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Tulowitzki Signs Extension

UPDATE, 1-22-08 at 4:29pm: The six-year, $30MM deal runs from 2008-13.  The Rockies have a club option at $15MM for 2014, something they probably hope they'll get to exercise.

UPDATE, 1-20-08 at 10:54pm: This thing is done, pending a physical.  I am still a little confused because I was told the six-year deal starts with the '08 season, but Thomas Harding says the option year is for 2013.  If it's six years and begins with 2008 the seventh-year option should be for 2014.

FROM 1-20-08 at 9:37am:

According to Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post, the Rockies and shortstop Troy Tulowitzki are nearing a record six-year, $30MM deal.  This beats Grady Sizemore's $23.45MM contract as the largest for a player with less than two years of service time.  The deal also has a seventh-year option.

Renck says Tulo would be a Rockie through 2014; it seems like he is counting the option year in that statement.  Seems like a wise move by Colorado; the Indians certainly aren't regretting Sizemore's contract.  It's nice to have cost certainty with your star players. 


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Nice deal for the best defensive SS in the NL. Probably the best in the majors.

I don't believe I have a full understanding of the rules. So could someone explain to me what the advantage is to locking up Tulo for 6 years now when he is under your contractual control for 4 more years as is. Why not closer to the end of his 6 year service time, start talking extension?

If Tulo performs at the same level that he is now, he is easily a 13 mil per year player. They ultimately save a lot of money by locking him up now as opposed to later.

Tulo was not under contractual control for 4 more years...just team control.

Tulo gets security: if he gets terribly injured or his performance is awful, the Rockies can't just cut him. Without a long-term deal they could've just non-tendered him.

The Rockies get cost certainty, because going year to year with arbitration guys you never know what salaries you'll end up paying long-term. Also going year-to-year is more expensive. AND, the Rockies buy out two years of free agency and as themfightnwords said those could be very very pricey come 2013-14 if he plays well up to that point.

This is kinda like Brandon Phillips of the Reds very good player who is entering arbitration for the first year and why not lock him up for like 4 or 5 years at a lower rate instead of having to deal with arbitration each year and then maybe one or two years of expensive free agnecy.

I think this is a smart move by the Rockies. The Reds would be smart to follow this example for Phillips.

This deal is a joke.

Road: .256/.327/.393

That's pathetic. They could sign a long list of shortstops would post similar stats for less.

We have sites calling Holliday the best LF in the game. Fox sports jus said Tulo is the best young SS in the game!!

Colorado is a joke. It's an even bigger joke that fans buy into it, when stat lines like the one above stare u right in the face.

Tulowitzki the best defensive SS in the league?????


bsox.... your just spoiled because you get to see the great julio lugo play every day

Does anyone know if he is making more money over the next 6 yrs then Reyes would be or next five how ever long the mets have him for if you compare the two is being paid more ???? I think Reyes Deserves IT

"This deal is a joke."

Soon as I saw this quote I knew it was written by bsox21.

Yeah, because half year splits are predictive and he didn't make a lot of runs happen compared to other shortstops in Coors Field.

He was also the best fielding shortstop in the NL by most measures. The Cardinals would like to know where they can get a +20 defensive SS with a .720 OPS for five million.

metman6986, Reyes will make:

2008 4
2009 5.75
2010 9
2011 11
4 years 29.75

but he has two more years of service time than Tulo.

Im sorry people for the what bsox21 said... hes just Redsox is the best team in the league and the rest of the teams all suck... ya Redsox is the best team in the league but not all us Redsox are a$$holes...im sorry for his comments

He's not a red sox fan, don't speak for other people when you don't know what you are talking about. He is a clueless idiot, but not a Red Sox fan.

Jose Reyes career split away:


Just because he was brought up earlier.

Julio Lugo career split away:


FWIW the only poster who is nearly as entertaining as bsox21, is DasCube unfortunately he hasn't posted any of his insanity for a while now.

You can't really say he's the best defensive shortstop in the league, let's not forget our NL MVP. Maybe the Rockies listened to way too much of the Fox World Series broadcasting when Tulo was being compared to Ripken every time he stepped to the plate.

Care to back that up Luke?

Tulo's 10.9 fielding win shares led the MAJOR LEAGUES for ANY POSITION. The next closest SS was Orlando Cabrera with 9.3. A 1.6 win share different doesn't sound like much, but it was still 17% better than O-Cab.

Fielding %? 98.7%. Tops in the majors for SS.

Range factor? 5.39. Tops in the majors for SS.

