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Ryan Klesko Retires?

According to Chipper Jones on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution baseball blog, Ryan Klesko has retired.  AJC Braves beat writer Dave O'Brien confirms at the top of the post that Jones posted in the comments under the alias U Kno Who.

If it's true, Klesko retires with a career line of .279/.370/.500, and 278 homers to his name.  His best years were 1999-2002, when he had a nice string of .900+ OPS.


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Gasp! Oops, I meant..Yawn!

Too bad. I thought he'd have a few good years left in him. I remember his first AB in Atlanta vs. Houston, he SMASHED a line drive that would've been a frozen rope homer down the line to RF, but he got robbed by an amazing catch by Eric Anthony. That ball was headed from his bat to the seats as fast as any I've ever seen.

he was a solid baseball player. If he's decided to hang 'em up, I wish him the best in whatever he does next (he's always been big into law enforcement)...

What happened to not mentioning minor moves?

Gosh, you're right Droptop. Instead of mentioning a former All-star retiring we should hear more Cubs rumors involving minor leaguers that no one outside of Chicago cares about.

Maybe a few more weeks of Bedard updates?

peace out klesk its been fun

Yeah I'll miss that weird little goatee thing he had going a couple years back. He always looked like he was on his way to a dick meeting.

So long Klesko. You were one of my fave Bravos back in the day. I wish you and Chipper had played together a bit longer, but oh well...thems the breaks.

Silent but productive career

I never realized his career line was so solid.

Solid with steroids. Another roider bites the dust!

I get to play god and pick and choose what I feel is a minor move! Haha!

ill miss that wierd goatee and that crooked stance where his head is lower that his right shoulder....

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