Cardinals Interested In Lohse

Joel Pineiro‘s second bout of shoulder tightness this spring has the Cardinals scrambling for pitching help.  Fortunately there are still a few names left on the market who are probably as good as Pineiro.  One such pitcher is Kyle Lohse; the Cardinals put in an inquiry with Scott Boras recently.

GM John Mozeliak was upfront in saying that Pineiro’s uncertainty changes the landscape for his team.  If Lohse truly goes in the $4-5MM range we’ve been hearing about, that’s a fine signing.  Hell, Pineiro got two years and $13MM and was more questionable than Lohse at the time of the signing.  Jeff Weaver and David Wells are the other two names we’ve heard linked to St. Louis this winter.  A few people have asked me about Eric Milton.  He had Tommy John surgery on June 15th, so he’d be of no help to the Cards right now. 

Rockin’ The Red gives five reasons why they think the Cards should sign Lohse, if you’re interested.

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