Zone rating? .866. Second in the majors to Omar Vizquel.

Tulo is the best defensive SS in baseball, in either league. There is really no question.

While he is a very good player, he becomes David Eckstein when he leaves Coors. I'm thinking GMs and agents are underestimating the effects of Coors.

Thanks MetFan for bringing up some stats.

Rollins is the most overrated player in a while. His defense is definitely above average and good, but not Tulowitzki good. His bat is no where near Hanley's either, but that's a different story.

FRAA in 2007 (0 is average)
Tulowitzki: 24
Vizquel: 10
Hudson: 13
Rollins: 8
Peralta: 10

Seriously, I thought people would appreciate this kid by now after they've seen more of him. His range and arm are amazing.

"This beats Grady Sizemore's $23.45MM contract as the largest for a player with less than two years of service time."

I think Brian McCann had the previous record. He signed a six year, 27.8 million deal on March 22, 2007.

^ I was thinking the same thing

I don't really see a downside here, great deal for the Rockies. As long as they play their games at Coors, Tulowitzki will be one of the best offensive shortstops in baseball and his defense already speaks for itself.

I agree with HeyBlueJay, why is everyone bringing up Tulowitzki's road splits? The fact of the matter is that Coors does affect how well players do, but guess what the Rox aren't going to be changing stadiums anytime soon. So I don't see Tulo's or any other Rockies' players stats declining anytime soon.

im willing to bet nobody on this site has any clue about how zone rating is caluclated.

defensive metrics are crap at best. tulo doesnt have half reyes' range.


to say he's a good signing cuz he can hit in coors is ridiculous. u can sign a shitty SS for less and they will post similar stats in coors.

Road: .256/.327/.393


To compare Reyes' CAREER splits is retarded. he has become a vastly differnt player within the last 2 years. besides his break out, keep in mind that REYES IS THE SAME AGE AS TULO, meaning if u want to REALLY compare the 2, take the last 2 seasons of reyes and last 2 of tulo.....reyes DESTROYS him.

i think im done posting on this site. thank you tim for consolidating MLB rumors for all of us lazy folks that dont want to surf the net.

im done with the comments section.

I was going to make a mildly funny remark to bsox21, but apparently my comment had spam. It has been doing this to me for like a month now, I tried logging out and logging in, shortening it, et, but nothing seems to work. Can you explain this to me Tim?

re: spam, I've been having that same problem of late. Tim, any insight on that?

For the record, I think this is a great deal by the Rox. I'm amazed that more teams don't do this. If you have clearly a budding star player, it makes so much sense. And the downside is pretty small.

"im done with the comments section." Give him credit, he can admit that he is an idiot gracefully. For the record lets make it perfectly clear that he is a Mets fan and not a Red Sox fan, his opinions do not represent those of Red Sox Nation.

anything brewing with the Yanks and Cano?

I'm still a little confused as to what bsox21 is so angry about. NO ONE is denying that Coors Field affects Tulowitzki's offensive output but that's not what's being discussed here. We're discussing if this is a good deal or a bad deal for the Rockies and regardless of how much the high altitude of Denver plays into it, he's a shortstop who can be a .290-.300 hitter, hit for decent power and drive in a bunch of runs while giving you one of the best defensive outputs from the shortstop position in the majors and that is worth it simply because there aren't that many shortstops in baseball who can give you that type of output offensively and defensively.

bsox21 why did you pick that name originally? i'm not trying to be a smartass, but i've always been curious as to why you picked something that makes you sound like a sox fan

i'd also like to point out that adam everett will be making almost 3 million dollars next season. who would you rather have, everett's inflated stats at the juice box for 3? or tulo's inflated stats for 5?

hell i'd pay tulo just b/c adam everett looks wierd

Hey, watch it. That's my 2008 Twins' starting SS that you're badmouthing effectively.

seriously, how can you badmouth this deal because he had bad road stats in his rookie year? first of all, the ROCKIES signed him, not the red sox, so it's not like he's moving home stadiums, he'll still be playing at coors. so his offensive stats over a full year will still be amazing for a shortstop. and he's only going to get better considering how young he is.

also, if you say that coors boosts offensive production, isn't it even MORE amazing that tulo had one of the best seasons defensively EVER? this is such a bargain.

