cuban in the sport. Baseball has enough black eyes and they could use some fresh blood. Cuban IMO would be good for the sport for many reasons.....most of all being that he isn't shy about spending money and he actually cares about his teams and players.

In all fairness ctownboy, I do have to correct one thing you put down about the free agency process. For a pitcher the caliber of Bedard, you would have to give up a 1st and a 2nd round pick(i.e. Adam Jones & Chris Tillman) and you would also be stuck paying top dollar for the ability to do this! So you are in essence giving up Sherill, Mickolio and/or Butler for the right to get him on the cheap for a couple years and to have two years to negotiate exclusively. If your price is any cheaper than a 1st and a 2nd round pick than you wouldn't be trying to sign a guy like Bedard to play for your organization in the first place! (only worst 13 teams get to keep the 1 pick)

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