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Pirates Talking Extension With LaRoche

The Pirates have first baseman Adam LaRoche under team control through the 2009 season, currently.  However, they have recently approached LaRoche about a three or four-year contract.  They could be buying out two years of free agency.

Dejan Kovacevic notes that LaRoche and the Pirates only have a week to reach an agreement or put in their figures for his '08 salary.  They could reach an agreement for '08 and then work out an extension that would start with '09.

LaRoche hit .272/.345/.458 in 2007, while the average NL 1B hit .284/.365/.481.  He was above average for his position in '06, though.  And if we cut him a break for his first month in Pittsburgh, we see that he hit .296/.361/.492 thereafter.  LaRoche turned 28 in November, so he may still be in his prime.


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LaRoche can be much better than that, too. He had a rough start last season, but once he got over being traded, he seemed to find his stroke again.

Knowing LaRoche personally this is something cool to comment on. I believe LaRoche will have a turnaround year after getting used to his new surroundings. Good call Ham.

The pirates have some interesting offensive players laroche, nady,bay,sanchez. This team could posibly make a run if duke,snell,gorzellany,and maholm can make some strides. I just don't know if laroche would really be the first out of those guys I'd look to lock up. Really so far only one good year.

I can't really decide how I feel about this. LaRoche is a good player, but I'm not sure if he's the cornerstone type the Pirates should be locking up right now. I'd rather see extensions for Ian Snell and Tom Gorzelanny, for starters. The only issue I have with LaRoche is that the Bucs' most advanced hitting prospect, Steven Pearce, is also a first baseman.

Anyone else think this is good or bad?

Oh, and to joemorgan=#1, there's little chance the Bucs can contend. Their bullpen projects as awful, they don't have a legit leadoff guy, they still strike out too much, and I don't know if Duke, Morris, Maholm can hold up as legit starters. Then again, the Central is horrid, so maybe a miracle can happen...

Does "interesting" offensive players mean players who have a pulse? Xavier Nady is pretty blah. Sanchez is okay. LaRoche isn't much to talk about.

Does "interesting" offensive players mean players who have a pulse? Xavier Nady is pretty blah. Sanchez is okay. LaRoche isn't much to talk about.

Sorry for the double post.

Interesting means they stillseem to be getting better slowly but surely. Nady and laroche ops over 800 bay will get back to that next year that's three guys in the middle of the order with 30hr 100rbi potential. Sanchez is getting better close to 800 himself. The bullpen is bad I will admit but capps looked good and marte is solid. They should have done a lot more but there is still time. This team really is not bad. Everyone in this division has hugw flaws. I really think the pirates recent problems have stemmed from bad coaching,bad gm, and cheapo ownership. They need to let this lineup play and see what they have,get some bullpen help, and a centerfielder. I didn't say they will contend just that the team is interesting.

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