"also, if you say that coors boosts offensive production, isn't it even MORE amazing that tulo had one of the best seasons defensively EVER? "

I couldn't resist this one......there is jus no way I am the only person laughing at this comment.

hey bro i'm an astros fan. i've watched ever start at shortstop for the past few years

BOTTOM LINE: This contract averages out to $5 Mil a year, and that's CHEAP. Yr average, everyday schmoe makes that much now. If Tulo is even just *slightly* above average in offense and defense, this contract is a steal.

They got him at a STEAL. Excellent move by the Rox to sign a stellar young player for a long, long time, at a nice, certain price.

“BOTTOM LINE: This contract averages out to $5 Mil a year, and that's CHEAP. Yr average, everyday schmoe makes that much now. If Tulo is even just *slightly* above average in offense and defense, this contract is a steal”

…Actually, that’s not quite true though ~ it kind of bubble-thinking… He has 2 years of LgMin left before even reaching Arbitration ~ you’re 5M average would be them paying for something they don’t need to pay for… Do you buy sand if you live on a beach?

If not for the fact that he would have been making something probably around 400K, 400K, 2M, 4M, 7M (about 14M total) over the next four years ~ I would say this is a great deal. With them having something like a 5YR/14M-ish contract already in place though, this is in essence paying him 16M for his first year of FA. Is he worth 16M six years from now? Who knows ~ and it doesn’t seem a smart risk to take to me…

BTW, why have two cost-weary teams made similar contracts buying up FA years of players they don’t even know will make it to FA while still in the bigs. Great players or not, they had 4-5 more years to work on an extension. This just seems goofy…

I've had this squabble with Rox fans for months, but you can't ignore the road splits. It's a valid point that he'll be playing in Coors for half the year so you might as well pay him what his inflated numbers say to, but that does not make deserving of inflated praise!

Not to mention the fact that Coors improves DEFENSIVE numbers too. Look at the total chances that Coors creates. They have tailored their team to Coors (good gloves, ground ball pitchers) well, but again it doesn't mean Tulo is so great.

He's good, not grrrrrreat. And darkstar1661 is right, they would have ended up paying him this much (or even less) anyway. It's a great PR move and a decent signing. But it doesn't make him great.

It's worth noting that home/road splits are affected by (at least) two things.

1) Stadium effects

2) The effect of being at home, sleeping in your own bed, etc.

I believe that #2 is not a tiny effect.

21 of the 30 MLB teams put up a higher OPS than their opposition at their home park last year (Rockies had a .849 Coors OPS compared to .765 by road teams). 19 teams put up better ERAs than the opposition (Rockies had 4.34 ERA at Coors compared to 5.68 by the opposition).

In 2006, 26 teams had a higher OPS than the opposition in their home park. 24 teams had a better ERA.

In 2005, 24 teams had a higher OPS and 23 teams had a better ERA.

In total, home teams had 136 positive results out of 180 possible - 75.6%. If the park affected both teams equally, this should be 50%. True, some teams tailor their teams to the park, but 75% is still pretty impressive.

(For those of you who are wondering ... yes, the same teams keep showing up on the bad side of things)

I call this the "own bed" effect. It is stadium-independent. If Tulo gets traded to the Padres (God forbid) he stills get the boost of sleeping in a familiar bed, eating familiar food, getting into his normal routine.

So to simply assume that Tulo would duplicate his road splits if he played in a neutral park is not realistic. ALL players should out-perform their road splits if they were placed in a neutral park.

Data was gleaned from "Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster 2008". The data goes back to 2005, hence the 2005 cutoff.

It's not just about being "better" at home, it's about how MUCH better the Rockies are.

Most players (and teams) play better at home, great. Few players benefit as much as the Rockies do. They benefit offensively, and they benefit defensively. All of their achievements need to be scaled down to compare them to other players fairly.

This is why Holliday was not the MVP, this is why Tulo was not the RoY. Almost everyone outside of Colorado can acknowledge this.

Tulo is good, just not as great as his numbers reflect.

True, Coors definitely helps the hitters and fielders. I never said that it didn't.

I'm just saying that taking a player's road splits and comparing them to the whole season splits of other players is an absolutely horrible comparison. Most players are going to come up short in this comparison. The players who don't have a signicantly better home splits are either very poorly suited to their park, or are very bad at learning how to take advantage of it.

You're right, road splits alone shouldn't define a player, even if he does hit in Coors. Those of us who are Padres fans wish they did because Khalil Greene's OPS is a full .170 higher on the road (while Tulo's is .240 lower).

Petco is the Anti-Coors.

And I commend the Rockies for tailoring their roster to Coors, even if I do think the place should be demolished and the team relocated. Sorry Denver!

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